ACM mod for ANY (1.8). Updated.

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ACM mod for ANY (1.8). Updated.

Post by Okim » Fri Sep 07, 2007 12:47 pm

This mod was primarily intended to replace older human ship models with new ones, but during development many other things were changed and added.

Please read carefully this post especially NOTEs! This may prevent misunderstandings and other problems with suggestions, advices and requests for using mod`s data...

Mod features:

- 19-branched tech-tree.
- increased research times (by almost 4-5 times!).
- great number of new weapons (including 3-barrelled versions of large weapons, heavy beams and torpedo launchers for projector mounts, 4 new siege weapons such as plasma annihilator and stellar converter, new missile-like torpedoes and many other).
- new human ship models (all human models, except stations, were replaced).
- gunships as police cutters (small one-section ships with good speed and mobility). Cruiser police carriers that can carry 3-4 police gunships of different types.
- new sections (CR fixed mount comsections that use spinal mounts as main weapons, DE repair and salvage ships for earlier tech salvaging, DOOMSTAR - huge DN based ships acting as flagships and siege weapon platforms).
- CR beam platforms (CR based platforms with heavy weapons mounted on a huge turret. These weapons could be either heavy beams, projectors or 3-barrelled versions of normal large weapons).
- CR drone platforms (pre-ANY versions that use unique models. There are no DN drone sats in ACM).
- DN siege platforms (DN based enormous satellites that have a single siege weapon mount to deal with enemy DNs and DOOMSTARS).
- three types of drones instead of two. Gunbots that replace normal drones in Flock COLs.
- replaced some of the NPC weapons and effects.
- totally new explosion, engine and missile/torpedo trail effects.
- reworked planetary assaults: planets now do not launch missiles, all weapons have reduced damage to planets (~1000 times lower), armor sections now can carry a variety of bombs, dropships are introduced to allow capturing of enemy colonies. CR defence platforms can be build as DE-sized plats. DN class plats can be build as CR-sized sats, but require heavy platforms research.
- improved shielding technology. Shields are now more efficient, but they cost several times more research to develop (
- new graphics, sounds and texts.

- There is no 100% tech tree sub-mod for ACM :)
- All features are made in accordance to my point of view of the balance, models look and ect. Accept it is or if you disagree with smth - feel free to adjust it in your way. The source of the mod is open to all as long as you are not using it for your own mod creation (except for home use) or do not upload modified ACM stuff.
- The mod is finished and is not planned to be updated any further. This means that suggestions and advices are not welcome (see above). :twisted: Feel free to report any bugs though.
- Project 'Ironclads' is not a part of ACM - it is just an attempt of a new mod that may or may not see the world.

---------Useful stuff & links---------

ACM MANUAL. This online manual contains introduction to new features, weapon and section descriptions and some advices how to play different races. It wasn`t update for a long time though.

Full tectree image for this mod (made by someone): download/file.php?id=13718

Here is a link to post dedicated to evolution of ACM mod, it`s side-off projects and some other interesting stuff:


Current version is ACM ANY 1.41 (27.07.2011)


1. added compressed lasers and penetrator drivers. Both are large weapons that act like polyrised (shielded) plasma. 2-b and 3-b versions are also available. NO OTHER SIZES FOR THESE WEAPONS WILL BE ADDED.
2. fixed a missing Suspended animation from tarkas bio-col.
3. increased pop-grownth from 0.50 to 0.75. Not a great change, but this will increase the pace a bit.

Known issues:

1. some of the new ships may have wrong weapon layout.
2. some texts may be missing or may contain errors.
3. in order to doomstars to be available you`ll need to start a new game.
4. new weapons were tested a very bit. There may be problems regarding their performance.

As usual report any bugs or problems. Don`t forget to remove previous ACM folder.


- unpack the archive to your SOTS folder.
- make sure that your game root contains ACM folder and ACM folder contains TECHTREE, WEAPONS, EFFECTS, SOUNDS, SPECIES, DATA, GUI, LOCALE folders.
- open SOTS.ini with notepad and replace [Modules] block with this one:


- Steam users! Please read this topic for instructions on how to install ACM on your version.
- Vista users!!! In some cases ACM wont work properly on Vista OS. The following threads contain possible info on how to make it work: first one, second one and third one.
- Windows 7 users! There is a known problem with ACM mod not working on SOTS installed inside program files folder. You need to reinstall the game somewhere outside any program files folders to make this mod (and others!) work.


- You must delete old ACM folder before installation to ensure proper working if this mod.
- This mod is incompatible with any other modifications (ESPECIALLY WITH MODS/UTILITIES THAT UNLOCK/GIVES 100% ODDS TO ALL TECHS!!!) as it introduces many new items and changes many old files!
- ACM introduces many changes and new features that could cause problems in scenarios and tutorials. It is advisable to remove reference to ACM mod if you wish to play them.


Human Armor DE
Human Shield DE
Human Spinal DE
Human MDP
Human HDP
Human Armada CNC
Human projector Dread
Human COL cruiser firing a powerful EMP projectile
Human heavy col DN
Human pursuit destroyer
Human boarding cruiser
Human invasion cruiser with 4 dropships and two assault shuttles
Human armor CR destroys tarka ship with its fixed laser cannons
Human projector cruiser firing 3-barrelled laser cannon.
Human assault shuttles on their assault run.
Human armor cruiser supported by torpedo destroyers holding Tarkas advance on Morrigi world.
Human impactor CR
Human doomstar escorted by a fleet of COLs and pursuits
Human Police Hunter
Human Police Hunter hunting hiver gunships

Liir plasma torpedo
Liir torpedo destroyer firing disruptor torpedo
Liir gunships
Liir projector CR with fixed (spinal) mounts
Liir blazer CR with positron heavy beams
Liir projector DN with standard comm
Liir projector DN with standard comm, close view
Liir projector DN firing 3-barreled particle beams
Liir projector DN, close view
Liir barrage DN firing positron hvy beams
Liir Heavy Weapons Platform firing Particle Accelerator Cannon
Liir siege defence platform
Liir drone
Liir Police Hunter

Tarka Light Combat Drones harass unfortunate Zuul cruiser
Tarka Police Gunships dogfighting Liir Gunships
Tarka Siege DN fires stellar converter
Tarkas projector cruiser with 2-barrelled disruptor torpedo launcher
Tarkas projector cruiser with 3-barrelled heavy energy lance
Tarkas doomstar
Tarkas doomstar fires its rail cannons
Tarkas Police Interceptor

Hiver DN explosion
Hiver Police Gunships dodging PAC bursts
Hiver Light Combat Drone
Hiver beam platform
Hivers passing through an acidic cloud (Acid COL)
Hiver Siege DN firing Plasma Annihilator Cannon.
Hiver doomstar
Hiver drones dodging between Liir doomstar`s drive tentacles
Hiver Police Interceptor

Zuul Explosion
Zuul Heavy Weapons platform firing Plasma Beam
Zuul slightly remodelled spinal mount destroyer
Zuul dread suffers a direct impact form Plasma Annihilator Cannon
Zuul doomstar

Morrigi spinal mount DE pinpoints a new target for clumsy blazers with its particle beam.
Morrigi blazer tears apart Tarkas CR with a precise shot from its lancers.
Morrigi proton torpedoes on their way to Tarkas CNC cruiser.
Morrigi Police Hunters with Enercy Lances


Feeling gratuitous for my work? Willing to express it somehow? Here is the way to do that!
(donations will be used in developing of my board game project).
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Post by Darkemperor » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:08 pm

Good pictures, of big piece of work! :D I like them!

Rocket and Biomissle DE's looks awesome! And gatling fire effects also sweet :).

But Okim don't you think that all that balons with flammable liquids are suitable on military ships? :wink: And race-specific color explosions and effects, I think they are to fancy. Well what ether, you have done a great job - good new concepts, for so art-mod needed Human race :) .

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Post by rafy20 » Fri Sep 07, 2007 2:11 pm

Awesome designs.

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Post by Okim » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:37 pm

But Okim don't you think that all that balons with flammable liquids are suitable on military ships? And race-specific color explosions and effects, I think they are to fancy. Well what ether, you have done a great job - good new concepts, for so art-mod needed Human race .

Who told you that these tanks are fuel storages? Fuel tanks on my ships are huge red-painted cisterns with signs "Caution! Flamable!" :lol:
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Post by bmac4417 » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:40 pm

Yeah, but the ones on the Biowar ship just seem a little hazardous.

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Post by Okim » Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:43 pm

Bio-War is not suted for close combat :)

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Post by Okim » Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:12 pm

Cruiser concept.

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Post by Danimrath » Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:31 pm

Very nice, I really like your style.
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Post by Eleahen » Fri Sep 14, 2007 2:52 pm

Nice style!


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Post by Okim » Fri Sep 14, 2007 3:33 pm



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Post by Mecron » Fri Sep 14, 2007 6:00 pm

very nice...we look forward to your total conversion mod! great effort!

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Post by erdrik » Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:54 pm

Yes, your models are quite nice. :wink:

However are the particle effects temparary?
They could use some improvement I think...
(Of course a still pic is not much to go on so... lol )

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Post by Okim » Sat Sep 15, 2007 7:11 am

Whats wrong with particles?

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Post by TrashMan » Sat Sep 15, 2007 11:59 am

Uuuu...very nice....very clean textures too.. I stil lhave trouble getting my textures look like I want them too.. you seem to haev that bit covered ;)
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Post by Okim » Sat Sep 15, 2007 2:19 pm

Some screenshots of fully functioning cruiser.


Cruiser is equiped with new small, med and large turrets with med and heavy laser beams, PD phasers and gatlings.
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