Reassessing universal locked doors

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Reassessing universal locked doors

Post by CptWesting » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:25 pm

I've been thinking about this since I started on PoD. In the original pit, I didn't think about waiting to unlock every door because the pace of the game was more methodical, but in PoD, I started to feel like the game was much more fun when I had a keycard, because I didn't have to pause and unlock every door. In the original pit, there were also alpha, beta etc doors that were much harder to unlock, and I assume these are coming to PoD as well. I think this creates a situation where normal doors are a guaranteed open unless your lock picking skill is absolutely horrible, and the special doors are a challenge to open. In PoD, I quickly achieved 99% open chance on doors, and the process became a time sink, not a challenge or decision. So I thought, why not only lock certain rooms and make those rooms harder to unlock.

There's all sorts of fun interactions around doors like trapping a large protean, buying time while a zuul female rips down the door, or using blasting charges to open a tough door, but I think that these don't require universal locked doors. Also key cards for a floor would be a more exciting find if they opened a few tough doors instead of all the normal doors that you could already open. Just my thoughts for now.

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Re: Reassessing universal locked doors

Post by Mecron » Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:46 pm

Yeah we have been kicking that one around as well. I think the odds are good that we will be looking at a mix of locked and unlocked in the future. Probably based on room type as well.

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