Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.5a

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Alpha Centauri
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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.5a

Post by Alpha Centauri » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:37 pm

I doubt I can do anything about that. It's an old engine that worlds damn well, but ultimately you hit memory limits or accrue artifacts (errors) in any running game.

You can use the 4gb patcher to update your EXE to be able to access as much ram as any 32 bit process can, improving that a bit:

Just run that - point it at the mars.exe, and it will update that.

Beyond that - it shouldn't matter if you run Admin or not - so long as you installed SOTS <NOT> under the Program Files folder, but somewhere fully 100% modifiable by the user accounts. I install all games to C:\Games\<The Game>. And I installed steam to C:\Steam, so games that it installs are underneath that - which is by definition user-account controlled.

No fuss, no muss.

HOWEVER - if running as admin helps - it probably means you've got either registry entries or files locked to admin privileges - which means you should continue to run as admin to avoid security issues (or uninstall, reinstall using the above advice to ensure folder is user-compatible, and NEVER run as admin, as that can change security settings on you).

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Re: Bastard Sword of the Stars 2.5a

Post by Starlord » Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:59 pm

Thanks, I will try the patch first. I prefer to use the default install directories on most programs, but i do have user controlled exception area, that I use for older games, that don't run without special work, such as x-com which requires dos-box and civilization II which must be installed in a user area and requires special permissions, legacy ware enabled, and some patching to the .exe to run on windows 10. If this doesn't work I will reinstall the game in a new folder.

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