Largest ship size to target for PD

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Largest ship size to target for PD

Post by adamshattuck1985 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:33 am

In the settings you can set weapons to PD. does this mean if i set a Neuton Beam to PD it targets sizes PD to LV or just PD? and what qualifies as PD target, a missile, battlerider? and if PD does not have a target does it fire at all? i have tried testing these but im usually macross missile massacred before i can get close enough to try.

also if i set the variable type weapons to PD does it still target ship when not in PD mode?
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Re: Largest ship size to target for PD

Post by Exavier724 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:15 am

Its more that your selecting what type of target the weapon fires on as its priority. For example if your ship has a DN, CR, & a Missile/Drone/BR within its weapon range and you set the weapon to "PD" it will attempt to kill the Missile/Drone/BR/ect (Normal PD targets) until they are dead or no longer within the guns range even if you have a DN or CR parked right on top of you. Setting it to "CR" would tell it to do the same thing to the Cruiser until it is out of range/dead before bothering with the DN.

Some exceptions:
- Actual PD weapons I believe only have the PD option and can never target normal ships, Only Missiles, Torps, Drones, BRs, ect
- Heavier non-PD weapons can be toggled to fire on PD targets but generally won't engage PD targets (except maybe BRs) unless specifically toggled to that mode.
- Variable weapons (Variable Laser, Variable Phaser) automatically switch to their secondary fire mods without needing to toggle anything. Generally from the handful of times I have had them (well the laser anyway, haven't had the phaser version recently) they tend to prefer the PD mode if there is a PD valid target in range... Which is usually a good thing imo lol

Please note that I am a cpl versions out of date (haven't had a chance to play in about 3 patches) so I don't know if any of these have changed. These are just the last things I have observed.

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