Ricochet probability table

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Ricochet probability table

Post by fredNN » Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:39 am

After I equiped my ships with Quark armor I thought they will be much more safe from Heavy Mass Driver than old ships with MagLat armor. But after-battle report did not show this - my ships still took lots damage from them. So I again tried to calculate ricochet probability, but could not use "Ric prob eqn" in ctechvars.txt. So I simulated many 5000 events, each with different penetration bonus and put results in table.

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pen. bonus   pen. prob.
    0,1        0,60
    0,2        0,69
    0,3        0,76
    0,4        0,82
    0,5        0,88
    0,6        0,92
    0,7        0,95

It is obvious why Quark armor did not help so much I did expect. My ships got from -0.1 pen bonus (0.40 ricochet probability) to +0.1 pen bonus (0.60). At first I was disapointed, but after I did think some more, I realised this is actually good for the game. Better armor/reflective does not make older weapons_that_can_ricochet usless. Next thought was "But new armor should have more effect!". And it does. It adds more hitpoints, that make ships more durable. 8)

Well done, Kerberos :!:

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Re: Ricochet probability table

Post by Mecron » Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:51 pm


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