Why won't my HC Lasers fire?

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Why won't my HC Lasers fire?

Post by TheCaptn » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:48 am

I'm new to SotS, having picked it up during the Steam holiday sale, and I've started a few different games as both Human and Liir only to run into the same problem every time: I push through to HC Lasers with the intention of fitting out anti-capital-ship cruisers, mainly to defend against Silicoid Queens, The Herald, that sort of thing, but the damned things never (or almost never) shoot at anything.

I generally put four on the front line with two in the reserve list. The ships are of the Battle Bridge + Blazer variety, I've tried them in both Normal and Stand Off modes, I've tried setting the HC's to weapon group 2 and then setting that group to Fire At My Target, but none of it seems to make any difference.
Most of my combat rounds go by without a single HC shot being fired. In the entire round those ships only have a single target, and they spend it firing either missiles or UV Lasers depending on what else they're armed with... I can't figure out how to target an enemy without it dropping a specific target crosshair, so on a rotating ship I need to keep moving said crosshair to maintain line-of-sight. I thought that might be a problem, but even on stationary targets like Hives they spend the whole time pointing at the target but never firing.

What am I doing wrong?!?

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Re: Why won't my HC Lasers fire?

Post by Kaan'Ish » Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:45 pm

Are you in range? Heavy beam mounts have a surprisingly short range relative to many other weapons. They're certainly much shorter than missiles, which would explain them not firing on stand-off orders, as your ships will be lurking at maximum weapons range.

It's also possible that they aren't getting a target lock, especially if they're targeting ships that are shifting position a lot, they have a spectacularly narrow field of fire. Of course, that doesn't apply to static targets like swarm hives.

Specifically targeting the enemy isn't an issue unless you'd like to specify. Otherwise they'll shoot at anything in range (or try to). If you're clicking a particular target point then they'll try and aim at that specifically, which can hamper fixed mounts getting a lock, as they have to wait until that particular spot enters their field of fire. If you don't care who they shoot at, then using one of the aggressive attack stances would probably work better. Pursuit works especially well for attacking static targets, and will guarantee your ships move into heavy beam range.

Hopefully that's helpful.

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Re: Why won't my HC Lasers fire?

Post by Enjelus » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:21 pm

You'll never hit anything in stand off mode with fixed beams and you'll have a lot of problems staying in range of mobile targets with normal mode. Cruisers have a bad tendency to "joust" with targets in close range mode, this has a tendency to only allow a hit on approach and sometimes a sweep across as they turn around and against other cruisers you probably won't even get that unless they are on the same plane. Pursuit will generally cause a fleet to form a sphere around the target then sit there shooting at it. In the case of the silicoid queen I've noticed pursuit often causes ships to sit outside of gun range and not do anything, so its best to use close to range imo. With the herald close to range seems to work better because ironically the fly pattern in "pursuit" mode doesn't really make it all that great for chasing things with where as close to range causes you them to fly straight at it. Although if you're chasing a runner putting one ship in pursuit mode will often cause the runner to turn as the pursuit ship tries to circle around it.

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Re: Why won't my HC Lasers fire?

Post by Torezu » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:19 pm

Also, if you don't want to hit a specific point on a ship, clicking just slightly off the actual geometry of the ship (but still in it's sphere of existance) will target the ship without aiming for anything specific. Wait, that's not entirely true - different races aim for different parts of a ship by default. I believe Liir aim for engines, Humans aim for command, etc., but my memory might be faulty on who aims where. Also, missiles and I think torpedoes always aim for the CG of the ship.

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