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Post by skugge » Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:49 pm

1. A diseased bear chasesed me so I ran into a room with two doors. One door was open and the other closed. The bear kept moving toward the closed door and his head showed through the door and It was possible to shot his head and kill him.

2. I opened a locker and though I couldnt see anything around when I pressed E i recieved a Sword.

3. Memory optimizer doesnt consume when you try to use it.

4. On floor 8 upon killing a rat matriarch i retreated into the elevator. I killed dozens of rats and somehow they kept multiplying into more. Eventually my knife broke, my grenades ran out and i died.

5. Motion sensor isnt working properly. Sometimes organic creatures doesnt show on map even though they are standing infront of you and sometimes creatures show on the map that isnt there.

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