Help with Multiplayer

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Help with Multiplayer

Post by iceman329o » Mon Jan 19, 2015 6:39 pm

I have spent hours reading posts and have not found anything relating to an issue I have run into in MP with my brother. I am playing as SolForce and he is Morrigi. He found out that I can not move past a system unless I survey it first. So he will send a small fleet of ships(Say 1 command and 2 supply) and endlessly hold that system since his ships are faster as a chokepoint preventing me from EVER being able to get past it since he has a research advantage.He is able to use this tactic to harrass me and prevent me from expanding. My biggest problem with this tactic is that it leads to extremely long and boring combat turns not to mention the HUGE tactical advantage. I also dont want to prevent him from usung it alltogether because it is part of the game and I intend to play others in MP when I am ready and I dont see why they wouldnt also use this tactic. We cannot come to a common ground because we are VERY competitive and he knows if he didnt do it that I would destroy him. I dont see why him having a fleet that constantly runs away from me should prevent me from surveying a system. I think that aspect of the game is broken. I am reaching out to the community to help me find a solution. Any help would be appreciated, thanks 8-).

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Re: Help with Multiplayer

Post by BlueInstinct » Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:33 pm

U could try to play a different map.
If u are playing 1on1 games try small disc, shouldnt be too much of an issue there and its a fun map for MP


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Re: Help with Multiplayer

Post by Karu » Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:06 pm

That is working as intended.

You can:

- slowboat without notelines to surprise him.
- use BR / Drones / Boarding pods to snipe his ships (with techs to make them even faster).
- research your new engines (then you are faster them him till AM age in tactical)
- highten your security money in gov screen and put there all in offense and then use the spy option in diplo to get survey data

But how can he deny you? Humans should dominate the early game against Morrigi.
When the morrigi has his 2-4 Fleets build you should have ~10.
Seems to me like a missmatch in playerskill (he seems stronger with morri then you with humans) and/or the map is a problem.

Are you playing with randoms? If not i would suggest you do with 75% to 100% ... it will slow down the early game expansion.


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Re: Help with Multiplayer

Post by Resok » Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:25 am

Regarding relative ship combat speeds - his CR CnC is far slower (115 linear max speed) than your HH+Armor+Fusion ships (vs 130 linear max speed). Armed with missiles you should be able to consistently surround and kill his CnC and then continue the survey. Just need to keep on overdrive until you're either far enough ahead/alongside his ship for a big enough volley to take out the engine.

If he uses a Gravboat to slow down your fleet, then you can target that gravboat instead (an even bigger 'win' strategically).

I play Solforce pretty regularly in MP, the trick is more survey fleets early on even if it means ramping down early research (or simply focusing on feasibility studies). Exploring to get node line links and establishing territory are key early game objectives in my experience.

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