TCM: Fragmented Sectors

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Re: TCM: Fragmented Sectors

Post by wolfsruhm » Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:16 am

Just fancied a look back into good ol SotS, and what do i find? Okim is, kinda, back. Its good to see you have not lost the drive to mod, and as an avid fan of ACM, and edpecially Ironclads, i cannot await the redukt of this endevour.

PS: I still have an old version of Starsector installed to be able to play Ironclads. I know you said you did not fully agree with the direction Alex was taking SS, and especallythe changes in base programming that rendered Ironclads to be incompezanle, but dep in my black and shriveled heart i still have hope you'll return to Ironclads once more ....

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