Nanite Missiles and AI Rebellions

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Nanite Missiles and AI Rebellions

Post by BunnyMind » Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:15 pm

Hello, I'm fairly new to the game, been playing for about a month now. I've been able to answer most of my own questions using the wiki and the forums, but there are a few things I haven't been able to figure out concerning (as I'm sure you could guess by the thread title) Nanite Missiles and AI Rebellions:

1) Is the erosion effect of a nanite missile a persistent debuff that's applied when a ship moves through the nanite cloud, or does the ship need to remain inside the cloud for the missile to be effective?

2) Do multiple nanite clouds stack their effects, or is it only applied once?

3) Are AI rebels constrained by credits as normal players are? I ask this because my most recent game has me fending off an AI rebel faction (graciously gifted upon the Liir by the Puppetmaster) who have been throwing fleet after fleet of DNs at me like they were nothing. I don't think I could manage their apparent output with my economy, and their empire is about 2/3 the size of mine. Their DNs are also loaded to the teeth with AM era tech, so it's not as though they're spamming cheap junkers or anything. The only explanations I can see are that they either have a lot of ships saved up, or their economy works differently from normal players, which I could certainly understand if it were the case.

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Re: Nanite Missiles and AI Rebellions

Post by ZedF » Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:19 pm

As far as I know:

1) Only while you are in the cloud. The cloud is a bit bigger than the graphic makes it appear though.
2) Yes it stacks (I think)
3) AI rebellion economy works differently from regular player positions. For one thing, they can instantly colonize any world they visit without needing colonizers. For another, they don't pay maintenance costs. I would not be surprised if they had effectively unlimited money, and were limited only by I/O.
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Re: Nanite Missiles and AI Rebellions

Post by Zalzidrax » Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:24 pm

Also I believe they get all the AI bonus economy techs, so that's a 50% boost to everything, more or less.

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Re: Nanite Missiles and AI Rebellions

Post by BunnyMind » Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:01 pm

Thank you for these responses! I'll have to adjust my nanite missile ships and tactics accordingly. I guess I'll also have to take AI rebels more seriously in the future.

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Re: Nanite Missiles and AI Rebellions

Post by SilentMoth » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:33 am

In my current game, PuppetMaster has taken two planets. These AI rebel planets are each building around 2 or 3 cruisers per turn, so a cost of somewhere between 350k and 550k per turn for Liir. I think they have the IO to build twice as much as that (the planet did when it was my planet) so this tells me the AI rebel must have limited credit, not infinite credit. Also the AI Rebel ships still have the same techs they had back when I lost the planet, except I think they have now researched Green Lasers - if it had infinite credit then the AI Rebel could be researching all the most costly AM techs one per turn, but it's not doing that.

From what I've read plus observation in my current game, AI rebels get these economy bonuses:
* all AI techs automatically (so +50% IO, +50% planetary income, 2/3 research cost for new techs)
* zero colony development costs
* zero fleet maintenance costs

Maybe they also receive the Morale boost at all planets? But even in combination, all those bonuses will only give a size 8 fully-populated planet an income of around 250,000 credits per turn, which isn't enough to explain what I'm seeing. Therefore, I'd guess that either the AI rebel receives one additional bonus - maybe an overall +50% to economy, like a player on 'Easy' difficulty - or the AI rebel receives a cash pile of let's say 2M credits when it starts - or the AI rebel is willing to go into negative credit when it's building ships.

I think the thing which makes AI Rebels really scary is that pretty much all ships have AI Fire Control, and all ships with CnC sections have Deep Scan ability as a bonus. AI Fire Control makes its ships out-class my equiv-tech ships in tactical by a factor of around 3:2. Deep Scan makes the AI play much more skilfully, I've noticed, things like anticipating your moves better. (Note to self: for a more challenging game in future, step in to the computer players' shoes for a couple of turns and build a Deep Scan network.)

In a regular AI Rebellion, if AI rebel planets are the same race then they all count as one player even if originally the planets were taken from different players, but if AI rebel planets are from different races then they are allied and do not count as one player. For AI Rebel planets created by PuppetMaster, it looks like all AI Rebel planets count as one player (named 'Knight' in my game) even if the planets originally came from different races.

I haven't ever noticed any AI rebellion trading, but maybe I have never let it take complete control of a sector - I'm pretty sure it plays aggressively to expand and win so it would build trade if it is given the opportunity.

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