Small suggestion: Renaming the Immersion races?

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Small suggestion: Renaming the Immersion races?

Post by Ludovsky » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:12 pm

It's something I was pondering about, and which would possibly be an easier suggestion to apply than others.

But basically, from what I recall, the immersion fleets are meant to represent various subfactions of each of the major faction in the Sword of the Stars universe, alongside some what if scenarios, such as the Hivers Immersion fleet meant to represent the "What if Obsidian Crown had won the succession war and forced Radiant Frost in exile", to show what the fleets of an Hiver empire under Obsidian Crown would have looked like unlike Radiant Frost's.

So I was wondering, why not simply rename the immersion fleet to the subfactions they are meant to represent instead of "Immersion"?

For example(assuming I recall well the subfaction they are meant to represent):

Solforce Immersion-> Renamed to "Human Freeholds"
Hivers Imperium Immersion-> Renamed to "Obsidian Fleet"(Or "Hivers Obsidian Fleet" to make sure there's no race confusion)
Morrigi Confederation Immersion-> Morrigi Harpies(if I recall well the subfaction their immersion is supposed to represent?)

And so on, as I cannot recall the names that were associated with the other Immersion factions ^^;

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