Is there still anybody here?

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Is there still anybody here?

Post by LtLukoziuz » Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:07 pm

Hello, recently I had time to try this out and well... I almost immediately fell in love with it. The only slight problem... no friends know of this or are interested and yet this is mainly meant for multiplayer. So I am looking for anyone to have fun. I am still fairly underexperienced in this, still get overwhelmed by all the mass of the map, whether I am trying to tie the map with human nodelines(and find a planet with one 6 ly nodeline and 2 42 ly nodelines(is there any human ship apart from extended ranges who can go that far in single nodeline?) or I am Liir/Tarkas, not knowing where to fly next with so many opportunities, or I am slow Hiver, gnawing out a patch of territory and then countering any potential invasions. Didn't try out Morrigi/Zuul yet. Zuul feel too aggresive lorewise whereas Morrigi... I just dunno, didn't have want to try out.

Anyway - is there anybody out there? I am in GMT+2, but I can adapt to almost any time with my current studying timetable after few days(at parents home atm). I have each expansion(BoB, aMoC, ANY) and original seperately, so I could downgrade if needed too. And I never used Gamespy, so I am more than fine with direct connect. The only problem would be that I dunno if my ports are forwarded correctly for it, so I would ask someone else to host.

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Re: Is there still anybody here?

Post by BlueTemplar » Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:28 pm

We usually use Hamachi to avoid having to bother with connection issues. I should be somewhat available for MP for the near future. You can contact me via Steam, Raptr, Xfire, Skype or the SotS2 IRC chat under the nick "bluetemplar85" (though I don't always have all those connected).


Re: Is there still anybody here?

Post by R2dical » Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:46 pm

I'm also GMT+2, and have some time most week evenings for a game :) Dropping me a PM is probably easiest, or GameRanger msg under "R2dical".

I play anything; vanilla, ACM or my own mods ofcourse :)

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Re: Is there still anybody here?

Post by skibum157 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 9:04 am


I have a similar story to yours in that I've recently discovered how amazing this game is. I've been plying for about half a year now but I wanted to find some people who I could play with, or at the very least talk about games with. Maybe even start up a multiplayer AAR or something. I'm gm5 normally though I'm currently studying in Spain so I'm GMt-1 right now, but I'm also willing to adapt to accommodate other peoples schedules.

On steam my username is skibum157 as well so feel free to message me or just reply here

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