Liir ER Medium Mount at gamestart

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Re: Liir ER Medium Mount at gamestart

Post by Mecron » Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:11 pm

blue...push a liir and you have uv in less than 4 turns...but hey, what do I know? :P

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Re: Liir ER Medium Mount at gamestart

Post by BlueTemplar » Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:35 pm

Can't put fusion torps on a DE ER... and by "second wave", I mean the er's that will be refueling on your newly made colonies : not a chance to get fusion torps by then...

I mean no disrespect, but to be sure I just tested it, and even Liir need 7 turns at 100% research for UV (at default game start). That's a LOT of turns to get behind the others! (I guess you could always hope for a breaktrough, but that's still going to be more than 3 turns...)

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Re: Liir ER Medium Mount at gamestart

Post by Maerlyn » Fri Sep 14, 2012 9:16 am

Thanx for all the replies. I opted for missile and red lasers. And you are in fact capable of defeating human gauss ERs in the early game with this setup. I confess it took me some testing but at the 4th engagement I knew what to do.

1. Run away as long as possible but focus your aim (I focused on the mission section but the nodedrive might be an option as well). You will do 2-3 missile hits and a few laserhits until he gets into range.
2. right when he shoots at you for the first time make a 180. Turn around and move right past him into the opposite direction at full speed. Being Liir this is done immediately while it will take him quite some time to adjust (even more so if he micros the battle himself :twisted:)
3. Repeat step 1&2 until he is dead. OFC there is some luck involved in the amount of Gausshits you take while you fly past him. But I managed to defeat 2 ERs in a row with the same ER before my Liirpilot decided to commit suicide.

Although this might sound boring, never click on autoresolve. You will loose 3 ERs to one of his this way.

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