Imuki PBA possible bug

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Imuki PBA possible bug

Post by Raydekk » Sat May 18, 2019 10:19 pm


I've been trying to get the Imuki PBA to drop for a long time now, but I believe it might be a bug in the game that occurs only to those that also bought the Medic expansion (I have all the Pit expansions).
I started on Seriously? floor 20 with a fully geared Mercenary from the blue room and lots of xp (~ lvl 90). Advanced to floor 35 where I started farming an armor locker for the Imuki PBA (Shaka'sal already dropped somewhere around floor 29). Foraging 86 and Computer 136 or so with boosts.

Now, out of ~200 armor locker tries, I got 5 Helms of Vana, 6 Presence of Aias and about 12 Asclepius Exoplates. I know you get drops from another class quite often, but the 12 Exoplates were really weird.

Can anyone check if this is true in a configuration file or something?

I'm also thinking of starting another run with the Medic expansion disabled.


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