Forum Change Problem (Character Glitches)

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Forum Change Problem (Character Glitches)

Post by Raptor051 » Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:54 pm

First sorry for posting here, I have no idea where to post the forum problem.


After forum change that happened some time ago destroyed lots of my posts:

e.g. broken

didn’t thought that that could be a problem.
now some of the posts I repaired with google but same I can’t as google doesn’t have it in cache unchanged.

e.g. fixed

One post with maybe accepted suggestion is broken too:
The acceptance

so I would like if it’s possible that someone (forum moderator) could repair from old forum database this post.


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Re: Forum Change Problem

Post by castewarkp » Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:27 pm


Everyone please note; as was discovered in Arinn's story threads, some posts have character glitches, usually involving ' and " marks. In most cases, it's just annoyingly ugly. In some, the glitches also involve an interruption in the rest of the text (meaning, whole blocks just don't appear as they should.)

For the annoying ones, please correct them if they're bugging you, though I suspect most will go unnoticed in old posts for ages.

For the ones that cut off the post, when you find them, post here, and I will repair them (I held onto the old database for just problems just like this.)

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