Read First: Common Demo Problems

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Read First: Common Demo Problems

Post by Kludgy » Mon Jul 31, 2006 6:33 pm

The following is a list of the most common problems that players have experienced with the demo. Please take care to read these first before starting a new topic:

Visual glitches, crash or the computer reboots (possibly with a blue screen of death). -or- Crash or the computer reboots (possibly with a blue screen of death).
This is the single most common problem, and it is almost always caused by having out of date drivers. Make sure that your audio and video drivers are up to date.

ALT+TAB crashes the demo. -or- Occassional or regular crashes when the demo runs fullscreen. -or- Occassional or regular freezes with a windows error sound when the demo runs fullscreen.
Some PC configurations experience these symptoms. In retail you will be able to run fullscreen fine, but for the demo it is highly recommended that you run in windowed mode.

Some 3D elements of the game (such as ships or the tech tree) are not visible or are rendered incorrectly.
Make sure your video card meets min spec for the demo.

Some animations play extremely fast.
This is a known issue with certain dual-core CPU's. To work around it, disable one of the cores before playing.

No Connection occurs occassionally while playing multiplayer.
Certain firewalls (usually in routers) do not correctly process large UDP packets. If you have a hardware router/firewall and have control over it, make sure it is running the most up-to-date stable version of firmware. If you do not have control over this, let your ISP or network administrator know. In certain cases it can also help to forward UDP port 3369 to your computer or enable the firewall's DMZ option.

Important: Some multicore systems are known to cause the No Connection problem to occur. To work around this, set the CPU affinity to a single core and restart the demo application.

If you have encountered a crash that was not remedied by any of the above solutions, you may e-mail the mars.dmp and session.log files to me and I will investigate as soon as time permits.

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