*Spoiler* Tactics Discussion: Dealing with the L----- S----

Tactics and Action Reports.
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Post by patton1942 » Wed Jul 25, 2007 7:01 pm

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Hans Lemurson
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Post by Hans Lemurson » Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:04 pm

Do deflectors do anything? Like, will the swarming locusts smack into deflector shields and go boom, or do they just pass through unharmed? (I'm thinking dreadnought-sized deflector shields)
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Post by DervMan » Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:21 pm

I've not tried Deflectors...

...but having experienced the Locust Fighters up close and forty three personal...

...you can try it! :wink:

I was just thinking, it's the year 2001, and the best weapon used is flying tanks of fuel. :?

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Post by Afoxi » Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:51 am

Use Flamethrowers to clean out bugs.

Basically i used an Antimatter Flamethrower.

No really, that was a Point Absorber Dread firing a constant stream of torpedos.

This was by turn 300+ and i had locusts rampaging through the whole galaxy until this point, and then i went rampaging against them.

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Post by Mecrab » Thu Jul 26, 2007 3:06 pm

I'm in awe, that is a frightening picture of the damage potential of a dread. Curiously, I am strangely aroused :oops:
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Post by ZedF » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:39 pm

Hans Lemurson wrote:Do deflectors do anything? Like, will the swarming locusts smack into deflector shields and go boom, or do they just pass through unharmed? (I'm thinking dreadnought-sized deflector shields)

I don't believe deflectors stop collisions with anything larger than a torpedo casing, a driver round, or a missile. Certainly they don't affect mines, or ships, that pass through them -- they are just too big to be affected by the deflector shield.

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Post by furiousgeorge » Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:39 pm

/offtopic That picture is the reason why i play this game!

Im waiting for the locusts to fly my way in the galaxy right now. Unfortunately, my best weapons are Heavy Anti-matter cannons and Anti-matter torps. My human scientists arent very creative this time

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Post by ZedF » Fri Jul 27, 2007 3:58 pm

A quick note: We've now confirmed the cloaked refinery tactic works as advertised.

One possible implementation of an anti-locust fleet using this method:

- Cloaked cruiser CnC (run away!)
- ~10-12 cloaked refineries (usually won't need more than 6-8, rest are insurance); these should be fielded first and at the top of the reinforcement list
- ~10 attack cruisers with high DPS weapons (e.g. corrosive missiles) + moderate PD; to kill the hiveworld once the locusts are mostly/all gone, and should be at the bottom of the reinforcement list
- a handful of miscellaneous destroyers for extra CP; these can be set up to kill stray locusts and/or damage the hiveworld, and should be in the middle of the reinforcement list
- any other useful support ships, e.g. deep scan, jammer, repair, etc.

At the start, immediately cloak all ships and have the CnC flee while the refineries charge the sphere as soon as it comes on screen. The locusts will surround some of the refineries but will only do damage slowly with the occasional beam strike. When a refinery is in the red or is close to the hiveworld, you can decloak it to kill all the locusts swarming around it as they paste it with their nasty beams and make it explode. Once there are not many locusts left, you can start retreating your remaining refineries and bringing in other ships to kill the few remaining locusts and start pasting the hiveworld.

This is considerably less expensive than fielding huge swarms of PD ships and/or torpedo boats, but it does require that you have cloaking. The whole fleet itself costs somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3M, while the replacement costs after a battle tend to be in the 1-1.5M range.

Why does this work? The answer is the cloak allows the refineries to collect significant amounts of locusts around them before they go up. I could try something similar with regular refineries but I would tend to think they would explode before they get a large collection of locusts swarming around them, and would therefore be much less useful for this purpose. Might be worth making the attempt, though.

EDIT: Tested hordes of non-cloaking refineries. As I suspected, doesn't work nearly as well; it does kill locusts but not nearly as efficiently, and you'd need comparable numbers of non-cloaking refineries to what you'd need for the PD cruiser solution.

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Post by BlueHairOMO » Mon Aug 06, 2007 2:52 am

I lucked into Point Absorbers, right after I read about the Refinery trick. I was able to construct a fleet just as one of at least four Fleetworlds in my current game hit one of my colonies.

I used a Point Absorber CnC DN w/Cannons and Bursters, with four PA/Refineries in a line abreast up front. PA/Cannon/Corrosive CRs and HH/PA DEs backed those up.

The fighters died in droves to the exploding Refineries, then the DEs took out their share while reserve Refineries came into play. The Corrosives kept up a steady barrage as the Fleetworld approached. The DN absorbed a lot of attention, giving my reserves time to get into the fray. After two Refinery reserves, I used PA/Cannon/Corrosive CRs to replace losses.

The last fighter died with almost two minutes to go. The Fleetworld died with less than twenty seconds to go. Losses were minimal for the threat level, at five Refineries, two Cannon CRs and a few DEs. The CnC DN was smokin', but made it through alive. I may experiement with my AM Torp PA/Barrage CRs next battle.

Overall it was a LOT easier than I had feared, even though it was down to the wire and the Fleetworld was right up against my colony when it died. Point Absorbers allow the Refineries to live long enough to collect a good swarm of fighters before blowing.

I wouldn't want to face those little buggers near an unclaimed world, but defending with the proper tools at hand is really no big deal.

I have Nanites and AM Cannons now, so the rest of the Locusts have been put on notice to leave the Galaxy... :)

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Post by Bones » Fri Sep 28, 2007 6:46 am

And now for the ...


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Re: *Spoiler* Tactics Discussion: Dealing with the L----- S----

Post by igotsmeakabob!! » Sat Jun 07, 2008 7:00 am

Its funny, I haven't played in months and had forgotten alot... but finding this thread was just what I needed.

I suppose things can end where they start.

edit: Sorry for the thread necro, but thinking about it, this thread is still pretty helpful.
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Just got locusts for the first time ever. . .

Post by Ares_in_snow » Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:43 am

Tactic: TONS of phaser PD.

Result? Epic fail.

Tactic: TONS of Gluon torp DDs?

Result? Epic Fail.

Tactic: Corrosive missile dreads?

Result? Bugpaste.

Tactic: Nanomissile dreads?

Result? Faster bugpaste.

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Re: *Spoiler* Tactics Discussion: Dealing with the L----- S----

Post by GammaPaladin » Mon Oct 20, 2008 6:27 am

EA Dreads with PD or pulse phasers are particularly fun for smashing Locust fleets. Make sure their primary weapons are energy based, and the Fleetworld itself will be demolished in seconds (As the locusts' fire increases your firing rate exponentially. I send in a Dread with heavy AM cannons as its primary weapons, and an energy absorber command section... Watching the heavy AM cannons turn into machine guns that literally never stopped firing was entertaining, to say the least).

Any EA Dreads will win the fight. If you don't have corosive/nanomissiles or pd/pulse phasers, it might take a while, but the fact that the swarm basically can never kill your dread due to the 75% damage reduction means you'll win in the end.

Meson shielded cruisers work similarly.

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Re: *Spoiler* Tactics Discussion: Dealing with the L----- S----

Post by n0z3k1ll3r » Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:13 am

Just randomly ran into one in deep space with a fleet of Morrigi Cruisers. Was expecting to get creamed, but I actually managed to kill the bugger. I had disruptors on my ships, and after I got them fairly close to the FleetWorld, the little Locusts stopped trying to get around the back of my ships for some reason. Result being they just kept pegging shots ineffectually into the disruptor shields, and I slowly but surely hammered it to death with Fusion Torpedos, UV Beamers and Lancers.

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Re: *Spoiler* Tactics Discussion: Dealing with the L----- S----

Post by Togakure » Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:09 pm

I've only played a few games so far, and only encountered the LS once, as the Morrigi, well into the AM era with many top-end techs available.

I saw this white ball on the map and had no idea what it was. I came here and read a bit, and figured it was a Grand Menace of some sort. It was headed for a fully-developed planet that was pretty isolated. Gauging the situation, I realized I'd only be able to build one DN to attempt a deep space intercept. So I built this:


Absorber/War/AM VM DN with polysilicate (Command section)/Magnoceramic armor. I hadn't researched reflection techs yet. If I were to face the same situation again, I'd probably swap Pulse Phasers in all the medium mounts for higher rate of fire and greater range and damage. While they'd be less accurate, in a swarm situation I think they'd do better overall thanks to the effects of the Absorber tech. The intent of the Graviton Beams (two in a single Large Mount turret) was to hold the target in place, enabling my fixed-mount beams to blast away continuously, but I'm not sure this worked out as intended against this opponent. I wish there was a battle replay feature like in the Total War games so I could analyze battles afterward :).

Fully expecting to get completely toasted, I sent it out to intercept the mysterious invader before it got to my planet. On the tactical map, I started the battle rather close to the gold ball, so I simply selected it and ordered a pursuit. The light show was spectacular with all the locusts swarming and the PD phasers firing like crazy. I kept waiting for my ship to blow up, but it didn't. When it got close to the disco ball and commenced firing its heavy weapons, the light show intensified as the ball started shooting off a storm of beams in all directions. I was amazed that my DN was still there. Finally, the disco ball blew up. My grin of delight was cut short when my DN blew up about two seconds later, still being swarmed by the remaining locusts, heh. But the menace was gone from the strategic map afterward, so I considered it a victory, and built a monument on my planet to honor the memory of the DN's valorous Bashar and his gallant crew.

It seems Absorber technology works very well against this menace. I would hate to face it prior to attaining it, though at least I now have some ideas to try when I do eventually get hit by them prior to the AM-era, thanks to the innovative suggestions in this thread. Thanks guys.
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