Detonating Torpedoes lack AOE damage

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Detonating Torpedoes lack AOE damage

Post by MS_Cowboy » Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:04 am

Making it official after this post, here is the save file I used.

I played a simple 10 colony/15 tech game as white Morrigi against 1/0 AI to simply rush up to the torpedoes for testing. I have a fleet of barrage ships in the pink liir player's space with gauss drivers and HCL's in weapon group 1 and detonating antimatter torpedoes in group 2 for easy testing. This is the autosave before my battle and they are set to intercept a liir fleet consisting of a refinery and colonizers, on which you can fire with impunity. In my test I fired on the refinery with a massive barrage to no effect. The test fleet has full reign of the map, so you could easily attack any ships or planets to confirm that the torpedoes are not doing any damage. I didn't test detonating fusion torpedoes, but comments from other players suggest they share the same bug.

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Re: Detonating Torpedoes lack AOE damage

Post by Tempus2 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:46 am

MS_Cowboy wrote:Making it official after this post, here is the save file I used.

Very odd, I d/l and played your saved game file and no matter what I tried, the torpedoes would not fire at anything at all. Manually targeting and clicking to fire the torpedoes didn't work either. I took this fleet to the nearby Tarka world and fought battles there with the same non-firing results. My game version and system info is at the bottom of my earlier post from today at. No idea why your saved game ships aren't working for me?

P.S. Whoops, I didn't notice the little button to turn on detonating weapons! :oops: Torpedoes launched normally after hitting that. And you're right, they do 0 splash damage even if they detonate point blank. They have to strike the target ship to do any damage at all. Very useful to know they're all but useless at this time.

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Re: Detonating Torpedoes lack AOE damage

Post by BlueTemplar » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:57 pm

What happens if they DO hit a ship? Do they then still do splash damage to other ships nearby?

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