KDS - Zombie Height Fix Mod (Never miss a zombie again!)

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KDS - Zombie Height Fix Mod (Never miss a zombie again!)

Post by kdstudios » Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:38 am

Howdy folks.
Seen a lot of people complaining about the height problem of this game.
At first, for many years this didn't really bother me.
But more often now am I getting angry that companions ALWAYS miss the tall zombies and something just snapped in me.

I ripped open the files and explored until I found the source of the problem, which was easily fixed!
Zombies by default have a minimum scale and a maximum scale, the maximum for some zombies (truckers for example) had a maximum of up to 1.4!
By default, humans, the player and zombies are 1.0, children are 0.66.
So, I changed the maximum to 1.0, this can be changed to 1.1 to add a bit more variety but might make some shots miss more. So I opted to keep it at 1.0.

To install:
Drag and drop fz.gob into you Fort Zombie directory. (The one with the Audio and RU folders, FortZombie.exe, Kerberos.FortZombie.dll etc in it)
Be sure to click Merge and Replace if asked.
Never miss a shot again**

(NOTE: Might have to export your fz.gob file in order for this to work, I'm not experienced in modding this game so not well versed on how it works.
To do this, rename fz.gob to fz.zip and export it to your directory, (yes, all 700MB of it), then you can copy over my fz.gob folder and replace the files and the mod will work)

To Uninstall:
Get the original ZombieDB.xnb from the fz.zip and copy over it and your game should run like normal.

Download it here:

- Miss shots less
- Less stress with NPC's always missing

- Zombies all similar(ish) height now? (The minimum scale hasn't changed, they can still be small-medium in size)

**Your shots may still miss, it is skill and luck based... As always.

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