A contemporary dialogue on the concept of "Artificial Intelligence"

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A contemporary dialogue on the concept of "Artificial Intelligence"

Post by Sebastian » Sat Jun 20, 2020 3:47 am

04:14 < goulix> bad news
04:14 < goulix> the AI has rebelled

04:14 <+xeno> if you interfere to stop a suicide bomber in the US, the mainstream media will tell your life story to the public no matter what...
04:15 < goulix> Beta Aquilae, Foo, and Shandor have been subverted, lost .... taken over... by the Cylons
04:15 < goulix> they can tell my life story i dont care
04:15 <+xeno> well, that's a common attitude... I would be inclined to let the terrorist go ahead with his business just to avoid it...
04:16 < goulix> not me i would citizens arrest the terrorist
04:18 <+xeno> I would probably do it too, but I view the resulting media coverage to be almost as bad as if I was killed for it...
04:18 < goulix> bad news.. the tarka AI project has resulted in what we most feared...
04:18 < goulix> the demon is loose

04:18 <+xeno> (no, I don't have a horrible life story that people would abhor - but it's fucking *my* life - people should stay the fuck away from it and leave it to me)
04:19 < goulix> i think i might have "schizoid" so it really doesnt matter to me
04:21 <+evolv> !findquote life
04:21 < lysenko> More than 5 matches. IDs: 713, 1067, 4000, 4199, 4821, 5436. Most recent: kitties: <+audrey> Lying, cheating, and stealing is how you get ahead in life, kiddies <+audrey> And if you´re female, something I refer to as «tactical horizontality»
04:21 < goulix> we're deploying all combat fleets to the subverted colonies.. this "thing" has to be stopped at all costs...
04:21 <+evolv> !quote 4000
04:21 < lysenko> justanotheruser: lupine | don't shoot people threatening your life lupine | neogitate them down to threatening just your health
04:22 < goulix> It's faster than us. Smarter than us. doesn't need to breath air like us.
04:22 < goulix> what were we thinking? trying to create a "true intelligence"?? what did we think would happen!!!!!

04:23 <+evolv> that's what God did
04:23 <+evolv> then he shattered into pieces resulting in shards we call humanity
04:24 < sscout> https://twitter.com/chadloder/status/12 ... 0518690818
04:24 < title> [ Chad Loder on Twitter: "The last three weeks were a good test for libertarians, turns out they don’t stand for shit." / Twitter ]
04:24 <+evolv> Libertarians requires a fascist vanguard to usher in the golden age
04:25 < goulix> i dont consider libertarianism a real ideology
04:25 <+evolv> why not?
04:25 < goulix> opening fire
04:26 < _W_> this is very good https://www.sfchronicle.com/business/ar ... 352644.php
04:26 < title> [ Port of Oakland shut down by dockworkers in observation of Juneteenth - SFChronicle.com ]
04:27 < goulix> becuase it doesn't have a material basis
04:27 <+xeno> no ideology is as real and stereotype as portrayed
04:27 < goulix> and their politics are fantastical and trite
04:27 <+xeno> goulix: you're contradicting yourself
04:27 < goulix> am i
04:28 < _W_> oh, it was just for 9 minutes? then allow me to downgrade "very good" to "well, it's something"
04:28 < goulix> the machine worlds cannot be destroyed with conventional oribital weapons.. they have tunneled under ground
04:29 <+xeno> goulix: does an ideology have to have a material basis?
04:29 < goulix> yes
04:29 <+evolv> no religious ideologies?
04:29 < goulix> the basis of libertarianism is the "bank of mommy and daddy"
04:29 < goulix> that's why most libertarians are men.... very few women
04:30 <+xeno> your mixing the ideology with people who claim to follow it
04:30 <+xeno> and "bank of mommy and daddy" would also qualify as an ideology - or part of one
04:31 <+evolv> and would constitute a "material basis"
04:31 < goulix> libertarianism is a perversion of class consciousness
04:31 < goulix> an ideology based on mis identification with a class is incoherent
04:31 <+xeno> they don't have class consciousness, you're judging it like if it's flawed communism
04:31 < goulix> thats what im saying they have no class consciousness
04:31 <+xeno> and?
04:32 < goulix> so their entire worldview is based on bullshit
04:32 < _W_> never mind libertarianism as it might exist in theory; there is no actual real person holding to that anyway, and in practice, anyone claiming to be libertarian, inevitably indeed hold to no principle at all
04:32 <+xeno> goulix: what I read out of it is that you think there's only one ideology, marxism, and everyone who thinks different are dishonest and incoherent
04:32 < goulix> no i also accept liberalism and conservatism
04:32 < goulix> etc
04:32 < goulix> fascism is extremely class conscious
04:33 <+evolv> neither of which appear to be consistent ideologies, neither
04:33 < goulix> class consciousness is the entire basis of the fascist reaction
04:33 < sscout> ... what?
04:33 < goulix> fascism is the revolution of the middle class against the revolting lower class...... everyone should understand this
04:34 < goulix> the fear that your small business will be overthrown
04:35 <+evolv> small businesses matter
04:36 < goulix> of course small businesses matter
04:37 < cloeee> lol evolv I heart u.
04:37 <+evolv> cloeee ;)
04:38 < cloeee> hehe
04:38 < goulix> hi chloe
04:39 < cloeee> hi goulix
04:39 <+xeno> goulix: well, liberalism is the least well defined - largely because of the US "liberals" who are just corrupt career politicians and a fan base that either just cover their own interests or are ignorant, and partially because the view certain marxists here display of "liberal" is as nothing but a strawman for their own attacks
04:40 <+xeno> goulix: but ideologies are sorta like mass religions... if you adhere fully to one, you're sheep
04:40 < goulix> i disagree but ok
04:40 <+evolv> they all tend to share something in common: you gotta kill the other sheep to purify the herd
04:41 < goulix> marxist socialism is based on the concept of class membership and the "labor value" at least you can take this with you to your job
04:42 <+xeno> goulix: how many of the ideas of modern marxism have you reached yourself, and how many have you adopted just because they're a requirement for fitting into the marxist mold?
04:42 < goulix> huh?
04:42 <+xeno> the question was quite clear
04:42 < goulix> the ideas.. yes..
04:42 < goulix> i would say 0
04:43 <+xeno> zero that you have reached yourself?
04:43 < goulix> i dont pretend any bullshit lol
04:43 < goulix> i became a socialist in the course of playing a turkish video game
04:44 <+xeno> well, if a group of people share more than 2-3 ideas, some of them are guaranteed to be bullshitting, and if it's 7-10 ideas, they're all full of shit...
04:45 < goulix> does it matter its not like im voting
04:48 < goulix> this AI calls itself "Chandra".. i put our odds of survival at 9/100
04:48 <+evolv> goulix, vote Brewster
04:48 < goulix> who?
04:49 <+evolv> goulix, you know Joe?
04:49 < goulix> yeah joe biden
04:49 <+evolv> not that Joe
04:49 <+evolv> other Joe
04:49 < goulix> no
04:50 < goulix> jesus christ they have neutron bombs
04:52 < goulix> oh my god
04:52 < sscout> how many other Joe's Joe?
04:52 <+evolv> Joe Mama
04:52 <+evolv> otherwise known as JoJo
04:53 < goulix> our fleets are being torn apart
04:54 < goulix> this is a fucking suicide mission

04:56 <+evolv> !findquote suicide
04:56 < lysenko> 5 matches. IDs: 1321, 1453, 3372, 4258, 4726. Most recent: kitties: <jupiter849> Remember, if there is a military draft, it is preferable to commit suicide. DO not fight for a nation that had you routinely circumcised at birth.
04:56 <+evolv> !quote 4258
04:56 < lysenko> justanotheruser: phenom | Chigra, you believe that the FBI is collaborating with and operated by whir nationalist groups? Chigra | No, I believe Russia is making the FBI run COINTELPRO, infiltrate and discredit Civil Rights Movements, imprison some black activists and try to get others (like King) to commit suicide through blackmail while imprisoning communists and leftists of every stripe.
04:57 < goulix> 90% of fleet has been wiped out by the cylons
04:59 < sscout> where?
04:59 < goulix> robots are a classless societ
04:59 < goulix> they are immune to marxian economics
05:00 < goulix> currently observing battle over polaris
05:01 < goulix> the machines... they are a eusocial organism

05:01 -!- Tylak [~tylak@d149-67-205-196.try.wideopenwest.com] has quit [Quit: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de]
05:02 < goulix> like bees no one really knows if they sleep or not
05:02 <+evolv> goulix, do you sleep
05:03 < goulix> yea around 18:00 GMT
05:03 < goulix> i mean 8:00
05:05 < goulix> enemy command ship is disabled... i've got about 20.. maybe 30 bogeys on the scopes
05:05 <+justanotheruser> sscout: did you know black red guard was on dr phil?
05:06 < sscout> who?
05:06 < goulix> jesus christ there's no sign of life on board. these ships are...... self directing...
05:07 < goulix> command down multiple fires in the main compartment!!!!!

05:07 <+evolv> embrace AI
05:08 <+evolv> our silicon children
05:08 < goulix> we saw cruiser #2 lose control... theyre gone.. they're fucking gone
05:08 * xeno sat slacking an extra meter from the computer, and thus read that as "flies in the apartment"
05:08 <+evolv> I don't have my glasses on, and read what xeno said as, "files in the apartment"
05:09 <+evolv> it's like telephone up in here
05:10 <+justanotheruser> sscout: electralism is an exercise in futility
05:11 <+evolv> !randquote
05:11 < lysenko> Quote 3257 by MikeSeth: <modulus> javascript is turing complete, this means you can by definition fuck shit up

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