It’s a particular individual that enjoys games the way others enjoy coffee – as in, they enjoy it daily, with refined tastes, and if missed for even one day, they get cranky. Kerberos is made up of individuals like that. We, like you, love to play games of all types. We, like you, have filled shelves with rows of books, boxes of dice and little men, and piles of all manner of discs. We, like you, are gamers.

We believe that a solid team that works and plays together will always out-produce a company of comparable skill where everyone regards it as just a job. We provide employees with a work environment with a strong sense of community and camaraderie that supports their love of games and interest in learning and improving their skills.

Kerberos is currently hiring.

Current Job Postings


Don’t see anything that works for you? We are always interested in new talent. For general artist and programmer submissions;

3D Artists

  • Next-Gen Techniques
  • Modelling and Texturing: Vehicles, Characters, Props, Landscapes
  • Experience in Animation, Flash, and Actionscript an Asset
  • Minimum 3 Years Experience
  • Minimum 1 Shipped Title

Game Programmers

  • Strong Generalist
  • Very Organized and Able To Clearly Communicate Technical Concepts to Others
  • Preferred Skills: Xbox 360 System Programming, AI Steering Behaviour Design, Direct3D 10, C# Fluency
  • Minimum 5 Years Experience
  • Minimum 1 Shipped Title

Resumes and materials can be sent to us either through email or direct mail.

Arrangements for the return of any submitted materials must be made prior to submitting.

Please do not submit any code, concepts, or design materials. They will not be reviewed, for the legal safety of both Kerberos and the submitter.