Kerberos Productions is a gathering of experienced video game developers based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Before forming their own company, the team was responsible in the development of both Homeworld: Cataclysm for Sierra,Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon for Disney Interactive, and Bully for Rockstar. Team members have also worked over a dozen hit games, including HomeworldGround ControlTeam FortressCounterstrike, Ghostbusters: The Video Game and more.

As a company, Kerberos has established a reputation in the gaming industry of applying their experience of developing A+ titles towards a new, high standard of gameplay with low production overhead.

While trained in the standard development cycles, Kerberos is avoiding the high management costs combined with unproven technology, which often leads to overruns in development time and costs that devour any long term profits for both the developer and publisher. Every member of Kerberos Productions is working directly on each project, with an emphasis on solid gameplay, modular and flexible game engines, and user-friendly tools, which are used to produce fun and exciting titles in shorter than typical development cycles, providing publishers with high-quality games at sensible production costs.

We believe that a solid team that works and plays together will always out produce a company of comparable skill where everyone regards it as just a job. We provide employees with a work environment with a strong sense of community and camaraderie that supports their love of games and interest in learning and improving their skills. We are a unified group of industry veterans who don’t just make video games; we play and understand games.