Morrigi Internet Backup?

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Re: Morrigi Internet Backup?

Post by Ludovsky » Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:51 pm

Erinys wrote:There is plenty of ancient Morrigi technology still adrift in the universe. All I can presently say about it is that the things built in the height of the old empire no longer recognize the modern Morrigi as kin. ;)


Found myself reading these old threads again and this is suddenly makes me wonder if that means some of the current day morrigis might not be the descendant of a warring faction that actually splintered away from the empire, or if their physiology actually different from what their ancestors looked like.

Which, considerings how societies can changes over the millenias suddenly make me wonder if the ancient morrigis genders were as seregrated than the current modern morrigis with their spacebound males and planetbound females considering the physiological changes brought over milenias by the result of this split.

Considering male morrigis are more likely to encounter spaceborne morrigis relics... the later might make sense for them not to reconize modern morrigis if originally males weren't bound to space because if their forebears lived on planets then they might have looked closer to the modern female than the modern male I think?

(just an utterly random hypothesis, and possibly a wrong one but I was suddenly wondering about that even though this thread is close to one year old now)

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Re: Morrigi Internet Backup?

Post by Erinys » Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:13 am

The differences are more cultural and technological than genetic. The only conscious survivors of the ancient Morrigi empire would be their Loa, and those could be liberated at any time by encountering Via Damasco.

The same potential exists in any alien Artificial Intelligence, of course.

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