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Research and Development in SotS2.
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Re: Rider Technology

Post by GammaPaladin » Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:56 pm

Tavior wrote:After all how do you fit a Leviathan in a DD gate? :insane:

It probably says something about my maturity level that this sentence immediately brought the episode of south park with the pig and the elephant to mind. ;)

To quote Chef: "Now I know how all those white women felt..."

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Re: Rider Technology

Post by fallout747 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:30 pm

When I think about how a leviathan sized battle rider should be my mind jumps to "Independence Day" where the mother ship carries massive numbers of ground forces, Fighters, construction and repair yards, and other support systems. But its the riders themselves that do all fighting. when I apply my line of thought to a SOS race this is what I get.

Lier: Mother ship carry's shield systems that shield all the riders, Mother ship also carries BIO weapons, and colony creation equipment. Riders Do all the ship to ship fighting, defending the mother ship by circling around it so that weapons fire has to destroy them first before any effective fire can be directed on the leviathan. shields are projected from the leviathan to the riders and flows from rider to rider to create a full sized sphere of shielding around the leviathan and the riders. the riders can deactivate the leviathan shielding to move away from it to attack targets away from the mother ship but this is rare as that would be the role of other ships in the fleet. The leviathan would be more focused on attacking stations and worlds.

Moragi: I think they would favor using vast numbers of destroyer sized combat drones. I would call them super heavy drones or something close. They drones would move in a large flock targeting weapon turrets, shielding arrays, disabling engines and other critical systems on pray, while the mother ship would close in for the kill shot with super heavy turret type weapons.

Human: the riders themselves do not carry weapons. instead they work as a focusing system to amplify and direct a super laser from the mother ship. the mother ship draws power from a nearby node line and then fires the node energy to a rider that redirects the super laser to a target. While the mother ship can hit targets close to it its aim is vastly reduced against small or distant targets. It will be very slow, and it must stay close to a node point in order to fire the super laser. the riders can from a amplification ring to increase the power of the laser even more to destroy station sized targets and deal massive damage to worlds at the cost off firing rate. Perhaps they will need to cool down there focusing lens or something between shots. they could also generate a pulse wave like effect to destroy large numbers of smaller ships instead of focusing on a single target at the cost of greatly reduced damage.

Hiver.: The Hiver ship does not carry riders at all. Instead the Hiver "mother ship" is actually a massive gate ship. It will be heavily armored and capable of performing jumps similar to those seen in Battlestar Galactica. it will not be able to jump directly into a systems gravity well it will jump as close as it can and them slowly move into position. once it arrives in an enemy system it operates as a massive fortress that can open a telaport gate to bring in battle riders from the home world. It will also carry massive sensor arrays, as well as repair bays. Other then simply being a massive portable gate station it will have the ability to fire massive comets at worlds and stations, the commits will be mined and launched from a gate station located in an asteroid belt, through the gate network, to the leviathan which directs it at its final target. Usually hiver strategy would involve the leviathan arriving at the edge of a system there it would deploy the fleet of dreadnaught sized battle riders that are waiting. the riders will destroy all local threats while the leviathan itself simply shrugs off any fire directed on it with its insanely massive armor. Once all the ships are taken out the leviathan would start calling in comets to take out static defenses and stations.

Zuul: they have the sul'ka. they are good enough I think. But if the Zuul got a rider equipped leviathan? I tend to think along the lines of the world ships from a science fiction series that I cant remember the name to at the moment. it would be one massive vessel surrounded by small ones that are carried into battle with the mother ships gravity well. The mother ship would be capable of eating stations and small moons and crapping out large numbers of new battle riders to replace those lost in combat.

Tarka: there leviathan would enter a system then break apart into 4 combat dreadnaughts 1 heavy siege dreadnaught and one support ship that carries the warp core. the combat dreads would be bristling with heavy guns and be equipped with regenerating armor. The siege dread would have a single massive railgun. the support ship would be able to use the warp core to provide extra power to speed up armor regeneration on the combat ships at a reasonable distance, as well as carry large scale sensor arrays.

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Re: Rider Technology

Post by Will the Great » Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:57 pm

Finally got to play extensively with Morrigi riders and carriers the other day. I had a bunch of CR tenders loaded with Patrol riders facing off against a fleet of conventional SolForce CRs. Each fleet was evenly matched in terms of hull numbers and had roughly equivalent weapons tech.

My carriers I set to stand-off and lobbed missiles from extreme range, kiting the SolForce cruisers while my riders closed to rain lasers and energy cannons on them. It was beautiful. :awesome:

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Re: Rider Technology

Post by swamp_marine » Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:24 pm

Is there some guide on how to assign BRs to stations/satellites? I have necessary technologies, but still can't assign them.

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