Nighttime rescue.

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Nighttime rescue.

Post by Nathan » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:47 am

I went out on a mission not knowing quite when the sun would set, I assumed that it being around 4:30 PM would give me some lee-way. I was wrong, and had a night mission on my hands. Luckily the immediate area around the extraction point only had 5 zombies that had to be dealt with, and my group of 4 others handled that fairly easily. I decided to back my group up as far back as I could to the mission boundary because they weren't quite equipped for this kind of mission. I'd try to reach the survivors on my own, while they guarded the exit.

As I started my run into the area I noticed large groups of zombies that immediately began chasing me. Breaking contact with each group just introduced me to the next group of chasers, and I was only able to catch a few moments of rest. Eventually my luck gave out, and I could not run any more without exhausting myself and I had an unknown,presumably large, group of zombies after me. I decided to duck into a building after first knocking a few zombies down, and it turned out to be the mission building(the other possibility was the Kerberos Building next door).

Inside I found the bowling alley, and 4 zombies free and able to attack me, 8 others trapped in various ways, and 5-7 outside clawing at the windows and doors. After dispatching the free zombies I made my way to the barricaded restrooms in the back, very nearly exhausted. I found Timeus and Mark and can only imagine what the must have been thinking, but they agreed to join me. After catching my breath and giving them weapons my plan of action was to deal with the immediate threat, which was any zombies that had freed themselves, then the zombies at the front door, and lastly to run for the extraction point.

Right as we came out nearly all the trapped zombies got un trapped. 50 M-16 Rounds, 20 Shotgun shells, and various assorted pistol ammo rounds later the first group had been dealt with, and the front doors gave. Most of the zombies had been dealt with, but I took the shotgun back because one got into melee range with Timeus and he had an Axe that would help him better in close quarters. After that I decided it was time to run, and ran out the building, ordering both of them to follow and to not shoot at anything. The stars must have been in just the right alignment for me because they both did precisely this. We got onto the main road which was curiously devoid of zombies, I assume because they were all following me. We then ran all the way back to the extraction point, with only a few scrapes and bruises, and of course a great deal of ammo usage though far far less than I had any right to hope for to make good our escape.

I wish I had a replay of it, night missions that don't just immediately kill off my party are always pretty interesting.

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Re: Nighttime rescue.

Post by Erinys » Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:17 am

Absolutely epic, Nathan! You are definitely the hero of an awesome zombie movie. :)

This is exactly the kind of experience we were hoping for.

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Re: Nighttime rescue.

Post by Bloodhawk » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:00 am

I love night missions the only problem i have is the way the flashlight works it seems to mess up the aiming crosshairs. Is it me or anyone else have that problem. Also great mission Nat. Another tactic would be to us a sword or crowbar as gunshots at night bring them all down on you. Which I love btw. just wish i had a butane torch and a zippo.

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