Bugs during my first run

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Bugs during my first run

Post by marsaac » Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:22 am

Here follows a list of bugs I encountered during my first run.

a: Ammo crate explosion doesn't seem to work. I opened an ammo crate and the message read "the ammo crated exploded" or something like that. However nothing happened apart from the crate chaging to a destroyed look. There was however no explosion and I suffered no damage.

b: First kill XP bonus triggers the first time you load into the game and kill something, not the first time you kill something during a new run.

c: Got stuck in a locked door that a bot opened and couldn't get out. Had to save and reload to be able to damage the door, then save and reload again when the door got destroyed to be freed. I guess I was expecting the door to do some kind of collission detection when I was in the middle of it so that it wouldn't close on me.

d: was repairing a med bay when a zuul infant snuck up on me and attacked me which made me get stuck in an endless loop of trying to repair the med bay while the zuul was biting me. Again, save load fixed the issue.

e: found a utiity belt, thought it would increase my inventory size, seemed to not do anything at all.

f: Can't seem to be able to find what skill a weapon uses in its information, maybe I'm just blind but I do think that part of very vital information is missing.

e: It would seem like you can cheat a bit and create a save state so that you can try checks several times. It didn't strike me to try to do this to see if the item inside of a locker would change if you save loaded several times, will have to come back to that later.

Anyways that's it for now, will have to play a bit more to see what more I will encounter down the line.

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Re: Bugs during my first run

Post by Mecron » Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:46 pm

nice finds, thanks! Though please consult the functioning items list when reporting non-functionals as it will have the latest info to help you know whats a bug and what has not been fully implemented yet.

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