A new take on the 'Good Suul'ka' Question

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A new take on the 'Good Suul'ka' Question

Post by ScoSteSal118 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:44 am

So, the question has come up before "Are there any 'good' Suul'ka?" The answer, as I recall, was basically "They are defined by their utter narcissistic sociopathy and by the way that their existences are prolonged only through their casual disregard for and destruction of other lives" and "If you mean specifically 'giant whale in space that isn't a total jerk', then the Black counts."

However, a thought has occurred to me that I think may be a new direction for examining this issue, reading Erinys' comments about great hells swimming through space and the Suul'ka's varyingly 'acidic' mental digestion. Is anyone familiar with the Greeshka from GRRM's A Song for Lya? If not, you might want to consider this thread minor spoilers for that novella if you're hypersensitive to spoilers.

Anyway, what if a Great Elder on some world was like "Hey, it's pretty sad that these humans and tarka and hivers and morrigi and (especially) prester zuul have so little time in this world to contemplate their existence and interact with other sentiences. Sure, existence does start to drag on eventually, but for some at least that feeling doesn't come around until the late hundreds or 1-2 thousands of years. What if I could help some of these poor unfortunate souls ( :twisted: ) with their plight?"

What if it then convinced (noncoercively? Is that something that a Great Elder can do, or is its mental presence overpowering in an argument?) the other Liir on the planet to help it make a space suit without causing much harm to the environment or other sentients, and then voyaged out into space offering its 'services' (eating them psionically so their psionic essence was incorporated into its own) to terminally ill or very old sentients on various worlds, taking care to only do so in cases with informed consent (would Liir be inclined to care about that?) and trying to preserve inside itself for as long as possible the minds of those it eats? Would it (if it wanted) be able to let them see through its eyes, or see its memories, or talk to each other, or make a little world inside its mind where they could interact?

Would the experience of those it ate be more like the people in the Fields of Punishment, the Fields of Asphodel, or Elysium?

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Re: A new take on the 'Good Suul'ka' Question

Post by Sard Caid » Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:03 pm

Given a universe connected by peace, this kind of phenomena could surely take on. While the game universe probably won't catch on to this type of notion for likely centuries, if not millennia given the life cycle of liir, you always have your imagination to follow! :D

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A new take on the 'Good Suul'ka' Question

Post by zanzibar196 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:51 pm

Sounds like the beginnings of an insane asylum... A never dying space whale with multiple personality disorder... Gee just what the galaxy needs!


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Re: A new take on the 'Good Suul'ka' Question

Post by erdrik » Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:24 pm

Im of the mindset of 'anything is possible', but I think the issue is 'is it likely'.
What conditions and situations would need to play out on a Liir world that would lead to a Great Elder coming to that conclusion?
How likely are those conditions and situations in the contexted of Liirian culture?

As for is it possible for a Great Elder to devour a soul and then create a pleasent psionic living space for that soul?
Is it possible to gather enough consenting souls to sustain ones self in space?
I would lean towards yes, considering what Liirian Great Elders, and Suul'ka, are already capable of.
But again it would depend on the likelyhood of that Great Elder to be motivated or to even think of doing it.

In the end I would lean toward it being very unlikely due to Liirain culture.
Why would they prolong the 'life' of a soul when they believe the best possible outcome is to return to the 'song of the universe'?

(I am of course speaking from recollection of lore, so I may have missed something, or mistaken something)

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