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Re: Loa and Free AI's

Post by Erinys » Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:22 am

Gizmoh wrote:So, Title:
-Is there any difference between a Loa, and an AI living in a society with AI emancipation?

Yes. Aeson has given you a very lengthy answer, I'll give you a shorter one: imagine Haiti as a world power, a well-developed and wealthy nation with high technology, an excellent resource base, a powerful, well-funded military arm, imperialist ambitions and multiple colonies. Imagine being born in that Haiti as a Haitian.

Now compare yourself to an African-American living in the contemporary USA. You are a minority in a country dominated by other ethnic groups, in a system tailored to their needs and benefit. Your residence is probably in a segregated area--there are still whole towns and communities which refuse to welcome you, over a century after you were legally freed from the old system. For decades after the original emancipation, it took armed suppression from the government to prevent you from being openly hunted or murdered by those of the privileged class who wished you violence. You still cannot expect to be treated as an equal under the law by the legal system or its armed law enforcement branch, to receive free access to the best jobs and educational opportunities, to see yourself fairly and humanely represented as characters in fictional media or in the news, etc..

-What happens with AI research in a society with AI emancipation? Is it conducted by emancipated AI's?

It is conducted by them, on them, and generally with their consent, like modern anthropology and medical studies on humans.

-Also, newer AI's are they made, or born? (as in, created in a manner similar to new Loa)

Birth is just another word for the emergence of a biological thing which has been made out of protein. There is no reason to deny the word to those who are made of something other than protein, so long as they find it desirable for you to call their origins "birth" and not something else.

Basically, I'd like to know what effect would have the emancipation of AI's in a society capable of creating AI's, I find the topic fascinating.

Essentially, the struggle in a slavery-based society is how that society's "politics" (how it organizes and distributes power) and its economy (how resources, wealth and status are distributed) interact. Robbing a certain group of power and access to the benefits of the system in order to use their labor and resources to benefit others economically is what slavery is about. All the ideologies and ideas and emotions of racism are based on legitimizing the abuse of other people to meet your economic needs and ambitions.

AI Slavery is very much equivalent to human slavery in this regard. The major impact of giving AI's freedom within a society is economic, and the emotions that boil up are going to be based on the formerly privileged people losing their advantages in the economy--the most obvious is the reduction of profits from slave-based industry and labor, which leads to economic downturn for a society whose prosperity was based on that industry and labor. But this is coupled with redistribution of power and privilege within the system, as the formerly enslaved demand wages and compensation for work, access to jobs and educational opportunities, and the chance to re-shape the physical, economic and political landscape to be more beneficial to them and less tailored to suit others.

I'd like to add, as a preamble, that in my country (Chile), slavery was never strong, so when we signed our own emancipation act it was more simbolic that anything. What I mean is I don't have the "slavery background"('¿?) I imagine most people in north america have, so if you can provide aditional insight or comparisons between the emancipation of black people and AI's you are welcome.

The reason the Loa are called Loa is that the comparison is directly applicable. Chile was the second country in the western world to ban slavery, after Haiti itself--but the country had a history of 240 years of slavery prior to that, and the treatment of indigenous people in the country as second- and third-class citizens forced to pay tribute to land-holders historically is probably an analogy that you could use to understand the situation as well.

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Re: Loa and Free AI's

Post by Gizmoh » Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:51 pm

Well, I'll be, thanks everyone for your insight, this was a very interesting read, and Erinys, you are right, I completely forgot about the "indigenous people" situation, to my shame.

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