Unlock Traps via savegame edit

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Unlock Traps via savegame edit

Post by darkwombat » Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:00 pm


I hope this doesn't annoy the good folks at Kerberos, and if it does, please feel free to delete the post with my apologies. It is just a workaround I discovered because I REALLY like this game but was getting very frustrated by my inability to try any of the traps out. I am so happy to find a way to enable traps without having to fool around with making sure I don't save/load at certain times and wanted to share my findings -- but if this is considered spoiler-ish, I totally understand if you want to delete the post.

ANYWAY . . .

So, I've been running afoul of the trap bug where I saved after rescuing a survivor but before ending the day, and now, after rescuing numerous other survivors and being over halfway through the game I still have not unlocked a single trap and my inventory is jam packed with trap components. This leads me to believe that either:

A. Trap unlocks are way more rare than I would prefer them to be, or
B. The bug is just doing its thing and really, REALLY needs a workaround.

There is a savegame editor that is supposed to allow trap unlocking, and I tried using it but kept getting an error, so I dug around in the savegame files and found a workaround.

1. Open your savegame in notepad.
2. DO a search, and look for "KnownProjects"
3. Edit that section as follows:

Code: Select all


4. Load up your save game and enjoy sweet, trappy goodness!

I am testing to see how badly unbalanced I make the game by unlocking ALL the traps in this fashion. I have decided If it turns out to be too unbalanced, I'll just assign each trap a number 1 through 8, then do the following:

1. Roll a d20 at end of each day a survivor is rescued. On a 12+, we unlock a trap! Yay!
2. Roll a d8 and add the trap with that number to Known Projects, re-rolling up to twice if I get an already known result. If still already known after that, tough, gotta wait for the next try.

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