Events in a future game

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Events in a future game

Post by Alpha Centauri » Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:29 am

So SOTS nails space combat - or at least - vastly better than all competition to date (except for Wing Commander and other cockpit fighters - but that's a different type of game!)

But so far - for my $.02, no game out there does a solid job of bringing space science-fiction into my computer.

I really want my epic galactic space sim to include weird improbable or even probable science and science fiction oddities - which sots makes a vague stab at with VNs and such, but ... seriously - what would be fun?

* Detailed solar systems with lots of details about the star and its orbital bodies (just to nerd out on the data / diversity / plausibility).
* Solar weather produced by the local sun
* Detailed data about planets and their habitability - e.g. temperature curves, moisture, atmospheric density & composition, EM strength, internal dynamo, gravity, tectonics, weather...

I want my terraforming tech to actually address the issues - local flora, fauna, tectonics, atmosphere, etc.
Maybe the ability to re-spin-up a flagging dynamo in the core?
The ability to filter the atmosphere for years before being able to land colonists?
Weird alien species and what they do to the colonists (or expedition teams)?
Virus that can be spread back to the explorers and thence to "civilization"
Ethical dilemmas with indigenous folks
Mismatched biologies - could we even eat what is grown in an alien flora? Maybe some yes? Maybe more no? (I'd like some science nerd info here - speculative but accurate, or over the top sci-fi if the reality is too dull).
Boosting a planetary orbit or dropping one down to make the planet in a better solar radiation zone (hotter / colder)...
Bombarding a planet with ice-bearing comets to add liquid...
temporarily dropping the orbit of a world to intentionally burn off some of its excess moisture

Having all sorts of things go wrong! Intending to drop the orbit temporarily, a solar storm of the millennium happens to occur burning off the entire atmosphere and most of the oceans...
Or massive tectonic disturbances cause a cascade due to the attempt to change orbits, or the attempt to spin up the dynamo...
Or maybe messing with the orbital bodies of a star could cause the star itself to exhibit anomalous behaviors...

How about addressing in some way the reality that hurtling large asteroids is a doomsday device for any life supporting planet? Some mechanism for defense - because otherwise - all planets are trivially murderable...

Dual planets who's orbits will decay and they'll collide one day...
Dual stars - a feeder and a white dwarf on their way towards becoming a singularity...

Intentionally collapsing a star to create a controlled singularity to generate a worm-hole? (lots of ethical issues here!)

I'd like to hear other folks ideas for sci-fi events that have a strong basis in the sciencey part of sci-fi (doesn't need to be hard - but enough with the magic in the future w/o anything but handwavium) - I mean - I love the handwavium and it's critical to have it to make a game - but there is just not enough play in the realm of science-speculation, IMO.

Anyway - what other events / aspects would folks like to see in a grand-space-empire-sim / 4x?

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