Taking out turrents

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Taking out turrents

Post by Kivara » Tue Feb 03, 2015 9:55 am

As the title says what are the best weapons for taking out ship turrets? I remember seeing a couple of times my morrigi drones with uv beamers taking out a few turrets. Also can all turrets be taken out or just medium-large? I remember reading somewhere that in order to destroy a turret it has to be dealt enoug dmg in one shot to get over her hp, as such multiple weaker hits won;t do.

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Re: Taking out turrents

Post by ZedF » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:19 pm

The easiest way to practice and observe turret stripping mechanics is by stripping turrets in the alien derelict encounter during exploration at the beginning of the game.

Any weapon accurate enough to reliably hit turrets will work. Generally, at the beginning of the game, this means lasers, emitters, beamers, or snipers. You can strip any size turret providing you can hit it. Multiple small hits from lasers can and do accumulate toward stripping a turret. The bigger the turret, the more damage it takes to strip.
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Re: Taking out turrents

Post by drivebymessiah » Sun May 03, 2015 6:29 pm

Beams of all sorts: the particle beam line, beamers, phasers. Whether or not attempting to target turrets will provide much benefit in the fission through mid fusion era is something of which I'm skeptical. Mission sections will blow up soon enough with adequate focus fire when undertaking fights in real time. Though I suppose with combat pausing and meticulous targetting in abundance some real benefit might be had.

That being said I tend not to turn to attacking turrets until upper tier armor tech laden cruisers and/or dreadnoughts start to appear as in most cases, with adequate firepower, ship sections blow up in fairly short order. That and I've never been one to grab beam weapons in abundance.

The Alien Derelicts, on the other hand, I always try to strip. In the last handful of games I've always had green or UV lasers on first wave destroyers and been able to hold position at long range, avoiding most of the derelicts damage, and picking off turrets while selectively holding fire with ships. This isn't an optimal method for stripping turrets quickly, but derelicts are a different animal than race-to-race ship combat, certainly, and the benefit of neutralizing derelicts is usually worth pursuing.

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