The Donut of Doom!

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The Donut of Doom!

Post by harperbrad » Mon Oct 15, 2007 5:47 pm

ImageThis is Solforce HQ, Admiral Banks speaking. Colonel Crabapple, please respond!

ImageThis is Colonel Montgomery Crabapple. I read you loud and clear. What can I do for you, Admiral?

ImageColonel, we have a situation. Have you been briefed on the Venkman's Donut?

ImageThat's the small cluster of stars around that ancient supernova, right? As I recall, Dr. Venkman discovered it on a long node line the far side of clouds of Magellen. I've got the datafile right here.


ImageThat's right, Colonel. Dr. Venkman started a research outpost there some 20 years ago. He's been studying the remnants of the supernova that formed the donut for the bulk of that time.

ImageI understand, Admiral. What has this got to do with me?

ImageTake a look at this photograph...


ImageSir, that's a ferret.

ImageIt may look like a ferret, Colonel, but there are no ferrets in the Venkman's Donut! This creature is what the Liir call a Suul'Ka, or what you may know as a Zuul.

ImageBut it's cute and cuddly looking. Don't zuul look a little more fierce. Wait, I've got the file right here...


ImageColonel, as you may know, Zuul start out as small rodent-like young. This specimen was found aboard a Earth Consortium mining vessel by the Liir. The crew were missing and the ship had been thoroughly gutted.

ImageI wasn't aware there were Liir in the Donut, sir.

ImageIt turns out they're interested in science, too. Or at least, we think they are. There's some Hiver outpost too--something about the rare chemicals in the Donut that they like.

ImageI get ants around a donut if I leave it out too long. Makes sense to me.

ImageQuit the antics, Monty. The Hivers are led by Princess Sunlit Buttercup. I'm sending you a picture now...
The Empress at Totochic doesn't usually tell us much, but apparently there's something very wrong with the Hive over in the donut. We think that the Gate network may have been disrupted.

ImageSo you're thinking that this little Zuuly-pup might have something to do with it?

ImageExactly, soldier. That's why we are talking today. I'm patching in the discoverer of the little Zuul right now. Monty, meet our newest ally.

ImageGreetings, humans. Feelings of remorse. This one is known as Nuum'ishii'soso'um in fleetsong. My true name is something like, "He who flips over crabs to bypass the poison pinchers and grasp the soft underbelly with teeth."

ImageOk, how about I just call you Flipper then. Easier to remember.

ImageStrained acquiescence. Feelings of ambivalence.


ImageYou and "Flipper" will be getting to know each other a little better. You're both going to Venkman's Donut.

ImageWhat? I'm no where near the node line. It will take years to get there!

ImageWe are not so easily constrained by node-space. The journey through the black can begin immediately.

ImageFlipper will give you a lift to the Liir sector of the donut. He assures me that human accomodation is available in his scout ship. The region of space from your current location to the donut is entirely clear of gravity wells. The Liirian embassador assures me that you can arrive on scene in a matter of days. Downloading the latest political chart. The Liir have been most cooperative in updating our star charts.

Dr. Venkman has been alerted to the danger and is taking appropriate precautions.

ImageAll right, sounds pretty straightforward. I hitch a ride with the fish and we stamp out the evil ferrets, rescue the princess and then have drinks.

ImageFeelings of repressed anger. These are Suul'ka! Not simple pets to toy with! All our peoples are in danger! Do not underestimate this threat! Also, we are not fish! Fish are food, we are mammals, like yourself.

ImageHold on, Flipper--no harm intended. When can you pick me up?

ImageLook outside your viewscreen.

ImageWell I'll be damned! You sure sneak up quiet. I guess we're all set, then.

ImageOne more thing, Colonel... The Dr. can be... eccentric. We are sending you straight away to the Liir. Venkman is assembling defenses and exploration teams, but you might want to check in on him occasionally.

ImageRight, sir! I won't disappoint you.

ImageLet's hope not. The potential resources around Venkman's Donut are huge. If the Zuul get a foothold in that part of the galaxy, there's no telling what they will do.

ImageUnbridled hostility. The Suul'ka must die.

ImageRight, well let's go then. I'll just get my space suit on...

And off went Flipper and Monty towards an unknown fate...

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Post by harperbrad » Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:21 pm

While the "Expression of Anger" flies towards the Liirian headquarters in Venkman's Donut, Monty and Flipper discuss the situation.

ImageSo what's your plan, Flipper? Send a couple of exterminators to clear out the rodent population?

ImageDo not be overconfident, human. The Suul'ka are crafty and adaptable. We have sent our "Wayward Salmon" far and wide in search of their spawn.

ImageHave you got a datafile? This time, just project it up on the edge of the air bubble you've got me in. I don't think I can hold my breath long enough to see your console.

ImageRepressed amusement. I was told that some humans enjoy swimming.

ImageNot in the soup you call air. What's it made from?

ImageIt is a liquid oxygen medium. You could breath it yourself for some time. Do you wish to do so?

ImageForget I asked. Now how about those datafiles.


ImageAs you see, our swimmers are penetrating all directions of the deep in search of the Suulka. Your Dr. Venkman appears to be exploring in a much more cautious fashion.

ImageWell, we've got to stick to the nodelines, but we'll beat your ships with speed!

ImageWhat use is speed, when you are slaves to these nodelines?

ImagePoint taken. Wait, I'm getting an incoming transmission from one of the pilots now--he's found something interesting!

Yo, Crabapple! I found some sort of floating derelict. I'm going to investigate closer. I'm deploying the remote cameras so we can snap some photos. Might just impress the bigwigs back at HQ.

ImagePilot, proceed with caution. We don't want any accidents.

ImageDon't worry, I'm as cautious as a baby. Hey, let's try some target practice...


Woah, that thing's got functional turrets!

ImageFoolish human! Tell your pilot to withdraw!

ImageDon't worry, Flipper. He's got it under control.

ImageForward facing turrets are coming to bear! I'll see if I can just knock it off... Sweet Mother of God!

ImageGet the hell out of there now! That things still active!
ImageFull rev... *STATIC*

ImageColonel Crabapple. Your pilot is dead. His death was needless. You would do best to be more cautious in the future.

ImageNo shit. Let's get this bird landed. I need to see what the situation on the ground is.

ImageWe are aproaching Ulol.

ImageThank god. I'm starting to smell myself in this bubble. You really ought to rig up better toilet facilities next time.

ImageThe facilities are within a reasonable distance from your breathing quarters. The Elder has taught us that Humans can hold their breath for several minutes when necessary.

ImageForget it, next time--make me some dry facilities.

ImageMild amusement. It will be done, Colonel.
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Post by martinl » Mon Oct 15, 2007 7:28 pm

Good start.
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Post by TrashMan » Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:05 pm


I like your style.
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Post by harperbrad » Mon Oct 15, 2007 8:35 pm

Monty and Flipper have arrived on the Liir world of Ulol. The Liir have had their own conclave. Flipper returns to brief Monty.

ImageGreetings, Colonel Crabapple. I have met with the swim leaders of this world. They are different from the Liir of my own planet--new oceans breed new thoughts. Their elder has appointed "golden sprinkles of sunlight under smooth water" -- Muuishumomo'sa'allil as our liason. Let me introduce her.

ImageHello, Colonel Crabapple. I am Muuishummom'sa'allil--you may call me "Sprinkles" if you wish.

A pleasure to meet you, ma'am. I see you take the feminine pronoun. May I inquire why this is?

Image It is because I am tasked with raising this colony--in a way I am the mother of all on Ulol. The Elder teaches the young of our ways. I am the one who cleans up their messes...

Image Well you certainly have your work cut out for you with Flipper here... I've had to share a scout ship with him for the past week.

Image Monty, it is you who has left the messes--do not forget the recycler incident.

Image You do not play "hide the thought" very well, Flipper of crabs. Who would have thought humans were such dirty creatures? I am sure we can clean you up, Montgomery of Terra. Have you seen the sponge facilities?

Image Is that the huge pink bubbly corner of my room? I didn't know what it was for--frankly, its a little scary looking.

Image Appreciation of humor. Just lay yourself into the mass. You will be clean soon enough. Your uniform can be placed into the spongiform mass as well. We are experienced with your kind--Dr. Venkman has visited us before.

Image Right, about Dr. Venkman. I have not had contact with him yet.

Image He is a very busy man--or so he tells us. He plays "hide the thought" very well for a human--and we do not search overly hard... Please, we must move on with the news of our concensus.

Image The Ring has become a dangerous place for us, Colonel Crabapple. These reports have returned from our brave swimmers.


Image They give their lives bravely in the search for knowledge. Deep sadness. They find remnants of the previous occupants of this toroid. This mind image is from "swims far too deeply", one of the drowned:


Image Deep regret and commiseration. His sacrifice is remembered by his podmates... May he swim in sweeter oceans. One of my own offspring, "Chases squids across coral beds" has given us a better piece of news.


Image This world will provide succor for the new ones of our race. If we spread our seed widely, the Suul'ka are unlikely to kill us all.

Image Now it is your turn to have trouble with "Hide the thought" Muuishummom'sa'allil--this discovery brings you pain.

Image You seek deeply into hidden places, Nuum'ishii'soso'um. For I shall never see the young ones who go to populate the new worlds. Just as I shall never again see my dear squid chaser. It is lonely to be mother to a whole world--especially when the Suul'ka make us make such painful decision. Deep regret and remorse.

Image We must not dwell on these things. Show the human the most recent images.

Image These encounters continue all around us. We have found something evil in the clockwise direction. This may be the Suul'ka we all fear.

Image We must destroy the Suul'ka!

Image Be still, brave Nuum'ishii'soso'um. Here is the mind-image sent via fleetsong:


Image Those are Zuul ships! But I thought they were still in their larval phases!

Image You do not listen carefully Colonel Crabapple! These are Suul'ka! The larva do not come from nowhere! We have found them, and they have killed our black swimmers! Now we must fight them before they find us and infect our seas with their dark filth!

Image Calm thoughts make a better plan, Nuum'ishii'soso'um. Consider the feat of "Hovers slowly above the abyss" against the ancient relic? His patience and thoughtfulness has given us much to think about. Please view the mind-image, Colonel Monty.


Image Whoa! That's the ship that destroyed one of our pilots.

Image No, not the same ship. Another like it. Feelings of pride. "Hovers slowly over the Abyss" has disarmed it. Our steel-singers were very curious about this derelict. They have learned much from its construction. We are now able to field UV lasers for our swimmers to fight the Suul'Ka.

Image Filthy Suul'ka!

Image Be still Nuum'ishii'soso'um, The elder speaks--We have seen more of the Suul'ka!


Image We will not let your death be in vain, "Burden of Stewardship!"

Image That whole world must be covered with Zuul! Where are they coming from?

Image We do not know. But we hope to find out. Before they kill us or make us their slaves. Go now to Dr. Venkman and ask him who these Suul'ka are. We are sure he can provide us with answers--though we may not like them. Feelings of Anguish. Fear of death.

The elder puts forth his mind to the black. See the image he has formed...



Image Why oh why don't they ever give me the easy jobs. I'll meet with Dr. Venkman, but I'll need transportation.

Image This one will help, the "Expression of Anger" is updated to accommodate your human needs, Colonel Crabapple.

Thank you, Flipper. Let's be off--I have a great many questions for this Dr. Venkman.
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Post by Hans Lemurson » Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:06 pm

I like the story you have going, very amusing. Creative use of the leader-heads.
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Post by harperbrad » Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:40 pm

Flipper and Monty have just arrived on Castor, HQ planet for the human presence in the Clouds of Magellan.

Alright, Flipper, we're going in to see Dr. Venkman. I don't know much about him, other than he's a little eccentric. Try to keep the anger bottled, ok?

Image This one does not have an anger problem!

Image Alright, I guess we can just calmly discuss the Zuul incursions, then...

Image Death to the filthy Suul'ka! They will pay for their crimes!

Image See, its outbursts like that I'm talking about. They don't really add anything to the conversation. Just try and play it cool, alright?

Image I will trust you in this, Colonel Crabapple.

Image Yeah, and drop the Colonel Crabapple stuff when its just you and me. You can call me what my friends do--Monty. Okay?

Image Yes, Monty--this name will be a shield against our enemies!

Image Good enough. Aha, here we are--watch the tentacles. There's a lot of junk piled around here.

Hello, Colonel Crabapple! I'm Dr. Ludvig Venkman. Welcome to my facility. And who is this charming Liir you've brought with you?

Image This is Numishisom or something, we call him Flipper.

Image Nuum'ishii'soso'um in fleetsong, but Flipper will suffice for your human tongue. A pleasure to meet the great Venkman. You will help us rain death upon the dread Suul'ka!

Ummm... right. I think I got a memo about a Zuul infestation. In fact, we've been intercepting transmissions regularly in this part of the Donut. Lt. Boles has been working on decoding it--in his spare time.

Image You have transmissions from the nasty Suul'ka! We must find their weakness and stop them before the whole universe is drowned in their evil!

Image *Meaningful look*

Image I mean, how nice that your assistant is translating these extremely interesting transmissions. Feelings of embarassment. Shame.

Image So why don't you bring him in, Doctor. I'm sure we are all interested in what the Zuul are up to.

Image Filthy slavers...

Image What's that?

Image Nothing.

Image Hi, I'm Lt. Jacob Boles. Its a pleasure to finally get to meet you, Colonel Crabapple. I've read all about your exploits at Altair. Talk about exciting! Geez, you got a pet Liir, too! You are just too cool!

Feelings of hostility. Contemplation of physical action.

Image Flipper isn't a pet, he's the special liason from the Liirian Embassy. He's quite accomplished as well--caught himself a little zuuly-pup.

Image Filthy... Nevermind.

Anyhow, we are all extremely interested in the Zuul transmissions.

Well, we started getting these strange transmissions about a year ago. Normally, we get a lot of bug traffic--you know hivers chatting to other hivers posting to their Fly-space pages and such going over the "ether". But these things were a little different. First off, the hiver social traffic just stopped. Then we started getting these coded messages in what appeared to be a different language--derived from hiver, maybe--but very different. We started working on the decoding right away. Mostly, it seems to be commands for transports and logistics. Then there are a bunch of references to "the creators." As in, "the creators aren't here" and "no creators found, but this world looks delicious." Oh, and we even intercepted a ship design. Its like no hiver ship I've ever seen. In fact, we got Mr. Guffy to design some ships along the same line.

Image Well, the transmissions you are intercepting have got to be zuul. The Liir have had a number of recent sightings. Things are much much worse than I had feared.

Dr. Venkman, Solforce HQ said you were assembling an exploration and defense fleet. What have you got for me?

I'm sure you'll be pleased with what we've done, Colonel. We've put together a huge force in the past few months. But first, let's have a look in the lab:

As you can see, we've researched Fusion! Oh, you don't know how hard it was, getting the tritium out here in the ass-end of nowhere! Jacob found a way to generate it from the stellar dust in this sector.

Image Makes the beer fizzier, too.

Image In addition to fusion, we have these great freighters. We've almost got our first one off the line. Its amazing what you can do when you really apply yourself.

Image And the exploration? You've been looking for the Zuul, right?

Image Yeah, we've got a couple of scouts out. We've kind of been saving them up, though.

Image Saving them up?

Image Yeah, its real dangerous out there. My buddy Duane got fragged by a big frickin' hulk of a ship the other day. I've still got the datafiles here:


See, its a dangerous place out there. We've been building away here, kinda waiting until we had enough ships where it would be safe.

Image Exactly how many ships are we talking about?

Image About fifty, sir.

Image And how many command ships?

Image Yeah, we got one of those.

Image An what are they armed with?

Image Mostly gauss cannon, a few missiles.

Image I'm sorry, I thought you said you just built an armada armed with gauss cannon.

Image Yeah, that's right, sir. That's good, right?

Not really, no. I guess its ok, as long as you've researched VRF technology. You've got VRF, right, Dr. Venkman?

Image Well, I've been meaning to get to it. I did research plasma cannons and photon torpedoes, though.

Image So you've got some ships armed with photon torpedoes and plasma cannons, right?

Image Umm... No, not really. I mean, we are really getting good with these gauss cannons. And those "war" sections that Mr. Guffy put together were pretty sweet--you can fit like 3 missile racks on one. Of course, we're still doing normal nuclear missiles--Venkman's kind of busy with the fusion and all--did you know he's got plasma focusing? I mean that's really cool!


Image Flipper? You can get angry, now.
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Post by harperbrad » Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:15 pm

Fleet orders Alpha
Top Priorities

Current Status of ships:

ImageRichelieu class destroyer

ImageNew Jersey Class War ship

ImageNostromo Class Command Ship

Fleet orders:

New fleet to be assembled immediately. Code name: Venkman's Folly.

Mission: To quickly aid the Liir in the defense of their space, to bring the fight to the Zuul.
Fleet will be dispatched immediately toward Liir outpost of Tully.

Exploration vessels are to leave port immediately and explore the end nodes.

Small fleets of Richelieu class destroyers are to engage and destroy the various dangerous Alien Derelicts orbiting planets in the immediate vicinity.

Support craft are to disperse from safe ports immediately. Tankers placed in strategic node points. Colonists are to get off their asses and actually colonize Spica.


Manufacturing orders:

All manufacturing of Richelieu and New Jersey class ships is to stop immediately. St. Roche class freighters may proceed as planned. New York class warships will be commenced immediately.


Research Orders:

Dr. Venkman has generously volunteered to research VRF technology. Existing designs will be retrofitted with this technology. Immediately following this research, we will upgrade our nuclear arsenal with fusion warheads.

If there are any questions, please direct them to Mr. Flipper. Body armor is recommended.


Colonel Montgomery E. Crabapple
Solforce Representative in Venkman's Donut
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Post by Mysterius » Tue Oct 16, 2007 4:48 am

ROFLOL! Love the chats! :D

So, how are you doing this? Switching back and forth every few turns, or what?

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Post by Loser » Tue Oct 16, 2007 7:00 am

:lol: :lol: :lol:

great TAR! will follow this one closely

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Post by harperbrad » Tue Oct 16, 2007 12:45 pm

I am trying to run this as a two faction succession game. My thought is to switch sides when real events occur. For instance, I swapped from Liir to Humans when the first Liir scout reached the Solforce Homeworld. Basically, I keep track of where Monty and Flipper would be, and write the story from that perspective. In practice, Monty and Flipper may be at a slightly different location than their "token ship" so all the scenes don't end up written from the cockpit of the "Expresson of Anger". I figure I can just explain it away by saying the "Expression of Anger" is a high-tech AM flickerwarp ship witch cloaking. As long as that doesn't show up in battles, the fiction is still ok.

I'm kind of stuck, however. The current game crashes due to the Zuul pathing bug whenever I proceed past turn 16. Also--whoever I am not controlling ignores all previous orders and re-issues new orders according to the AI perogatives. Fleets on intercept courses stop in space. All build orders are ignored and reissued. Its turning out a little differently than I had anticipated. We'll have to wait and see.
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Post by harperbrad » Tue Oct 16, 2007 4:51 pm

I managed to get past the shortcomings of the multi-player support. I'm taking advantage of the fact that once you issue fleet move orders for human ships, you really don't get to redirect them until they reach their destination. Also, I got past the Zuul-node crash by playing one turn as the offending zuul. I sent his fleets off toward a nearby star and hoped for the best.

The next chapter will be on the way soon.
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Post by harperbrad » Tue Oct 16, 2007 6:57 pm

Monty and Flipper are once again in the "Expression of Anger." Their destination: Tully. They will meet with the human strike force before launching the assault on the Zuul world of Gallandro.

Image I must admit, Flipper--your accommodations have improved greatly! That pink spongy that Sprinkles sent really did the trick. What happens to all the waste it absorbs?

Image Mild amusement. You are eating it, Monty. Are the food pellets to your liking?

Image They _were_. Now... I've got a hankering for fish. You must have some fish around here.

Image Yes, the fish that spawn and swim within the liquid oxygen mixture are my food. You are welcome to share them with me. Provided you are not squeamish about eating living creatures. They give their lives freely--part of our life-web.

Image You know what, I've never been much of a sushi fan--but... What they hey, flip one over here, flipper. I've just got a huge hankering for fish!

Image Slightly troubling thoughts. Here is the fish that you require. There are no bones to trouble you with. They have been bred for this purpose.

Image Mmmm... Kind of like herring--but fishier. Delicious! You've got all kinds of crawlies in this boat of yours!

Image The "crawlies" as you call them are the ship's systems. They maintain the health of the ship and her crew. We Liir do not make such a distinction between living and machine as you humans. They gladly assist us in our endeavors.

Image Hey, I've got something coming in over the datacom. Can you see my portacomp from your piloting... umm... area?

Image I will simply use your eyes, if it is alright with you?

Image Geez, I keep forgetting you are telepathic! Why don't you just talk to my mind all the time?

Image It would not be polite to do so to a deaf species such as yourself. You do not bring a blind man to see your works of art, do you?

Image No, I guess not. Yeah, go ahead and do your thing--just this time. No snooping!

Image We will not play "hide the thought" today, Monty. I see only what you see.

Colonel Crabapple, I'm approaching the derelict now. It's absolutely huge!

Image Don't make the same mistake as Duane, Jacob. Approach with caution.

Image Roger that, Colonel. Assault wing, form a line. Approach slowly! Holy Smokes! It just shot some sort of torpedo at me!


Image Hold your ground, Jacob. Hold your ground!

Image Jacob! Are you ok?

Image I'm still here... The consoles are all smoking, but we're still functioning. Thank god for the backups! I'm going to try and bring us around the back of the thing...

Image Ok, just like we practiced back home, boys. Strafing run, now!
Image Stay away from those turrets, Lt. Boles!
Image This is Blue 7, I've been painted! Maneuvering to its blind side!
Image We are starting to get to it, fire at will all guns! Release the next missile volley!
Image We've taken it out, sir. Venkman will have a field day with the debris.

Image Well done, Lt. Boles. Report back to HQ with your findings.

Image Aye aye, Lt. Boles out.

That maneuver lacked finesse, Monty. How will you fight with a force such as this?

Image Grit and stubbornness, I suppose. We humans are known for it. Jacob didn't lose a single ship.

Image And yet, his whole squadron was put at risk, unnecessarily. One should stand off and slowly disarm such hulks.

Image Listen, we are using gauss cannon here--there's no such thing as finesse with a guass cannon. Just loads of steel. You'll be happy to see it when Guffy shows up at Gallandro.

Image We have already made our own plans--our fleet approaches even now. See the mind-image the elder has sent via fleetsong.


Image That's crazy, you don't even have enough fuel to reach that star system!

Image We will wait in the black until Mr. Guffy and this "Venkman's Folly" are in position. Do not worry, our ships can live quite comfortably in the black.

Image I guess we just think a little differently...

Image Mild amusement. Observe this mind-image from Draco. Our ships fight another derelict--with finesse...


Image That was a colony ship fighting that derelict! What the heck kind of move was that?

Image When the Liir fight, we all fight. The seas below the relic are deep and wide. We shall clean them and populate them with friendly organisms--rather like a human garden.

Image Or an aquarium...

Image Appreciation of humor. You have grasped the thought-image well, Monty.

Image And all those little liir are Sprinkle's kids?

Image In a sense. She is mother to all on this world of Ulol. This is a thing we do not have on Nuumii.

Image You ever think of settling down on one of these worlds?

Image No, it cannot be. I am one of the drowned. Deep expression of sadness.

Image Oh come on, you were down on Ulol with me and Sprinkles. I think she was kind of sweet on you.

Image Feelings of anguish. I am drowned. My lungs breath only our liquid oxygen mixture. The black swimmers are dead. There is no mating or raising of children for us.

Image Is that why you never left your suit back there on Ulol? I thought is was kind of strange you clanking around, while the others swam.

Image Yes--I no longer breath the fresh air of my youth. This one is drowned. No more to taste clean water or breath fresh air. There is only duty. The suit most be worn whenever one of the black swimmers leaves his ship.

Image Sounds pretty grim. There must be some perks, though--see new planets, new sights. You know you're helping the race. That's got to be rewarding, right?

Image It is duty that keeps us going. Our pleasures are small--and hidden.

Let me show you the colonies that Muuishummom'sa'allil has shown us...


Image You're changing the subject...

Image Have you never played "hide the thought?" Here is a mind image of a brave swimmer. Though his ship is out of fuel, he will journey a little ways into the black to keep an eye on the movements of the filthy Suul'ka!


Image We all sacrifice in the ways we must. This what it means to be Liir.

Image I'll stick with being human, thank you! You got any more of that fish? It's got a nice texture--its a little disconcerting how it goes limp in your hand before you take a bite.

Image It sacrifices itself for your needs. Like the Liir.

Image Well, it tastes pretty good--I just can't get enough of these fish! Never liked them before...

Image Thoughts of trouble. We move on.
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Post by Teledahn » Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:17 am

Most amusing, additionally it seems like it'll be a most unique game. Keep it up!

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Post by harperbrad » Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:47 pm

Somewhere in nodespace--the periphery of human explored space.

Image Can you believe they've got us out here exploring the ass-end of nowhere? I haven't had a decent shower in weeks!

Image Hey, this is easy duty. Just sit back and put in another holo-vid. I liked that one with the cheerleaders...

Image What I'd give for a slice of pie about now. Ok, I'll get the vid. What's that up ahead?

Image Nothing--we're in nodespace, dingus!

ImageNo, seriously, I thought I saw something moving out there.

ImageSomeone's been away from home a little too long. We're in _nodespace_! There's no human colony for lightyears. Maybe we've got a survey ship or something passing us by.

You know, I think I see it now, too....


ImageShould we report back to HQ?

ImageYeah, I'll fire up the FTL transmitter. Deploy the remote and we'll start broadcasting...


ImageWe're taking fire! What the hell! Evasive maneuvers, immediately!

Here comes another salvo!


--end of transmission--
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