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Alpha Centauri

Bastard Sword of the Stars 3.0.2

Post by Alpha Centauri » Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:21 pm

What's New in 3.0.x
  • New Weapons (Advanced Emitters, mini-torps, mini-mines, advanced PD for most weapon types, lots of huge turret weapon types)
  • Improved weapon effects (for some weapons)
  • Drones are a core tech (guaranteed for all races)
  • Added some drone models from ACM to improve drone visuals
  • Added techs and icons to help clue you in when you get new capabilities
  • Added turret information for most weapon types in tech tree
  • Exaggerated differences between pulsed weapons such as lasers and continuous beams (beamers are shorter ranged but more accurate, pulsed start out stronger, have better range, but diminish in strength over distance)
  • Exaggerated differences between rapid and heavy shields (rapid is lighter & more rapid; heavy is stronger & slower recharge)
  • Tweaked PD to make it more effective without becoming OP
  • Tweaked all missile weapons rate of fire and improved their overall balance and consistency
  • Tractor beams are now a huge weapon, not a large weapon, meaning they can't be spammed anymore
  • Dual turrets have been moved to fusion age (dual missiles to antimatter)
  • Dreads now have NO small weapons - medium and larger! (you will likely want to escort them with smaller screening ships for planetary assaults)
  • Armors, Coatings, and Improved hull materials can be mixed together (one of each type) and are better balanced
  • Streamlined stations by reduced number per system to one per 750M pop making it more of a choice: focus this system on one, or at most, 2 things
  • Streamlined trade (Morrigi are only race to get trade)
  • Streamlined some tech acquisitions
  • Fixed any number of issues from 2.5 with model glitches and minor tech tree glitches, etc.
  • Much, much more!
Bastard Sword of the Stars Core Mod:
  • Tech Tree
    • The technology tree is completely revamped - better organized, more interesting, new technologies and options.
    • Pace of technology acquisition in the middle and late game is slowed compared to vanilla.
    • Racial technologies are core.
      (e.g. Tarkas always have access to Living Steel).
    • Fusion, and even more so Antimatter ages, are much more expensive tiers, forcing players and AIs to explore more options in the current age rather than trying to "rush antimatter."
    • There are many finishing touches added to the tech tree to make it more self-explanatory and easy to learn.
    • There is a full tech-tree map included with this mod in the root folder so you can see what techs are where, and what prerequisites they each require, and which techs are core, and which are random.
  • Weapons
    • There are a wider variety of weapons within each class of weapons (more torpedos, more missiles, more ballistic weapons, etc.)
    • Weapons generally have longer ranges than in vanilla SOTS. So battles begin further out and can take on a more epic feeling to them.
    • Most weapons technologies are NO LONGER core. They're random. Each race is guaranteed to get at least one major weapons technology line. Everything else is random, or salvageable.
    • Using smaller weapons in larger mounts offers NO additional benefits.
      (e.g. a small mount pulsed laser cannon in a medium mount supplies exactly one small mount pulsed laser cannon.)
    • There are explicit techs to unlock turrets with multiple barrels for various weapons systems.
    • Dual barrel variants effectively increases the firepower of a given mount to 150% of a single barrel version. (you must redesign your ship to take advantage of this technology).
    • You have more control over what combinations of weapons you wish to use on your ships (there are no missile-only mounts, for example).
  • CnC
    • Each CnC tier is available for all ship sizes.
    • For example, once you've researched Advanced CnC you can design a standard, large, or huge CnC ship (assuming you've researched those ship construction techs as well), and any such ship will have the same capacity to command other ships regardless of its own size.
  • Ships
    • Are much tougher.
    • With intelligent management and judicious use of retreat, you should be able to keep your ships alive much longer.
    • Repair is available in fission age, and there is a standard version of the repair ship so that you can take advantage of repair regardless of which order you research ship size classes in.
    • It takes longer to build them.
    • This will tie up your worlds with construction duties longer.
    • This will reduce your income, as well as force you to have to build up your fleets more proactively, instead of reactively.
    • Ship Yards (formerly Repair Stations) offer a +25% ship construction rate bonus.
    • Ships move faster and are more responsive than in vanilla SOTS.
    • Ships come in three size classes: Standard, Large, and Huge.
    • You start with the ability to design scout ships and some non-combat ship types of standard size only.
    • You will have to research "Combat Construction," "Large Combat Construction" and "Mega Combat Construction" to get access to combat oriented ships in various size classes.
    • You can research any level of Combat Construction in any order, assuming you have researched the appropriate prerequisites
      (e.g. you'll need Heavy Platforms for Large Combat Construction).
    • Hence, it is not required that you research "Combat Construction" before you research "Large Combat Construction" - it is up to you.
    • You don't have to get large or huge construction for improved or advanced CnC (due to new CnC rules).
    • Many of the specialized combat sections for your ships require a specific technology to be researched before you will be able to design a ship with that specialized section.
      (e.g. "Strafe Engineering" must be researched after "Combat Construction" in order for you to design a standard sized combat ship with a strafe bridge section.)
  • Huge combat ships
    • Sport much larger weapon mounts than in the original Sword of the Stars.
    • Are extremely deadly to smaller ships due to having many medium, large, and huge mount weapons on them.
    • Are far harder to overwhelm with a swarm of smaller ships as compared to the original SOTS.
    • Do not have PD mounts and should be escorted by ships which do to defend against drones, missiles, and tracking torpedoes!
  • Armor
    • Two levels of deflectives - which are good against ballistics, but offer no other effect.
    • Two levels of reflectives - which are good against lasers (pulsed and beamers), but offer no other effect.
    • Two levels of hull reinforcements - which increase the strength of your ships, but offer no other effect.
    • You can combine each of these three types of armor on a single ship (one reflective, one deflective, and one hull reinforcement).
  • Shields
    • There are two lines of general shields plus the specialized deflective and reflective hemispherical shields.
    • Two levels of "quick-recharging" shields, which offer fast shield cycle times but a pittance of the absorption capacity of a heavy shield.
    • Two levels of "heavy" shields, which offer slow regeneration cycles but many times the stopping power of the quick-recharge version of shields.
    • The specialized hemispherical shields require a dedicated ship section for their generators.
    • One type of general purpose shield can be added to most standard and large combat ships - they don't require a dedicated generator section.
  • Cloaking
    • Is available relatively early.
    • There is a deep-scan satellite technology available near Quantum Sensors which will offer local visibility of cloaked vessels.
    • You have been warned!
  • Orbital bombardment & Planetary Invasion
    • Orbital bombardment destroys more infrastructure but much less population than in vanilla SOTS.
    • Bombardment is mostly ineffectual in the early game against even a moderately well established colony world.
    • With fusion and antimatter weapons it is more effective, but you'll risk destroying the habitability of the world in the process.
    • For these reasons, planetary invasion plays a more core role in conquest.
  • Orbital Stations
    • Orbital Stations are cheaper, require less maintenance, and are available earlier in the game.
    • Depending on the conditions of the games you set up, you should be able to build up your core worlds more extensively into fast-ship production centers or science centers or defensible positions.
    • They require only 1k civilian population so you can build them sooner on a developing world compared to vanilla SOTS.
    • You are still limited to 4 stations per world, maximum, subject to total population at each world.
    • Construction ships are considered standard civilian ships, so you can design and build your stations much earlier in the game.
  • World Growth
    • Homeworlds start at 200 infrastructure, as in vanilla SOTS.
    • However, all worlds can grow to 200 infrastructure if they are unmolested long enough.
    • It takes 1 year (game turn) per point beyond 100. So after an additional 100 years, any given world can grow to become a "Trantor" or "Earth".
    • Zuul do not get this feature - they must expand rapidly or they will be dealing with enemies who are extremely well established (although Zuul can conquer such worlds and if done so without too much orbital bombardment, they too will benefit from the extremely high infrastructure).
    • Population growth factors are slower than in vanilla. This will slow world-growth, and give a longer period of time in which they are vulnerable for most races (Zuul, and to a lesser extent, Hiver, will see little change due their natural high reproduction rates).
    • Standard colonizers are slightly better than in vanilla in order to reduce micro-management a bit.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Is wickedly more expensive.
    • This increases the time you will be forced to spend researching it, and thus increases significantly your risks of getting an AI rebellion.
    • They are organized in such a way that you can research whichever one becomes available to you directly, without having to be forced to always start with AI Research (which vanilla refers to as "AI") - hence if you unlock AI Fire Control first, then you can start there.
    • There is no guarantee of any particular AI techs opening up. All are random, but there are multiple avenues to each one.
  • Drones
    • Start with 2 small weapons, and can be improved to have 1 medium weapon + 2 small.
    • There are two additional types of drones available in fusion age:
      • Mine Layer Drones
      • Torpedo Drones
        • Fire miniaturized versions of any torpedo technology you have researched.
        • Such mini-torps are shorter ranged and lower-yield variants appropriate to the very small craft.
  • Flag Ships
    • You can build multiple flag ships once you've research Flag Command
      • They are bank-breaking expensive, however, so you're not guaranteed to be able to afford even one.
  • Trade
    • There is only one size of freighters: standard - meaning you only need to set up your trade routes ONCE per game.
    • Each trade route requires 1 freighter to operate it. So 1 route = 1 freighter (either Q or standard).
    • Trade sectors are 50% larger - so there are fewer of them.
      • This means you'll have to control more space to setup your trade.
      • They'll be easier for enemies to disrupt.
      • You will need to manage fewer of them.
    • Trade Stations provide one maintenance-free trade route each.
    • Trade Stations boost trade income +15%.
    • Overall, trade will offer a smaller % of your income compared to vanilla.
      • This is to help balance out the other changes that will boost your overall income.
  • Racial Affinities
    • Hiver: mines, drones, COL, missiles (esp. standard and small), ballistics (esp. bursters), armor, stealth, plasma torpedos
    • Humans: pulsed lasers, missiles, emitters, drones, photon torpedos, heavy beams
    • Liir: pulsed lasers, plasma cannons, emitters, quick shields, energy torpedos
    • Morrigi: drones, COL, beamers, heavy beams, plasma cannons, disruptor torpedoes, disruptor & deflector shields, cloaking
    • Tarkas: ballistics, missiles (esp. corrosive & nanite), armor, heavy shields, gluonic torpedos
    • Zuul: beamers, combat beams, missiles (esp. corrosive & nanite), disruptor torpedoes, disruptor & deflector shields
  • I have included a couple of alternate game options (these are under TechTree folder):
    • (also in
      • This is the standard tech tree starting in the fission age.
    • MasterTechList (100% Chances).tech
      • This is the same tech tree, but every race can research all possible technologies (as if you rolled every possible tech you could).
      • Cost is normal, so you still start in the fission age as normal.
    • MasterTechList (Fusion Age).tech
      • This gets you started as if you'd just researched Fusion power.
      • You start with any fission age technology that you rolled (normal chances).
      • This is a great "get the game rolling faster" option if you give everyone say 5 worlds to start with and maybe 2-5m cash.
    • MasterTechList (All Tech).tech
      • This is really for debugging purposes: you start with every tech already researched.
    • MasterTechList (End Game).tech
      • Similar to all tech - it's as if you researched all tech available to you (but normal chances for any given tech).
  • In order to use an alternate tech file - you just need to backup your current one, and then copy the contents of the one you want into
    • To restore to the standard BSOTS tech tree, either use your backup, or copy the contents of "" to ""
    • NOTE: don't change your tech file during a game. Make sure you stick with the same one for the duration of a game.
      • If you really want to switch around, make sure you have the correct file installed as "" when you load and play any specific game (same one you used to create the game with).
      • If you switch them up, your game will become very odd, and you may crash the game.
  • Alpha Centauri - The core design, coordination, and bulk of data file changes.
  • Warcat - 3D modelling of tech tree, ship sections, and some turrets; plus ideas and help & feedback throughout this process!
  • Foraven (Rayp) - FRB Mod - Inspiration, balance, ideas, and AI generated ship-names.
  • R2dical - Hi-res Planets, Skybox, and Nebula effects; plus his AI thread in forums on AI modding.
  • BlueInstinct - Combined Mod - GUI face lift ideas & art (might integrate more later!)
  • Okim - ACM Mod - Some 3D turret models, artwork, and general ideas & proof of concept.
  • Eleahen - Custom maps I love to play on!
  • pRev - Ultimate Starnames collection.
  • Valerian - Non-flashing note indicators.
  • Drages - Icon art & ideas.
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Alpha Centauri

Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Alpha Centauri » Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:10 am


1. Unzip everything
2. Copy out the two subfolders so that you end up with this:


3. Either using ModManager, or manually edit your sots.ini to look like one of the following:

Code: Select all

Mount1=Mods\Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0

Rename the modinfo.txt file from the root of the BSots 2.0 folder if you're using ModManager (otherwise it will crash!)
Don't use the no-planet-missiles mini-mod - I'm finding it crashes sometimes* :yell:

I thought I had tested it fairly well - but I can't get it to work :(
What a pain - I can hit it from another vector - but have to redo my scripts.
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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by XCOMJunkie » Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:13 pm

Wow, what a great mod! I installed it about 8 hours ago and have been playing it ever since. Not a single crash, and it really adds to the game. Really enjoying it. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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balti knights
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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by balti knights » Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:31 pm

Mordachai, you Sir are a STAR..

A must have addition, for any SOTS owner.
Thank you, thank you very much.
BaL~Ti :love:
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Alpha Centauri

Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Alpha Centauri » Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:02 pm

XCOMJunkie & BaltiKnights - those are welcome compliments!!! :love: :googly:

Warcat and I worked our butts off for this - and although I'm pretty sure it won't crash on you (beyond the normal limits of SOTS engine) - there are bound to be some visual glitches and the usual balancing concerns that will come up.

Honestly - there was so much added I barely had time to make sure it basically worked - let alone much play-testing for balance! (though... have had some awesome games so far, so it's not totally unbalanced!!!)

But the shields need real balance testing, and I think some of the tech costs could use adjusting.

I'm already thinking about a 2.1 - but I have no idea if Warcat is up for more?!

And - although much of what Warcat and I did is original work - much of it is either copied from or inspired by the many many other modders here! So - I stand on the shoulders of giants :) (Not to mention all of Kerberos who of course still supplied the lion's share of everything!!! :love: )

And Balti - I'd really love to use some of your work in a 2.1 or some future version! I know you're open to that - so it's more a matter of if/when I have time!!!

I'd also like to add Frigates and Hunter-Carriers for the other races. Maybe shield protectorates for the other races? And definitely hone the pace of the tech / game. I feel like the early game is maybe still a bit slow, and the Fusion age a bit short. I'd love to get feedback (positive and constructive if possible) on what you find pace-wise or balance-wise.

Happy Hunting!!! :)

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Warcat » Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:41 am

Hi Alpha,
I'm in for the update. Of course I need some time to model the new stuff, but I'll be able to do it (thanks to the experience I had working for this mod).
I'm sorry for some model issue: here is a patch for the Zuul CR Torpedo, which I badly exported to .x (wrong texture export).
For those who have downloaded the full mod and until Alpha won't upload the new version, please simply download this patch and replace the old model (you'll find it in Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0/Species/Zuul/art/section folder) with this new one (I tested ingame and it worked, at least in the design screen).

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by DeWitt » Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:44 pm

Hey, thanks for the Mod! I'm new to the forum and SotS, just played some Vanilla campaigns and trying your mod now. Are you interested in bug reports?

If yes, it just crashed for me (first crash of SotS so far) during a battle against a Liir DE, Tarkas Police Cutter + Scout DE on my side. There's a .dmp file if that helps anything, don't know. Everything installed correctly.

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by XCOMJunkie » Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:58 pm

Been working through another playthrough, this time as the Morrigi. Torpedo drones for the win! ...wanted to mention that there may be a small issue with the tech tree for the Morrigi, ship sections that are for the command section (strafe, hammerhead, etc) show the picture of the mission section, and mission section tech tree icons show command icons. They're reversed. I've also been trying to open up assault sections, but only got Torpedo. Do Morrigi only get a dedicated torpedo section and not the assault or barrage types? What techs should I have unlocked to get them, if they exist?

Having lots of fun with this mod, thanks again for all your hard work!

Alpha Centauri

Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Alpha Centauri » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:15 pm

For Section, you need...

DEWar - medium weapon + DEWar
DEStrafe - DEStrafe

CRWar - large weapon + CRWar
CRStrafe - medium weapon + CRStrafe

DETorpedo - torpedo + DE Combat Construction
CRTorpedo - torpedo + CR Construction
CRAssault - torpedo + large weapon + medium weapon + CR Construction

CRBlazer - combat beam + CR Construction
CRBattleBridge - combat beam + large weapon + medium weapon + CR Construction

CRBarrage - combat beam + torpedo + large weapon + medium weapon + CR Construction

Barrage is sort of the granddaddy of the cruiser sections - you need basically all major weapon groups
(note: missiles are not considered a separate weapons group in BSOTS - rather they're small, medium, or large weapons and can fulfil those requirements like any other weapons can).


The morrigi silhouettes are correct - their ships put the helm (command) in the middle of their ships, and the mission in the front. :)


Out of curiousity - what settings are you using to setup your games? (map size, map type, starting worlds, difficulty, economy, research sliders, starting research, etc.)?

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by XCOMJunkie » Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:36 am

Wow, I never got blazer and barrage sections because I never go up the laser tree. I didn't realize the heavy beams had been moved! Too funny.

To answer your question, I play on Globular Clusters, 200 stars, 7ly, 8 players with 1 or 2 of every race, normal AI, normal pace and resource settings. It's been fun!

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by XCOMJunkie » Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:45 am

Still having a great time on this mod, just wanted to let you know! I think I'm about to hit 30 hours in on it and still not a single crash. Good job!

Alpha Centauri

Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Alpha Centauri » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:11 pm

:love: Thanks! Always welcome to get positive or constructive feedback! :D

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Hully » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:26 am

Hi All

Playing as Zuul, just wondering what Tech I need for freighters.

I've looked at the Tech tree and can see the Tech required but at the moment it has not appeared? Assuming a related Tech is required?

Map: Spiral Shrine 160

Thanks for the mod! lots of changes!!! 1st game with this version.

Alpha Centauri

Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Alpha Centauri » Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:40 am

what map is that?

zuul do not get freighters.

just expand like crazy and pave their worlds to suite your marsupial "people" :twisted:

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.0!

Post by Hully » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:31 am


Had a funny feeling they might not get freighters... funny thing is they do in SOTS2 but thanks for that. Is there any point in building trade centres or do they not get them for obvious reasons?

THE MAP, what can I say it's the SOTS map. you can down load it from this page but you must be logged in for some reason? anyway link:


lots of other maps here as well.

BSOTS1 at the end game I found Tractor beams on defence satellites completely over powered taking out dreadnought by slamming them into planets can we think about banning them from defence satellites?

Nice mod though thanks.

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