Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.14

After a decade, it's time to update the indie Roguelike hit!

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Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.14

Post by castewarkp » Sat Oct 23, 2021 10:32 pm

Here are the details of changes made to the game since launch. Thank you all for your feedback and bug reports, please keep them coming.

Update 1.0.1

  • Invalid resolution issue fixed (more user confirmation welcome).
  • Missing items from inventory on load game.
  • Right click door exploit has been closed.
  • Click to move improvements
  • Enemy attacks included in the left-side action log
  • Camera resets on player moving
  • Click to move option (set in options menu)
  • Auto reload option (set in options menu)
  • Tile click will attack enemy on the tile

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Re: Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.2b

Post by castewarkp » Thu Nov 04, 2021 7:56 am

Update 1.0.2

  • Beginning of new original story line and plot for the new Pit in intro screen.
    First kill bonus for enemies.
    Options screen now has tile grid color controls.
    Video Options now have limit frames choices of 75, 100, 120 140 and custom.
    Video Options now have Added brightness / contrast sliders.
    New recipes added and initial implementation of alternate ways to procure recipes (hint: search desks).
    Player sound creation and Stealth skill affect enemy ability to be alerted to player.
    Also added are flee and wander behaviors for enemies, to keep things unpredictable.
    Alarmed props now trigger a Security Bot response with a failed skill check.
    X key to interact with prop you are facing.
    Arrow keys for moving, like WASD keys.
    Shift G toggles grid view.
    Ruined crate obstacles.

  • Bed functionality for player to rest and heal.
    Armor loading bug on start (watching).
    Repair station uses charges.
    Various prop interface / feedback issues.
    Gas trap details (blank button).
    Opening / closing screens hides feedback.
    Corrected typo for Q, E, & R keys in Options.
    Infinite Cooker right click use.
    Level lighting profiles.
    Addressed pursue behavior issues.
    Fixed adjacent-to-prop bug.
    Now able to click to move to tiles with non-obstructing props.
    Various repair and loading bugs.
    Grenade loading bug.
    Player loading outside bounds on rare occasions.
    Repairing should reduce an item's max durability.

  • Loot displays name tag all the time.
    Lock out mouse zoom when in menu mode.
    Exit / Start points invulnerable.

Preliminary Controller support (basic functionality) added.
This is not feature complete, some keyboard support still required for full functionality.
Added here for curious players only.


Some big additions to the game this week, besides a slew of tweaks and fixes.

For starters, we're giving you your first taste of where the story of The Pit 2 takes place... and it's not Arbuda IV.

Lots of chewy game options for you, letting you play with the movement tiling markers, framerate, brightness and contrast, plus new keys - someone requested arrow keys handle movement like WASD, and that's in.

But we're pretty bloodthirsty about changes and additions we've made to the enemy AI - your Stealth skill and decisions to make noise, like, say, shooting, have an impact on your surroundings as creatures can be alerted to your presence and even wander the halls looking for the source of the sounds! And just to keep you on your toes, injured creatures may opt to make a run for it. Which can be handy and give you a breather... it could also jump out of the shadows and bite you in the butt later.

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Re: Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.2b

Post by castewarkp » Thu Nov 04, 2021 7:57 am

We're not going to make you wait a week for the big update just to fix that little annoying bug you ran into or try out that simple ease-of-use suggestion you made, not if we can help it! That's right, it's our first official HOT-FIX! There will be more, but this is the first. Hat's off, hands on hearts, please...

BEST BUG! As weird as it was that sometimes monsters would faceplant thanks to an orientation bug, the winner for this update has to be that the game was trying to launch Steam VR for anybody that had Steam VR. We didn't set it that way, it was just in there by default. Imagine hunting a bug that's actually a switch you didn't know was on...

1.0.2b changelog

  • Right click XP farming with damaged cookers.
    Monsters getting a free attack after doing their full movement.
    Can now target "blocked" Enemies. Most helpful targeting ranged enemies while also fighting close-quarter enemies.
    Moving through door check (stop a door from closing if something is blocking the door).
    Unhooked Unreal VR default that was launching Steam VR for some people.
    Blocking doors for AI pathfinding.
    Monster rotating sideways. Or planking. They were planking.

  • Lighting Adjustment.
    Adjusted Interaction points for the doors.
    Sec-bot alarm response adjusted.
    Durability equations adjusted.

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Re: Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.12

Post by castewarkp » Wed Mar 02, 2022 12:55 am


Changelog 1.0.4

It's weekly update time - as mentioned last week, this week was fleshing things out week, versus focusing on larger systems and a lot got added; the level themes continue to increase, we added a LOT of new feedback, from the soothing computer telling you to eat and stop bleeding to your armor condition displaying properly to highlighting categories of items in your inventory and so much more! and that's just the stuff we added! Lost of fixes and tweaks as usual.

We'll get into this more as well as go over what the week to come will bring in tomorrow's Touchbase Tuesday, but in he meantime, here's the changelog for your perusal.

As always, keep playing, keep feedbacking. If you haven't already, help us help new players discover this game by taking a moment to give us a thumbs up on Steam. Thanks, gang.

Update 1.0.4

  • Zoom controls for Mini-Map.
  • Desert Tyrant and Sand Stalker added.
  • Smilodon added.
  • Additional level tile content added.
  • Feedback when enemy killed.
  • Feedback when weapon is destroyed.
  • “Helmet” voice feedback for hunger, health, conditions, and trap detection.
  • Med Bay set up.
  • Killing Damage numbers display.
  • Device List added to repair station.
  • Initial Inventory Class Filter (mouse over category icons in Inventory to highlight items).
  • Might bonus to inventory
  • "Records" Scoreboard
  • Data Lists of deciphered messages and unlocked recipes (access thru Menu Screen of the I key).
  • Unload ammo removed from energy weapons.
  • Updated Purifier / Laser Pistol / Energy Backpack inventory size.
  • Grid options moved to Game Options tab.
  • Additional feedback info for video settings and reset buttons for video sliders.
  • Discovered Trap types saved and displayed
  • Disabled movement when crafting / repairing items.
  • Retooled Device List.
  • Under certain circumstances ammo count was incorrect.
  • Armor feedback updates correctly in all situations.
  • Range issues with attacking doors addressed.
  • Fixed equipment feedback display bug.
  • Visible tool-tips on hidden enemies fixed.
  • Negative charger cooker exploit fixed.
  • Quick slots now block mouse input, leading to accidental moving / attacking.
  • Possible invisible mine trap fix (please report is still found).
    NOTE: Some traps are under floor dirt and pipes – these don’t count as invisible.
HOTFIX 1.0.4b
  • Repair Station / door lock-out fixed.
  • Stat and Skill points properly reload from saves.
  • Display icon and camera offset adjustments.


Changelog 1.0.5

Hello, Gang!

As mentioned last week, our recent focus was on the Monster Manager, so it's not the biggest update.

While it took awhile to get into the game, we appreciate everybody’s patience, and it will have huge benefits moving forward. Currently the Monster Manager has improved the pathfinding of attacking managers, keeping them from stacking up.

In the future it will provide support for additional coordination of Enemy actions, making them more context away. Remember when the Velociraptor learned how to work doors in Jurassic Park? Yeah, it’ll be like that. (We said it would have benefits for the game, not for you specifically. Gonna getcha!)

Next week: Mystery Floor! (initial implementation of special floors)

Update 1.0.5

  • Implementation of the monster manager.
  • Initial room customization
  • New story and recipe messages
  • Initial gun reload sounds.
  • Multi-threading optimizations to pathfinding,
  • Multi-threading optimizations to the mini-map.
  • Reduced volume of Enemy Killed sound event.
  • Antibiotics loading bug fixed.
  • In-game options menu ESC key bug fixed.

Changelog 1.0.6

Hello one and all!
Our second to last update before we sink into an eggnog stupor!
We took some extra time on this one, in order to get the first special floor in, The Reactor Room (and surrounding rooms). And just to make it challenging, it's radioactively leaky, has a small Spectre problem, and happens to sit right next to a Security Bot repair room. So, you know, good luck.

Update 1.0.6

  • Keybinding!
  • Reactor Core floor added.
  • Specter class enemies added (Not susceptible to ballistic weaponry).
  • Accumulated radiation damage feedback added.
  • Current rad count feedback added.
  • Unique Floor System implemented.
  • Scripted floor generator implemented.
  • Added door data tables to scripted rooms.
  • Additional light scripting (rooms / floors / tile settings).
  • Additional scripted room functionality (flexibility to access data driven content).
  • Trigger volume scripting added.
  • Below zero Player stat death implemented.
  • Special case damage factors for enemies.
  • Props blocking Line of Sight has been removed.
    (Small props would block visual LOS even though you would clearly be able to have LOS)
  • Hall Tile algorithm adjustment to handle additional configurations around doors.
  • Additional enemy scripting.
  • Idle sound class added to cosmetic prop class.
  • Various new sounds added.
  • Upgraded AI weapon selection.
  • Upgraded AI position selection.
  • Dark / dim / blind / tunnel vision visual bug fix.
  • AI guard mode bug fix.
  • Directional sound bug fix (At last! Fingers crossed.)


Changelog 1.0.7

Hi gang,

So, as mentioned, we're going to take a few days over the holidays to decompress a bit before jumping back into things. But, we wanted to give you a little present, by way of some xmas extras in the game.

Maybe you'll find that holiday message in the computer system. Or maybe you'll discover a room full of Yuletide magic. Either way, we hope you have some ridiculous, goofy fun with it over the holidays, because by new year our little content present goes back into the vault for the year, and it's back to trying to make the game kill you again.

We hope you have some time to relax yourself, have a happy holidays, and as always, tell your friends the game is part of the Steam holiday sale and keep posting your feedback here!

1.0.7 Changelog

  • We put a thing in the game as well as a thing. You'll see what we mean.


Changelog 1.0.9

Hello, happy new year, and all that!
New year, new build! Over the last few we have been working on some game hangs and crashes, as well as a few fixes, changes and additions based on your feedback, so new year, old request - keep the feedback coming!

Changelog v 1.0.9

  • ESC now cancels tasks.
  • Mecha enemies now “bleed” oil.
  • Poison rules have been updated.
  • Stats are now capped at 100.
  • Christmas bonus floor removed (you had your chance!)
  • Loading bug resulting in incorrect hunger and XP fixed.
  • Loading bug resulting in changes to the inventory (item positions and equipment expansions ignored eg Utility Belt) have been fixed.
  • Broken weapon no longer locks up player.
  • Room name tags fixed
  • AI moving through doors bug fixed.
So, for the last few weeks we put a lot of time into hunting down and stomping various bugs, including some rare AI conditions that were causing freezes in the game. And we got them! Except we have one great white whale we’re still working to figure what’s going wrong.

To this end, we have made a debug addition to the game. In the event that the game hangs, you can press the ENTER key. The game will generate a log file and a message will appear telling you where to find the log and asking for you to please email it to us. The more times we can get a capture of this elusive situation, the better able we’ll be to eradicate it!

Afterwards, you can reload your game from the last saved file and continue – the chances are slim you’ll manage to recreate the exact conditions again, and you’ll proceed into The Pit as normal and die in the usual horrible ways.

Thank you! We appreciate everybody’s help in this bug hunt!

NOTE: In case anyone needs the address to send saves or logs, it's;


Changelog 1.0.10

Apologies to everybody for the delay between the new updating going live earlier today and posting the changelog now - the day didn't play out as intended.

Small note, the pop-up text when the game generates an AI log is still in the game (see changelog 1.0.9) - the circumstances that generate it are uncommon, but we're leaving it in for awhile longer (probably until we leave Early Access), just to try and scape out every weird, super-shy bug we can. Thank you again to everybody for mailing these logs to us when you get them!

It's a short list, but covers some big, time consuming changes to the front end of the game, specifically the Main Menu and Character Select screen, which are now much sexier and informative. And sexily informative.

For the coming week, we will be returning to bug fixes and as part of the new year and moving closer and closer to leaving Early Access, we will be making some important additions to the game. Stay tuned for more about those from Mecron.

Changelog v 1.0.10

  • Additional data points added to Character Select screen.
  • Revisions to Main Menu screen
  • Revisions to Character Select screen
  • Range bug fixed.
  • Inventory reload bug fixed.
  • Durability reload bug on handful of items fixed.
  • Might Bonus reload bug fixed, now applied properly when reloading.
Hotfix was made to make some XP adjustments, nothing major.

Greetings, Raptors!

Do not let the size of this changelog fool you. Over the last two weeks a lot of effort went into a single line item with huge implications in the game: The Abilities System.

In short, the Abilities System offers players - randomly, every few levels - a selection of abilities that give them an unexpected, but valuable boost in certain aspects of the game. Healing, shooting, crafting, you name it, can take a big leap forward and give players just a little bit more of an edge as they try and survive to the bottom of The Pit!

But make no mistake, these aren't free rides to victory - as well as infrequent, abilities are random and players must make some hard decisions of what gains to take and what to leave behind, hoping fervently the RNG gods will offer up that one juicy ability later in their run.

You can see abilities and their specific effects on the Character Select screen, but we'll post their description text below. OH YEAH! We completely overhauled the Main Menu and Character Select screens! We didn't talk about it a lot when it went live at the start of the month, but now is a good time. We gave the Main Menu a sexy overhaul and more importantly, we greatly expanded the Character Select screen, giving players much more information about the unique particulars of each character (which now includes Abilities info) before selecting their Raptor and jumping into The Pit.

Curious about those Abilities? Here's a taste of a few of them;

STUNNING BLOW: Chance a melee attack will stun the target.
“You have learned the ancient combat technique of the judo chop to the neck. Your enemies will be stunned.”

RESILIENT: Additional resistance to disease and poison.
“Your immune system has become more powerful after all you have put it through. That which doesn’t kill you, yadda, yadda, yadda...”

SIDESTEP: Chance to avoid setting off a trap.
“You have learned to listen for that telltale sound of a trap coming to life, giving you the chance to leap aside before it can activate.”

CRITICAL EYE: Extra penetration to all attacks.
“Nothing is perfect. Even the strongest armor has flaws. And now you can see them all.”

GADGETEER: Bonus to any crafting using a lab table.
“You may not be able to make everything from junk, but you just got a lot closer to proving that you can with the right equipment.”

That is just a small sample of what you'll find in the game, so jump into The Pit and see what new opportunities fate brings your way!


Update 1.0.11

  • Abilities system added! In addition to levelling and improving their skills, players will now be randomly given a choice of three Abilities every few floors, which give them advantages in their run into the depths of The Pit.
  • Motion sensor functional - Get your hands on one of these items and let your Marine pretend he's a Scout and have a look at what lurks around every corner. For awhile at least.
  • Security Station fully functioning - Take a breather from picking locked doors and running from Security Bots, but only if you can work some computer magic. Get it wrong and you could find yourself stunned, hurt, or facing down a host of lethally curious security bots.
  • Surveillance Console fully functioning - Stop wandering around wondering what's out there. Hack these consoles and the entire level will be revealed in the mini-map, enemies included!
  • Enemy flee movement reduced - You winged 'em and now they're making a run for it, but not at top speed.
  • Mini-Map - Visible enemies appear.
  • Mini-Map - Tilt removed for improved readability.
  • Loading options refactored - Attempting to address resolution changing when loading game map.
  • Bed regen issue with status ailments resolved.
  • Infinite desk exploit no longer, uh, exploitable.
  • AI pathing bug fixed.
  • Combat penalty bug fixed.
  • Mini-Map scale-to-fit-area bug fixed.
[b1.0.11b HOTFIX[/b]
  • Map loading issue fixed.
  • Missing skill bug fixed.
  • Abilities icon UI bug fixed.
  • Abilities Icon feedback bug fixed.
  • Stun grenade damage changed from Stun With Extreme Prejudice down to just Stun.

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Re: Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.12

Post by castewarkp » Wed Mar 02, 2022 12:56 am

Hello, gang!

We've reach another of our bi-weekly updates and this one brings even more possibilities and options to your Pit run. In addition to adding some feedback tweaks (more reloading and weapon fire mode UI, as well as enemy health bars, for example), we put a lot of time into adding a special class of item to find; Bio Mods.

Mods come in three flavors; the kind that modify your weapons, the kind that modify your armor, and the kind that modify you. The only trouble is this is SolForce tech and while you know how to add, what they do, well, that's a bit of a guess. But you don't have to gamble on fusing a crappy and permanent mod onto your favorite rifle, if you have the means to scan them first. But hey, when you're against the wall, maybe it can't hurt to roll the dice.

As always, have fun, tell your friends, gives us a review here on Steam, and feedback, feedback, feedback. You can never give us too much feedback!

Changelog 1.0.12

  • Weapon Quality System: weapon stats adjusted based on quality.
  • Bio Mods: Drag and drop these mods onto weapons, armor, even yourself, and gain new bonuses... or perhaps new penalties.
  • Bio Mods ID: Use Scanning Analyzer or Diagnostic Chip to reveal what bonuses or penalties a Bio Mod has. Or live dangerously and just slap 'em on!
  • Weapon Bio Mods: Drag and drop onto weapons with Mod slots in the Inventory. You'll be promoted to confirm the mod before it's fused on.
  • Armor Bio Mods: Same as Weapon Mods, drag and drop onto armor with Mod slots.
  • Serum Bio Mods: These Mods apply to your character. Apply them by "using" them, like eating food or using a med-kit.
  • Enemy Health bars: Mouse over an enemy to see just how much fight they have left in them.
  • Drag and drop to reload weapons. Can be used to switch ammo type.
  • Drag and drop weapons onto repair kits to fix weapon damage.
  • New additional default keys for camera controls, number keys/pad 8,4,6,2 to rotate and 5 to reset.
  • More room variety.

  • Ammo Type selection now has UI buttons. (Initial implementation)
  • Fire Mode selection now has UI buttons. (Initial implementation)
  • Skill level up effect.
  • Various AI adjustments.

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Re: Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.12

Post by castewarkp » Tue Mar 15, 2022 4:10 am

Keeping to our bi-weekly schedule of sizable updates, 1.0.13 comes with a LOT of feedback changes, LOTS of new additions to the UI, LOTS more enemies and most importantly, a new player character - Astryd Jemison, SolForce combat medic!

Not as rugged as marine Raptors, Astryd isn't as fragile as the Engineer or Scout, as she enters The Pit with her disease and poison resistant armor, her bot flattening Combat Baton, and most importantly, her Transfuser gun, which not only deals damage, but transfers health from enemy targets to herself. Used wisely, The Medic offers new and exciting runs down into The Pit!

Now more than ever, we need feedback! And this is a really good update to jump in on if you haven't checked out the game in awhile! Thanks everybody!

Update 1.0.13

  • New Character Class - The Medic!
  • Can’t have The Medic without Caduceus Armor, which has disease and Poison resistance.
  • Or combat baton. Treats all bots like an old TV set. Just whack their sides until they stop working.
  • Or transfuser, which damages all targets, and transfers Hit Points from organic enemies to the player.
  • New class of enemies; Scraplets!
  • Do you like proteans? Good! Because here come more blobby enemies!
  • Xomboids
  • Cryoids
  • Toxoids
  • Fryoids!
  • You can now split stacks of items in your Inventory.
  • You can now merge stacks of items in your Inventory.
  • HUD camera control widget at top-right of screen.
  • When you destroy a door now, you will see a Destroyed Door and not blank space.
  • Players can now load ammo-type from context menu.
  • Chem pods added.
  • Rad pods added.
  • Bio pods added.
  • Manufacturing Bay added.
  • Cold status effected added. (Hug a Cryoid, you’ll see what we mean)
  • Scavenger bot is now a thieving little jerk. It will attempt to steal something from your inventory and then run away if successful. Get it to get your stuff back!
  • Cyberjaeger bear added.
  • Range feedback added.
  • Projectile-class hooked up for enemies, allowing for more enemy attack variety.
  • Heavy pistol added.
  • Snub-nosed pistol added.
  • Prop destructibility expanded, allowing for blocking props to be smashed! (WIP)
  • Player Stats window can now to be set to auto-expand when level achieved (as it has been) or to remain closed until Player manually opens it (Default C or click player outline in HUD - HUD will indicate when skill points are available). Toggle is in Player Stats window.
  • More attack mode additions to weapon classes (exclusions, damage per target type, life drain, disintegration, cone fire, groups attacks, DOTs, knock-back, grapple, etc.)
  • Bolo attack-class for Stranglers and variants.
  • Adjustment to the rotation equation for the mini map to minimize screen footprint.
  • All grenades now display their specific explosion effects.
  • Interactive Prop messages have been tweaked to list outcome probabilities better.
  • Interactive Prop messages have been tweaked to display remaining attempts (hack, lockpick, etc.)
  • Door lock-pick odds have modifiers to reflect floor level.
  • Door lock-pick odds have modifiers per room types.
  • Enemy attacks are now shuffled for more variety when attacking.
  • Mini-map fog of war has been refactored and optimized.
  • Armors with boots/gloves/helmets now take up appropriate Body Slots, not just the torso.
  • Preservers now properly equipped with their Confusion Ray.
  • Preservers now heal enemies in adjacent tiles.
  • Room props are now hidden until room is opened, same as enemies.
  • Auto-attack key (Default F) will continue to attack same target so long as it remains in range, rather than jump to nearer targets.
  • Character Select screen starting inventory bug.
  • Clean up prop list when making new room.
  • Initial loading equipped armor bug.
  • Prop widget various bug fixes.
  • Player no longer shimmies around sometimes when interacting with prop.
  • Enemies properly attack with grenades again.
  • Shadow flicker from weapon model fixed.
  • Enemy weapon now have a cool down period again, where appropriate.
  • Various adjustments and fixes to AI operations, bugs, and additional behavior modes (such as Condition effects on enemies).

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Re: Update Logs - Update 1.0.1 - 1.0.13

Post by castewarkp » Wed Mar 30, 2022 8:04 pm

Greatings gang!

Time for another update and this time the primary focus was on the initial implementation of The SotSDex! The Dex is where the game automatically notes all the stuff you run into as you play the game - the more you play, the more you encounter, the more listings in the Dex.

Some of you might remember the Dex in the first game, but this takes things even further by providing a lot more per item info and cross-referencing, Heck, you can even search the new Dex. Abilities are recorded, props are recorded and their listings note what items they might drop, same for enemies. Items that can be disassembled into component parts for re-use in recipes will list what components they can be reduced to!

And as usual, so many fixes, tweaks, and feedback additions!

Stay tuned for the next update, as we make some major additions to levels, and some news about an upcoming Steam event.

In the meantime, play, share, review, and give us the feedbacks!

Update 1.0.14

  • The Dex is Here! List Fanatics Rejoice! All game discoverables, from items to weapons to recipes to message and more, will now be logged into The SotSDex. While similar to the dex found in the original game, this version has much more information and cross-referencing to help you with your runs. Keep track of what loot monsters drop, what components can items be broken down into, and more!
  • Steam Cloud Sync turned on, allowing for sharing saved games between different machines.
  • More feedback when attacking props (kicking up dust and shaking back and forth).
  • Attacking out of range will bring up range visualization temporarily.
  • Holding Shift R will display the ranges of an equipped weapon.
  • Taking damage feedback now displays on edges of screen. The effect scales to the amount of damage in an attack and how damaged you have accumulated.
  • More Health Bar feedback (flashes at less than 15 HP, damage increments slide off the bar along with numbers).
  • Armor widget added to the stack: Shows total armor and highlights how much damage it is stopping.
  • Item equip timer added to main screen.
  • Cached quick slots: Drop an item, pick it back up, and it will be reassigned to the quick slot.
  • Secondary Icon load to refresh high-rez textures if not loaded on first render
    attack and destroy all cosmetic props.
  • More room added.
  • Refactored icon loading to improve loading screen and address grey loaded icons (textures not loaded at render time).
  • Various Items Resized for Inventory: Rocket Launcher(1x4), Laser Rifle (1x4), Laser Carbine (1x3), Flamer (1x4), Mag Rifle (1x4), Mag Pistol (1x2), Target Pistol (1x2), Sword (1x4), Radblaster (1x2), Stone Crab (2x1), Scattergun (2x3).
  • Level up effect polished.
  • Expanded prop UI takes priority over other mouse over requests.
  • Inventory grid tinted to show equipped pieces.
  • Chance of success output sorted lower to higher (sometimes it was reversed i.e. 50%-25% ).
  • Click toggles enabled for the inventory filters.
  • Camera setting saved to profile, automatically loaded on next game.
  • Blank Icon bug when apply bio mod.
  • Enemies visible / attacking from behind closed doors (fixed small hole in collision on either side of the door and the walls).
  • Fixed bug with x key (interact with facing) not acting as intended. Corrected to: x will open the prop menu, while the menu is open X or enter will confirm the menu.
  • Bug excluding fire, stun, cold from being applied.
  • Multi slot armor bug - made medic unintentionally super-protected.
  • Bug - fully deciphered messages not registering as complete.
  • Key binding save bug - reset to defaults on reload situations.
  • Click through grid and move bug.
  • Various sounds fixed to respond properly to Audio volume changes.

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