Minor tidbits to spend K$ on

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Re: Minor tidbits to spend K$ on

Post by TriNova » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:06 am

Ya, that's really what we want, an AoE PD weapon. And it benefiting from neutronium rounds makes sense, because if you make it a denser metal, the shards will impart more force when they hit something. And we want it slow to fire.

The problem here is that we don't want it to be the be all and end all of PD tech. That title belongs to Phaser PD. However, we also want it to be an effective PD weapon that has it's own niche. For example, Gauss PD is anti-drone and anti-torpedo, Laser PD is anti-missile, and Phaser PD is anti everything. I suggest that Flak PD be anti-drone and anti-missile, namely because the tiny shards generated from a flak weapon aren't going to have much effect on a torpedo unless it's a direct hit. We should probably give it a slow firing rate compared to other PD. I suggest we give it the same rate of fire as the gauss cannon.

Broadside mounts should, for the most part, have the same restrictions as Strafe Mounts. In order of the quality of Broadside mounts, I propose:

1. Matrixi (Because they introduced it)
2. Humans (TONs of guns given their ships' focus is on broadsides)
3. Tarka (Handguard of the spear)
4. Liir (Few weapons providing almost 300 degrees of coverage, but no overlapping fire arcs, tentacle setup of the DN War section)
5. Hiver (Not really a broadside section. Name just lots of side mounted turrets with a couple of weapons on the top and bottom . Most turrets of any Broadside section)
5. Zuul (Guns pointing out at mostly random angles to the side.)
6. Morrigi (Poor broadsides due to their focus on frontal attacks. So these are really just a series of guns mounted along the sides of the mission section that point forwards and to the sides, with a couple turrets on the top and bottom)

Has anybody else thought about the Matrixi getting a natural Quantum Capacitors bonus along with the bonus they'd get from the Quantum capacitors tech? So they can potentially have 50% faster recharge time on their beam weapons?

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Re: Minor tidbits to spend K$ on

Post by Glacialis » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:48 am

Cthonics per the reference threads, not Matrixi. ;)

I for one don't mind discussion of new weapons and the like, but Kerberos has already said that there won't be any new techs beyond the drive techs.
nickersonm wrote:How did you get that out of Mecron saying the exact opposite!?


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Re: Minor tidbits to spend K$ on

Post by AnarchCassius » Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:47 am

Hmm, I thought this thread was about additional K$ stuff besides the drive. I saw Mec comment in the old weapons thread that K$ would be "best spent on drives and racial modification issues." I interpreted that to mean, regarding weapons, what we can do ourselves, we can do ourselves, and the rest wouldn't be worth the cost.

95% of the ideas here can work in some form without any K$ costs. I'm not trying to put extra work on them but every other race has some interesting peripheral stuff and I thought we had some discretion with the credits. Things like the Swarmer and Asteroid interactions or using planet size to determine habitability would likely take at least as much effort to implement. Whether something is a Tech or not seems like an arbitrary cut-off, particularly as something like the asteroid stealth could easily be tied to a tech. In the end I think 3 ideas have been suggested that would have K$ costs and potentially be worth the costs.

Those would be the plasma shields, the battery ships, and as mentioned in the old weapons thread, a tech to increase energy weapon penetration. Of these I personally would only be interested in requesting support for the Battery sections. The various existing shield types cover a good amount of ground and we could improve the weapons tree by making later iterations of certain weapons.

If something being tied to a tech truly disqualifies it, then perhaps something like TriNova's suggestion for a built in similar effect. If it's possible though I'd rather divert a bit of extra K$ to get a flag for proper Battery sections, we can setup the actual tech tree changes ourselves. Of course that's my personal opinion, I'm not sure how people in general feel about the Battery sections or other ideas.

As far as any other costs as I see it:

The Drive, the big one, as it should be.

The racial stats, a Climate hazard offset or some equivalent, flags to treat them like AIs for purposes of nano/bio/slave warfare, and the standard values any race has.

A lot of things have been proposed but many seem too radical regardless of K$ cost, like size for habitability. The rest seem related bio and other specialty warfare and the sum of those conversations suggests that handling them with modifiers similar to AIs would do the job quite well. I know I'm new to this so please refresh me if I missed a big potential change for the Cthonics.

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