Texture/greeble suggestion

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Texture/greeble suggestion

Post by Darloth » Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:30 pm

Here is a link to a picture by someone I don't know called endi - it's a very nice piece of work, but I believe it's also a good example of what we should be trying to make the Cthonics' textures and greebling look like. There's even a thread which has information on how he did it.

Admittedly, that picture has lots of rounded corners and we probably don't want nearly as many of those, but it has really -wonderful- metallic textures, and rivets and tubes and pipes that complement the industrialist feel I think we're aiming for really well.

Currently we don't seem to have any texture artists or fully developed models, but perhaps having something to aim for will help with that? Regardless, it's a good picture to discuss the general look over.

Of course, it has no crystals, so we'll need pretty looking crystals on top / along with this look, but what does everyone think?

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Re: Texture/greeble suggestion

Post by AnarchCassius » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:44 pm

That's really Fallout-y. Which I like but not sure it fits the Cthonics.

Honestly for the Cthonics I was thinking more bright shiny metals with intricate patterns. More like jewelry or a circuit board and less like old style industrial machines.

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