A beginner guide in french

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Re: A beginner guide in french ?

Post by Mecron » Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:27 pm

We would be happy to sticky it for you, zen so it stays visible for a good long time. Nice work! :thumbsup:

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Re: A beginner guide in french

Post by ZedF » Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:56 pm

Very nice guide. :)

I did have a couple comments tho. Unfortunately my French is only adequate to get the gist of what you are saying, not to reply in kind, so please excuse my comments en Anglais:

Des que la colonisation commence, il faut choisir de mettre le curseur sur terraformation au maximum et il faut "overharvest" la planète au maximum (curseur orange) pour réduire le temps de terraformation, cela détruit les ressources naturelles de la planète donc sa capacité de production, mais le gain est plus important que la perte, surtout au début du jeu.
Arrêtez l'overharvest" dès que la terraformation se termine et mettre alors le curseur de l'infrastructure au maximum. (l'image de ce sujet montre une planète dans ce cas, mais sans que l'overhavest ne soit activé).

I would suggest that if the planet is high hazard, it can be worthwhile to overharvest to speed up terraforming, but for low-moderate hazard worlds this is not necessary, as you will be growing quickly enough without overharvested terraforming anyway. Personally I find a mix of terraforming and industry, with an increasing focus on industry with decreasing hazard, works best to get a low-mid hazard planet matured quickly and without needing to sacrifice longterm potential.

Even on high hazard worlds, most races (other than Zuul) generally find it more effective to research biome colonizers and land several of those when settling planets above half their max hazard rating, rather than relying on overharvested terraforming.

I also thought I would mention, as you advised keeping research at least 50-66% of the budget... that seems high to me, at least during the initial exploration and expansion phase of the game. Ideally at this time tech should take a back seat to colonization; I would advise keeping 50% of one's budget in planetary development, not research. The remaining 50% would need to be split between constructing the ships needed for further exploration, expansion, and defense, and researching the techs needed to improve those ships and your empire's ability to build them. A heavy focus on research (i.e. 50%+ on a regular long-term basis) can wait until you have a well-established economy to do it with.
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Re: A beginner guide in french

Post by Anguille » Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:25 am


Merci pour ton boulot! :wink:
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Ta... :)

Post by silvaril » Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:28 am


Mordachai wrote:
self wrote:The Sots wiki is probably the best place for that?

Someone else will likely chime in - but that's my best answer.

Posting it here will only find it far down in the pages after a few days - but maybe it's worth it anyway?

Mecron's answer is much preferred - I shoulda kept mum :)

Regardless, ZeN, do i have your permission to Wiki this as well? :)
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Re: A beginner guide in french

Post by Shivaran » Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:37 am


Nice work :)

I have a few comments (I'll write them in English so expert forumites can more easily correct me if need be) :

Dès que vous avez une planète proche avec moins de 50 de "climat hazard" lancer la construction de 5-15 vaisseaux de colonisation, accompagnez les de 6 vaisseaux d'attaque et du nombre de tanker nécessaires au voyage.

Isn't a climate hazard of 50 really low? In my short experience, planets under CH 200 are not that common, and waiting to find a CH 50 could take a long time...

2/ il y a deux type de populations sur les planetes :
-Les impériaux : qui construisent les vaisseaux OU font la R&D, ils seront toujours contents et fidèles.
-Les civiles : qui font du commerce ET de la R&D et qui se rebelleront s'il n'y a plus d'impériaux.

Plus vous avez d'impériaux plus vous construisez vite vos vaisseaux OU faite vite votre recherche.
Plus vous avez de civile plus vous gagnez d'argent par tour et plus votre recherche ira vite mais aussi plus vous pourrez lancer de vaisseaux en construction.

Well, that's not exactly how it works. It can be useful to explain in detail how economy works, it's what I didn't understand at the beginning.

Imperials give a little IO and a little income from taxes.
Infrastructure is used by Imperials to give IO proportional to planet resources (Note that if you have too few imperials, the infrastructure won't be completely functional).
Civilians gives a lot of income from taxes, a little IO and allow a to create trade routes.

IO can either be used to build ships, or if unused to generate income.
Global income can then either increase treasury or be used for research.

Constructing ships uses some IO and cost money (the money cost doesn't reduce income but is directly taken from treasury). However, the number of ships you can build is limited by IO, not by treasury or income. How you phrased it can be misleading.

Avec la mise en œuvre du commerce spatiale (aspect sensiblement répétitif du jeu) vous pouvez spécialiser vos planètes ou en construction de vaisseaux ou en commerce (argent), une fois le choix fait pour une planète, revenir en arrière coute des tours d'adaptation il est donc préférable d'éviter de passer d'un choix à l'autre.

Well, you don't really "specialize" your planets into construction OR trade, exclusively... What you do is dedicate a portion of IO of a planet to trade (i.e. let it unused) for each trade route you want to sustain. You arguably could create trade routes on all your planets and still be able to build ships, albeit less quickly.

Voilà, joli boulot en tout cas et excellente initiative ! :thumbsup:

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Re: A beginner guide in french

Post by BlueTemplar » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:56 pm

Erm, where did the guide go?

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Re: A beginner guide in french

Post by Nspace » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:55 pm

Lost somewhere along the way. However, Google's cache of this thread still shows the original entries. I've now also copied the text to the wiki here. However, I haven't uploaded the images yet.
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