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Re: FACTION: The Liir-Zuul Alliance

Post by GammaPaladin » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:51 am

Birdco wrote:Ah, so decompression of the dolphin space on the Liir ships is not a huge deal, at least for the native Liir.

Are the Prester Zuul black Swimmers capable of learning telekinetic manipulation of liquids as a survival method, or are they S.O.L. In a space survival situation.

I thought I read somewhere earlier that the Zuul black swimmers underwent the drowning. Does that mean the Zuul BR are liquid filled, or do only the Zuul that crew the Liir ships breathe the oxygenated liquid medium?

I'd think a Prester Zuul who was in a liquid medium filled area when blasted out could reach out to nearby friendly and willing Liir and "borrow" their telekinesis to do what a Liir would do in the same situation, since they're trained to breathe the liquid when needed...

Also, to Erinys, out of curiosity, are there any Buddhists amongst the Prester Zuul?

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Re: FACTION: The Liir-Zuul Alliance

Post by Erinys » Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:51 pm

Most definitely a great many Buddhists of various sects, many Utilitarians as well. Prester Zuul can gravitate toward just about any religious tradition that has a strong element of service and sacrifice.

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