Tarkas Photonic Torpedo Odds?

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Re: Tarkas Photonic Torpedo Odds?

Post by Libelnon » Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:53 pm

Coyote27 wrote:
Inst wrote:The main issue with Torps is that they justify gauss point defense, which is awful against missiles in most scenarios. If torps don't see use, then gauss doesn't see use.

Well, not really... gauss + fire control is great against a lot of things, including heavy planet missiles.

I'm one of those people who sticks fire control on any PD vessel. Gauss PD is pretty potent if you can shave off the minor accuracy problems.

Red laser PD is useless against anything BUT missiles. So it's really a matter of preference.
Yes, I use Raptr. Prefer it to XFire.
Mecron wrote: "...Oh btw, we are all machines so we can live on any planet and any ship of ours is technically a colonizer just by dumping a bunch of Ipods over the side."

I'd make a good spy. I always want to know what everyone else is doing. Being cooped up in an asteroid doesn't sound fun though...

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