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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by ZedF » Thu Dec 03, 2020 8:18 pm

Try developing a game sometime before regaling is with your ideas of what is easy to do.
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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by Slashman » Thu Dec 03, 2020 9:19 pm

rytram wrote:
Thu Dec 03, 2020 8:13 pm
you believe such options may "overload" the AI but i think but from playing this game it was never an issue. additionally setting some of these options not only limits the amount of units in the game to choose from but setting some of these options can save trouble with the game engine bogging down later in the game. so it is in fact beneficial. that being said this game and SoTS are run on much older engines that were limited by the 32bit engine which couldnt address more than 4gb of RAM thereby causing late game issues. IIRC.
Here is a thing you have to understand...which is something I admittedly did not until I started to listen to various game developers and especially indie game devs wrt options: Every option you add is a WHOLE other game to test and debug. That time and those resources are not free and are not always available versus getting the game out the door in a reasonable state.
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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by rytram » Sun Dec 06, 2020 9:39 pm

now, Slashman. THAT makes sense and is understandable. explanations are always better than naysaying.

i still think it is a good concept worth looking into. but ultimately it is in the hands of the developers to discern for themselves what is worth their time. this is a thread about feedback and ideas afterall. nothing said here is to be considered a demand. just feedback.

however, there are tons of things that come to mind from time to time and this is really the only place i have to share those ideas.
i was actually just thinking today how some stations could use a buff. the idea came to me when i was watching Star Trek DS9. when the Klingons attacked the station. it was well armed and dished out heavy firepower. now, i wouldnt expect ALL stations to be like this. in fact i wouldnt expect most orbital stations to be like this. maybe beef up asteroid monitors and command stations. the AM's the player can construct are super weak compared to the random encounter ones in the game. and furthering that thought. i would even say in the event of a 3rd game, maybe have a station unit that can be constructed somewhere in deep space. another idea that literally JUST popped into my head. what if things like black holes, neutron stars, plasma storms and other space anomalies were in that game. oh the possibilities are endless.

SoTS is a game i am actually passionate about. it is among my favorite games of all time. in fact. i think id place it 5th on my list. right below FFVI, Chrono trigger, metroid(s), Megaman X's. but above Diablo and Supreme Commander.
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Re: Say hypothetically...

Post by Mecron » Tue Dec 08, 2020 10:33 pm

Also please keep in mind when you are comparing games with 10 times the team size and budget of sots.

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