Matrixi Racial Stats

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Matrixi Racial Stats

Post by AnarchCassius » Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:39 pm

There hasn't been a thread dealing with thus far, a summing up of what their mechanical differences from baseline would be. I've been going through the old posts and this is my initial suggestion.

Research Rate: Credits / 80

Best of anyone but Liir, since the Matrixi are quite scientifically minded and many techs come naturally to them. This can drop but I think they will need a good rate for balance.

PGM: 1.6

Slow, really slow. Lower than Liir and half of the Zuul. 1,000 years to maturity (as has been mentioned) is probably a stretch but I imagine an average lifespan might be about that long. They do not reproduce easily or quickly.

Racial Hazard Max: 550

I made this up. It seems to me they want a particular rather rare sort of planet, one that can support their ecology and can develop the right resonance. I wasn't able to pin down any information about whether terraforming rates vary per species (aside from tech) but if they do I'd give the Cthonics a good rate.

Climate Hazard Origin Point: 500

As opposed to 0. To represent them being radically different in biology and environment from the other races start their base point before random offset at a good chunk from 0. They may occasionally be close to one race but will in general want alien worlds. This is however a major disadvantage as any worlds on the other side of 0 will be basically off limits to them. This fits my idea of them wanting "special" worlds but needs to be compensated for elsewhere.

IO Bonus: 10%

Equivalent to Tarka. They have trouble finding worlds and their population grows slowly but once they get established their worlds are gems. Their have an attunement with their environment rivaling the Liir but also more suited for industrial purposes.

Population/Trade Income Bonus: 10%/10%

Again part of their having very nice colonies once established and part of the trader aspect that has been discussed. Could drop the Population one and leave only the trade boost but with their CH problems I feel like they'll need it.

Aside from the CH offset, which seems nessicary, I went with modifers existing races use so far to minimize K$ costs. If I missed a popular unique ability that was suggested in a thread here please correct me and list it here. This is just a rough draft but I think these few values really convey a feel for the race and should be nailed down.

For example looking at this and thinking about their ship designs I think they should have good sat stats. Just a little more efficiency than most races and following the pattern that their ships follow. Cheap DE sats to throw up around a new colony in a hurry, going up to massive expensive DN sats that provide serious protection for your few primary worlds.

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