Bastard Sword 4.0.1

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Bastard Sword 4.0.1

Post by alphacentauri » Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:23 pm

Bastard Sword of the Stars 4.0.1:
  • Fixed
    • missing Disruptor Torpedo icon
    • missing Advanced Drone model for all races (missing in 4.0 only)
  • Removed fusion requirement for fission-era dual weapon techs:
    • Disruptor cannon
    • Gauss cannon
    • Mass driver
    • Shotgun PD
    • UV lasers (pulsed & beam)
    • Neutron Beams
  • Strafe sections & drones no longer allow:
    • dual weapons
    • autocannons
    • stormers
    • dumbfires
  • Ballistics weapons
    • Most ballistic weapon techs no longer require fusion tech
    • The triple barreled weapon is once again a large mount special for the ballistics heavy races
      • reasoning: energy heavy races have TONs of options - but ballistics just don't (and this is just more fun!)
  • Drones
    • Updated the minelayer drone to use the Assault Shuttle model (no guns, just bombs, on these puppies)
  • Disruptors
    • Disruptor Whip is now free (Zuul only)
    • Added dual disruptor cannons to tech tree
    • Removed "Heavy Disruptor" -- since there is already a Heavy Disruptor Cannon
    • Rearranged tech tree for these elements
    • All disruptor techs are now fission age
  • Dreadnoughts
    • Rearranged weapons - mainly restored medium & small mounts, but left all huge mounts alone
  • Drones
    • NO LONGER using any of ACM's gunship, gunboat, and drone models - they were too buggy
  • Emitters
    • Advanced Emitters now has a tech box!
    • Emitter projectors are now free with fusion + cruisers + large emitters (reused its tech box for advanced emitters - something had to give)
  • Tracking Torpedos
    • Require Predictive Targeting
  • Mines
    • Added link to nuclear mines from fusion warheads (allows you another shot to get onto the mine tech-tree)
  • Sheild Bursters
    • Removed from game - they were too buggy
  • Smart Nanites
    • Removed link from elemental nanites (now they're enabled from any nanite weapon tech, including nanite virus)
  • Tech Costs
    • Reduced the number of techs that are free
    • Scaled the upper techs more evenly across the spectrum - increasing much of the early AM era tech costs by about 50%
      • Rationale: My games have been well paced up until AM, where everything suddenly becomes cheap and there's little tech to research after AM
      • My hope is that this will push back AM, and will make acquiring AM techs more of a wish-items in late game, instead of a quick stop in Fusion before shooting on to AM shortly thereafter.
    • Scaled a few of the earlier techs to require 25% more research time as well (polarized plasma, light emitter, direct fire missiles, ... and a number of other early strong weapons)
  • Tech Chances
    • Reduced the number of techs that are guaranteed - restoring the whims of the fates
The link to download it: ... .1.7z/file

The instructions for installing it remain the same as always - see the older thread's first entry: ... 16&t=55175

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Re: Bastard Sword 4.0.1

Post by alphacentauri » Mon Aug 10, 2020 11:17 pm

You can see a fairly detailed guide for this on steam, here: ... =932584001

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Re: Bastard Sword 4.0.1

Post by solops » Sun Sep 13, 2020 8:22 pm

As I have said elsewhere: WooHoo!!!!!!

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Re: Bastard Sword 4.0.1

Post by balti knights » Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:56 pm

Nice. I now have reason to load up the old girl onto my current build.... Do you ever play multi ?
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Re: Bastard Sword 4.0.1

Post by illPosedProblem » Wed Sep 16, 2020 5:53 pm

Played for half a day, looks amazing. Got my butt kicked when the friendly neighbouring Liir rushed their AI research and The Singularity started nomming my empire :lol:

Edit: happened the second time, in two games. Same map, but otherwise different opponent configuration, happened to neighbour a Liir again, they went AI rebellion by turn 245.

I found a small typo: Plasma Energy Cannon Tech: 'dmanage'

Edit 2: Playing with some 14 Advanced Antimatter Torpedo Hiver CRs/CAs (so, 14x4 torpedoes), versus some missile-heavy Liir/AI Rebellion DNs. Lots of stuff flying around, and the game crashes rather often, perhaps 1 in 5 fights. Oh, and there are some planet and skybox missing textures (purple placeholders).

I have SOTS 1.8.1 from GOG, BSOTS 4.0.1 as mount1, no other mods nor other changes. Every setting max, but Particle distance, which is at 3.7.

Edit 3: I encountered a battle that would always crash SOTS on load. 96 ships, many sats, 24 DNs, the works. I applied the Large Address Aware .exe patch, and it seems to have solved the crashing.

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