Psionic Power

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Psionic Power

Post by Simetra » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:38 pm


What specifies the psionic power of ships? Is the number of crew men important? Are there differences between the races?

Because a quick test with 2 Morrigi LV (one with 7 Remi Modules one without) showed a huge difference, where the Remi powered LV coud charge its TK fist much longer, with the whole LV glowing in red and the fist itself pushed the hiver cruiser out of the battleflied (it came back a while after I destoyed the rest of the fleet), while the other one only could charge quick and its fist only pushed a cruiser a little (impactor like maybe). Simillar effects on other powers (repair was quite interesting)

So I want to know if there are other factors besides the obvious (the module).

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Re: Psionic Power

Post by Resok » Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:59 am

Crew and race both factor heavily into the base Psionic power that a ship has. I believe part of the reason a DN or above ship has so much more power is simply due to the vastly increased crew total.

Each race has a 'psionic power per crew' stat as far as I know and other things like crew efficiency I believe also factor into it (for Morrigi and Liir).
- Resok

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