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Re: MP fun

Post by thedjstu » Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:25 am

DervMan wrote:Actually I'm going to disagree on one of your points, because I have fought my most vicious games where the other player has been very aggressive, going all out for the jugular, whereas I've simply being trying to contain their advances and settle colonies alongside rather than to replace them.

I'd likeness it to being punched in the stomach whilst slowly suffocating the punching dude.

We didn't conclude that game. After four hundred and eight (408) turns of pouring huge amounts of money into warships and satellites and big guns...

...A Murder of Crows was released.


Anyway, sometimes just playing for the draw is more vicious than the win.

Ah, but if HE hadn't been playing to win you wouldn't have had your apparently fun war. Personally my best have been a couple against Mecron where his humans and my morrigi just slaughtered each other over the course of 100 turns.

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