Strange Lines in Tactical Combat

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Re: Strange Lines in Tactical Combat

Post by RJ_SOTS » Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:58 am

I need help with this issue still :) I've had it for years and still no fixes around for it. I get same strange lines running off my ships. I just have a single core 2.5 gig computer with FX5600 and SoTS ran good before I got the complete collection with expansions is when I started having these issues. Really makes my battles horribly laggy and makes a normally nice looking game look very bad :( I've tried the single core and I have best drivers for my card and latest dirextx 9 drivers. I'm running WinXP SP3.

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Re: Strange Lines in Tactical Combat

Post by ZedF » Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:53 am

A couple small notes:
- the game is almost 10 years old and well past the point where the devs are likely to be able to provide any bug fixes
- your computer sounds as if it's at least that old as well, and well past the point where any driver updates implemented by the manufacturer of your hardware are likely to target problems with your system

Accordingly, I suspect that if you've searched these forums and tried all the possible fixes you found, and none helped, your best solution is to just get a more modern PC and a more modern OS. Sorry if that's not the answer you're looking for but I think you're out of luck otherwise. You probably won't be able to upgrade your PC piecemeal for a reasonable price because the interfaces it uses are all obsolete, but if money is an issue you can probably find a used PC or laptop that will run SotS quite nicely for a couple hundred bucks. Maybe less.
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