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YouTube video usage approval

We get a lot of requests from online video channels for our approval in using our footage in their videos, particularly the ones they are making money off of. We are totally fine with this. To make the whole process a bit smoother for everyone, now that YouTube has made it a bit harder, we are posting this blanket approval. So, go do what you do – send us a link, we’d love to see it! (read more to see the letter of approval)

Ground Pounders announced! Alpha demo available!

Time to leave the stars and get dirty in “Ground Pounders”

Following on the heels of their first highly successful crowd-sourced game, The Pit, Kerberos Productions is pleased to officially announce our next title, Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders! Inspired by classic wargames such as Panzer General, and steeped in the lore of the Sword of the Stars universe, Ground Pounders offers a new generation of gamers an updated taste of turn-based warfare!

Dare you enter… The Pit?

Kerberos Productions has launched a new project, inspired by the classic dungeon crawling games of the past and supported by the growing power of crowd funding. This project serves not only as a neat way to expand our Sword of the Stars universe, but to test the waters of the new and exciting crowd-sourced development options! Check out our Indiegogo project page to learn more about… The Pit!

SotS concept art on Facebook!

Are you on Facebook? Have you been following our Facebook page? Well you might like to, as we’ve been sharing SotS concept art in our photo gallery, complete with notes from background writer, Arinn Dembo!

The Deacon’s Tale available online!

With the release of Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood back in 2007, Kerberos Productions was proud to offer the first Sword of the Stars novel from Kthonia Press; The Deacon’s Tale. Long out of print, the book is back in a newly revised edition in both ebook and hardcopy! Get your copy today! (links after the jump)