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Re: Emitters

Post by ZedF » Mon May 16, 2011 12:41 pm

Ok, I got the chance to try a heavy focus on medium emitters out in battles against the AI recently. This is part of a succession game I'm playing on normal difficulty with several new and not-new-but-less-experienced players. Medium emitters were chosen as the weapon of choice because the AI empires are less well-developed than our human empire and were expected to remain in the DD era longer (which proved true.)

Medium emitters shredded the DD formations as expected. In the few CA-CA battles we faced versus the AI so far (mainly Tarka CAs) where there was full cruiser strikeforces on both sides, medium emitters performed well providing the AI forces overran our fleet, so that all our emitters got firing opportunities. When the AI forces just did a glancing pass, oftentimes ships on one side of our formation were unable to get a chance to fire, and trying to chase down stragglers was occasionally an exercise in frustration. I found the medium emitters to be very dependent on having a balled up enemy formation of several ships in close order to put out decent performance, but quite powerful when those circumstances obtained.

On another note, the Morrigi ships seemed extra resilient to emitter fire; I suspect they had gotten hardened electronics. Of course our empire outclassed them so badly on a ship count and organization level that it didn't much matter; we never had to face a full strikeforce worth of them.

Additionally, it is worth noting that part of the cost of researching emitters was needing to field a lot of shuttle DDs for bombardment work, since we had no other real bombardment options researched (besides Blazers, I suppose.) This is not to say that shuttles are a bad option, because they most certainly are not, but having to build more-or-less double the ships we might have otherwise had to did slow down the overall pace of conquest.

So having used medium emitters recently, I will say my outlook on them has improved somewhat, but only by a relatively small degree. When they work, they work very well, but their lack of range and flexibility remains an issue. AP drivers lack the raw punch when the right circumstances obtain, but are harder to counter, are easier to bring to bear across an entire formation, and don't require extra measures to be taken for planetary bombardment. Other weapons have a still different package of strengths and weaknesses... but overall none of them is an ultimate weapon, against the AI or in any other circumstance.

Next up in that succession game will be assaults against the largest AI empire in the game -- a Hiver with substantial cruiser fleets. We'll see whether that changes anything. Of course they're still a quarter our size, now that we've absorbed 3 lesser empires, so probably not much.
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Re: Emitters

Post by Warcat » Mon May 16, 2011 3:21 pm

kdonovan wrote:I wonder if mines might work for you.
Put some minelayers up front and some longer range shooters behind.
Or will the emitters just do too good a job zapping mines?

nickersonm wrote:Leap mines should work quite well against emitters, if they're deployed dense enough. I'm not sure about other mines, they might be slow enough for emitters to get two volleys off.

AlanF5 wrote:Only Light Emitters will auto-target mines. Mines strike me as too numerous and small to efficiently manual-target.

Definetly true.
Don't forget too that in a close range ingagement against minelayers, Emitters' arcs will instantly zap every mine in range.
Which usually are closer to minelayers than to armors.

So if the opponent is AI and there's time and space to build a minefield, mines should be a good option. But minelayers have to kite and be spread, when armors come.

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