Anyone has a Quick guide to keep my fleet alive?

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Anyone has a Quick guide to keep my fleet alive?

Post by It762 » Tue Sep 26, 2006 6:07 am


I wondered what good options are to keep my fleet alive.

Usually I'll try to get deepscan because of the "early warning" and I also like sensor jammer to keep the enemy in the dark. But when entering combat Iam always puzzled on how to put together the fleet.

And I found myself going the same ways in the tech tree always. So my ships are always full with fusion missiles, heavy combat lasers and violet lasers.

How do I keep these guys alive as long as posisble?

- Sensor jammers: They don't help against those "automagically" fired planetary missiles, these buggers always hit their selected target?

- wildweasels: Well i tried one DE, put him as decoy at first row - I collected one volley of missiles and exploded, I thought the weasel tries to destroy the missiles? Do I need more?

- Minelayers: Never tried that sounds so complicated, can own ships hit own mines?

Are you guys going for the low techy weapons (emiter, particle beam, disrupter etc.)

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Post by Warnstaff » Tue Sep 26, 2006 6:54 am

It really depends on your race and formation (just get some heavy beams thgouh, they do wonders vs heavy warships).

I personally, when playing human, just put a strikeforce CnC, 4 or 5 heavy cruisers with meason (or something close) beams on them, along with some PD, a WW, and a jammer (Deep scan on CnC). Keep them in a kind of circle formation, with all cruisers on one side (keep that side to the enemy) and basicly take strafing runs at the enemy. Works very well.

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Post by Chernobog » Tue Sep 26, 2006 7:24 am

Wild Weasels don't kill missiles. They attract them. I've heard it said that having two reasonably close together can completely baffle missiles, but actually shooting the missiles down is a job for Point Defense, not Wild Weasels, though the Weasels can make the job easier by dragging all the seekers into one kill zone. PD weapons can be deployed on each of your ships seperately, or concentrated on special PD designs. The PD lasers do very good work on both ship-launched and planet missiles. PD gauss is better for torpedoes, where firepower is needed.

Sensor jammers may prevent shots from being fired in the first place (though I don't know if they ever will against PMs), but they don't do anything after launch.

It sounds as if your warship designs are badly mixed up, at least from my engineering outlook. Concentrating fixed beams (close range, limited attack profile only) and missile launchers (near-limitless, fire any direction) on the same ship is...flexible might be one term for it, but I call it awkward. You almost certainly want at least some of your ships carrying close range weapons in their medium and large mounts, and your listing of armaments doesn't mention phasers, fusion cannons, large-mount beam cannon, or ballistics...

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Post by Kaorti » Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:06 pm

I like to use deflectors to deal with the annoying missiles. as long as you can keep you opponet in front of you, a deflector crusier will deal with 100% of the missiels that come its way.

Try researching armor techs, they dramatically increase the survivability of your ships.

Missiles are good on dedicated ships, or with torpedo ships. They don't do as much damage as other medium mount weapons though. I'd put my heavy beam ships with energy cannons, phasers or mass drivers instead.

Concentrate fire, the less ships your opponet has out there, the less damage he is doing to you.

Know the weapons your opponet is using, and manuver to deal with them. Emitters are very short range, but are murder on DEs. Gauss weapons are lethal, but are ineffective at any range. Lasers have a good range, but cant put out the same damage numbers as most other light weapons. Pulse phasers aren't somthing you should worry about unless your fighting a DE swarm opponet late game. To defeat lasers, use gauss or emitters, and keep in close to your opponet's main fleet. Try to get him to bunch his ships together. Against gauss, play keep away, he hits hard, but you can hit him more. Vs emitters, stay away from his main fleet, and spread out your ships.

You don't need particle beams until you start worrying about cruisers. no DE has a large mount, and large turrets track too slowly to work well against DEs.
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Post by Nexus » Tue Sep 26, 2006 4:21 pm

vs Missiles try getting PD lasers, PD phasers or Deflectors. Wild Weasels will help alot if you have any of the PD techs as it gathers the missiles to be all shot down.

Once I go cruiser I dedicate all my small mounts to PD simple because the protection it provides is far more important then the little damage they would do otherwise.

I try to stay away from Deflectors unless they enemy is going with lots of Guass and Missiles

I find the first weapon I want on my cruisers is the particle beam as its damage, range and accurcy is perfect for swatting destroyers and cruisers alike. the less accurate weapons like the plasma->antimater cannon is better to be used against larger ships. I dont like the range of the phasers that much but because of their accuracy and damge is very good they are still good guns.

Only go with the heavy beams if your fighting CE or DN ships as its pointless and can even possibly cause friendly fire when fighing the small fast DE's. I like the barrage section personaly as it gives Heavy beams and Torpedos(my favourite being photonic)

I only put 2-4 of the medium mounts on the ship to missiles because the other guns are more important and missiles as general rule like to target 1 ship and dont retarget afterwards so if you have 6 cruisers with 2 missile mounts it adds up without being a waste. besides missiles are the easiest thing to counter.

Remeber incoming torpeados can be trageted manualy and this is where your Partical beam and Phasers come in handy.

Your sensor Jammer will prevent BVR(beyond visual range) firing of missiles by your enemy but once the enemy can see you they can shoot you.

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