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Strat Modifiers

Post by rimbimbambo » Mon Nov 28, 2011 8:46 pm

Here's a list of modifiable strat modifiers and what they do - They can be configured for each individual race, and are sometimes further modified by technologies during the course of game:

As of - NOV 28th, 2011

MaxProvincePlanets, //Max planets allowed in a province
MaxProvincePlanetRange, //Max range a planet can be away from another planet in a province
AllowPoliceInCombat, //Determines if police ships are allowed in combat
PoliceMoralBonus, //Adds additional moral when police are adjusting the moral changes to a system
AllowWorldSurrender, //Determines if requesting a world to surrender is available
AllowProvinceSurrender, //Determines if requesting a province to surrender is available
AllowEmpireSurrender, //Determines if requesting an empire to surrender is available
PrototypeConstructionCostModifierCR, //The multiplier applied to the construction costs if the ship construction project is a prototype
PrototypeConstructionCostModifierDN, //The multiplier applied to the construction costs if the ship construction project is a prototype
PrototypeConstructionCostModifierLV, //The multiplier applied to the construction costs if the ship construction project is a prototype
PrototypeSavingsCostModifierCR, //The multiplier applied to the savings cost if the ship construction project is a prototype
PrototypeSavingsCostModifierDN, //The multiplier applied to the savings cost if the ship construction project is a prototype
PrototypeSavingsCostModifierLV, //The multiplier applied to the savings cost if the ship construction project is a prototype
ShowPrototypeDesignAttributes, //Determines if the design attributes are shown when the prototype is built instead of when the ship first enters combat
BadDesignAttributePercent, //The rate in which a bad design attribute is chosen
GoodDesignAttributePercent, //The rate in which a good design attribute is chosen
IndustrialOutputModifier, //The multiplier applied to the total industrial output of a colony per turn
PopulationGrowthModifier, //The multiplier applied to the total population growth of a colony per turn
AdditionalMaxCivilianPopulation, //The extra amount of civilians added to the initial max civilian calculation for a planet
AdditionalMaxImperialPopulation, //The extra amount of imperials added to the initial max imperials calculation for a planet
OddsOfRandomEncounter, //The odds a player will get a random encounter
OverharvestModifier, //The exchange rate of overharvested resources to industrial output points
MinOverharvestRate, //The minimum amount of resources automatically overharvested at each colony per turn
OverharvestFromPopulationModifier, //The amount of resources consumed by the population when a planet is at its maximum population
OverPopulationPercentage, //The percentage of the max population that determines if the planet is overpopulated and should consume resources
TechFeasibilityDeviation, //The Deviation between the actual tech feasibility and the feasibility revealed to the player when a feasibility study is complete
SlaveDeathRateModifier, //The rate in which your slaves die
NavyStationSensorCloakBonus, //The rate in which naval stations detect cloaked ships
ScienceStationSensorCloakBonus, //The rate in which science stations detect cloaked ships
AllowPrivateerMission, //Whether or not the privateer mission is available
StripMiningMaximum, //The maximum percentage of resources that can be strip mined per turn
TerraformingModifier, //The rate in which terraforming occurs
BiosphereDestructionModifier, //The rate in which the biosphere gets destroyed per turn
ColonySupportCostModifier, //The amount of savings a colony costs to maintain
AllowHardenedStructures, //Allows the hardened structure option on colonies
AllowPlanetBeam, //Lets planets shoot beams
AllowMirvPlanetaryMissiles, //Lets planets fire mirv missiles
AllowDeepSpaceConstruction, //Allows construction in systems that don't have colonies
SlaveProductionModifier, //Modifies the amount of production slaves produce
AllowTradeEnclave, //Allows the building of trade enclaves in other empires
AllowIndependantWorldAbsorb, //Allows the absorbtion of independant worlds
AllowAlienPopulations, //Allows alien civilian populations to reside on your planets
AlienCivilianTaxRate, //Modifies the amount of taxes alien populations generate
AllowIdealAlienGrowthRate, //Allows alien populations to grow at their ideal growth rate no matter what the hazard
AllowAlienImmigration, //Allows aliens to immigrate to your existing colonies
DiplomaticOfferingModifier, //Increases the amount of tribute an empire sends you
AdmiralCareerModifier, //Modifies the rate in which admirals die or end their careers
ChanceOfPirates, //Modifies the chance a pirate raid will occur
AIBenefitBonus, //Modifies all bonus' from AI
AIResearchBonus, //AI controller research Bonus
AIRevenueBonus, //AI controlled bonus to revenue
AIProductionBonus, //AI controlled production bonus
AllowAIRebellion, //Allows AI rebellions to occur
ImmuneToSpectre, //Disallows the spectre random encounter from attacking the player
WarpDriveStratSignatureModifier, //Modifies the signature of the warp drive on the strat map
UseFastestShipForFTLSpeed, //Allows the use of the fastest ship in a fleet instead of the slowest ship in the fleet to determine the fleet FTL speed
AllowSuperWorlds, //Allows gem and forge worlds
DiplomacyPointCostModifier, //Modifies the number of points required to initiate a diplomatic action
NegativeRelationsModifier, //Modifies the rate a bad action will hurt relations between players
AllowOneFightRebellionEnding, //Allows the end of a rebellion through a single victory
DiplomaticReactionBonus, //Modifies the reaction from a diplomatic action
MoralBonus, //Modifies the amount of moral from a diplomatic action
PsiResearchModifier, //Modifies the rate of psi research
ResearchModifier, //Modifies the rate of all research
AllowFarSense, //Allows the far sense ability (viewing of system details within 8 light years)
C3ResearchModifier, //Modifies the rate of c3 research
AdmiralReactionModifier, //Modifies the reaction rate of all admirals
GrandMenaceWarningTime, //The number of turns before the player is warned of a grand menace
RandomEncounterWarningPercent, //The chance a random encounter will warn a player before it happens
SurveyTimeModifier, //Modifies the time it takes to survey a system
DomeStageModifier, //Modifies the hazard range that a planet is in the DOME stage
CavernDmodModifier, //Modifies the DMOD when a planet is in the cavern stage
EnemyIntelSuccessModifier, //Modifies the success rate of enemies doing an intel mission on you
EnemyOperationsSuccessModifier, //Modifies the success rate of enemies performing an operation on you
CounterIntelSuccessModifier, //Modifies your chance of a counter-Intel roll
ShipSupplyModifier, //Modifies the amount of supply a ship has
WarehouseCapacityModifier, //Modifies the capacity of station warehouses
ScrapShipModifier, //Modifies the amount of resources returned from scrapping a ship
MaxColonizableHazard, //The maximum hazard allowable for colonization of a planet
MaxFlockBonusMod, //Modifier for the max flock bonus
TradeRangeModifier, //Multiplies the trade range

// reaction values that affect diplomacy relations
DiplomacyReactionKillShips, // per cruiser equivalent
DiplomacyReactionKillEnemy, // per cruiser equivalent
DiplomacyReactionResearch, // per 5000 tech points

StartProvincePlanets, //Starting planets allowed in a province

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by Rayp » Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:53 pm

Hum, where are those modifiers located? Haven't found any file containing them yet.

Edit: Hum, i guess it's part of the savegame files...

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by rimbimbambo » Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:04 pm

They are faction specific, so you need to add them under the Strat Modifiers element in the factions Faction.xml.

Also, all of these have default values, so if you don't assign them, they will assigned from this table - Here's the current list as of Nov 29th, 2011:

Code: Select all

            { StratModifiers.StartProvincePlanets, 3},
            { StratModifiers.MaxProvincePlanets, 3},
            { StratModifiers.MaxProvincePlanetRange, 8.0f},
            { StratModifiers.AllowPoliceInCombat, false},
            { StratModifiers.PoliceMoralBonus, 0},
            { StratModifiers.AllowWorldSurrender, false},
            { StratModifiers.AllowProvinceSurrender, false},
            { StratModifiers.AllowEmpireSurrender, false},
            { StratModifiers.PrototypeConstructionCostModifierCR, 4.0f},
            { StratModifiers.PrototypeConstructionCostModifierDN, 3.0f},
            { StratModifiers.PrototypeConstructionCostModifierLV, 2.5f},
            { StratModifiers.PrototypeSavingsCostModifierCR, 4.0f},
            { StratModifiers.PrototypeSavingsCostModifierDN, 3.0f},
            { StratModifiers.PrototypeSavingsCostModifierLV, 2.5f},
            { StratModifiers.ShowPrototypeDesignAttributes, false},
            { StratModifiers.BadDesignAttributePercent, 10},
            { StratModifiers.GoodDesignAttributePercent, 10},
            { StratModifiers.IndustrialOutputModifier, 1.0f},
            { StratModifiers.PopulationGrowthModifier, 1.0f},
            { StratModifiers.AdditionalMaxCivilianPopulation, 0.0f},
            { StratModifiers.AdditionalMaxImperialPopulation, 0.0f},
            { StratModifiers.OddsOfRandomEncounter, 0.10f},
            { StratModifiers.OverharvestModifier, 10.0f},
            { StratModifiers.MinOverharvestRate, 0.0f},
            { StratModifiers.OverharvestFromPopulationModifier, 20.0f},
            { StratModifiers.OverPopulationPercentage, 0.5f },
            { StratModifiers.TechFeasibilityDeviation, 0.5f },
            { StratModifiers.SlaveDeathRateModifier, 1.0f },           
            { StratModifiers.NavyStationSensorCloakBonus, 1.0f },         
            { StratModifiers.ScienceStationSensorCloakBonus, 1.0f},   
            { StratModifiers.AllowPrivateerMission, false}, 
            { StratModifiers.StripMiningMaximum, 0.10f},         
            { StratModifiers.TerraformingModifier, 1.0f},               
            { StratModifiers.BiosphereDestructionModifier, 1.0f},           
            { StratModifiers.ColonySupportCostModifier, 1.0f},         
            { StratModifiers.AllowHardenedStructures, false},       
            { StratModifiers.AllowPlanetBeam, false},
            { StratModifiers.AllowMirvPlanetaryMissiles, false},
            { StratModifiers.AllowDeepSpaceConstruction, false},             
            { StratModifiers.SlaveProductionModifier, 1.0f},     
            { StratModifiers.AllowTradeEnclave, false},         
            { StratModifiers.AllowIndependantWorldAbsorb, false},           
            { StratModifiers.AllowAlienPopulations, false},   
            { StratModifiers.AlienCivilianTaxRate, 1.0f},         
            { StratModifiers.AllowIdealAlienGrowthRate, false},           
            { StratModifiers.AllowAlienImmigration, false},     
            { StratModifiers.DiplomaticOfferingModifier, 1.0f},         
            { StratModifiers.AdmiralCareerModifier, 1.0f},     
            { StratModifiers.ChanceOfPirates, 1.0f},           
            { StratModifiers.AIBenefitBonus, 1.0f},   
            { StratModifiers.AIResearchBonus, 0.0f},
            { StratModifiers.AIRevenueBonus, 0.0f},
            { StratModifiers.AIProductionBonus, 0.0f},
            { StratModifiers.AllowAIRebellion, false},                 
            { StratModifiers.ImmuneToSpectre, false},         
            { StratModifiers.WarpDriveStratSignatureModifier, 1.0f},       
            { StratModifiers.UseFastestShipForFTLSpeed, false},
            { StratModifiers.AllowSuperWorlds, false},     
            { StratModifiers.DiplomacyPointCostModifier, 1.0f},             
            { StratModifiers.NegativeRelationsModifier, 1.0f},     
            { StratModifiers.AllowOneFightRebellionEnding, false},       
            { StratModifiers.DiplomaticReactionBonus, 1.0f},   
            { StratModifiers.MoralBonus, 0},         
            { StratModifiers.PsiResearchModifier, 1.0f},                   
            { StratModifiers.ResearchModifier, 1.0f},             
            { StratModifiers.AllowFarSense, false},               
            { StratModifiers.C3ResearchModifier, 1.0f},                 
            { StratModifiers.AdmiralReactionModifier, 1.0f},             
            { StratModifiers.GrandMenaceWarningTime, 0},         
            { StratModifiers.RandomEncounterWarningPercent, 0.00f},         
            { StratModifiers.SurveyTimeModifier, 1.0f}, 
            { StratModifiers.DomeStageModifier, 0},             
            { StratModifiers.CavernDmodModifier, 0},                 
            { StratModifiers.EnemyIntelSuccessModifier, 1.0f},             
            { StratModifiers.EnemyOperationsSuccessModifier, 1.0f},       
            { StratModifiers.CounterIntelSuccessModifier, 1.0f}, 
            { StratModifiers.ShipSupplyModifier, 1.0f},     
            { StratModifiers.WarehouseCapacityModifier, 1.0f},         
            { StratModifiers.ScrapShipModifier, 1.0f},
            { StratModifiers.MaxColonizableHazard, 650},
            { StratModifiers.MaxFlockBonusMod, 1.0f},
            { StratModifiers.TradeRangeModifier, 1.0f},
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionKillShips, -5 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionKillColony, -75 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionKillEnemy, 4 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionColonizeClaimedWorld, -20 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionKillRaceWorld, -60 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionKillGrandMenace, 100 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionInvadeIndependentWorld, -10 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionSellSlaves, -75 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionAIRebellion, -100 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionKillSuulka, 50 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionMoney, 20 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionResearch, 10 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionSlave, 0 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionStarChamber, 50 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionDeclareWar, -2000 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionPeaceTreaty, 5 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionBiggerEmpire, -3 },
          { StratModifiers.DiplomacyReactionSmallerEmpire, 0 },

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by GammaPaladin » Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:58 am

Kamonrius wrote::(! its not functioning for me, as a precaution I'm experimenting on the DLC tarka, and this is in the factions.xml I assigned for it (seperate section functions work, I for all intent and purpose made the DLC Tarka, faster, lighter, and more energy but less armor for a number of sections, no luck with below


{ StratModifiers.PsiResearchModifier, 2.0f}
{ StratModifiers.ResearchModifier, 2.0f}

the top set are the ones I copied from this page, the bottom is the same except I changed it to match the lower ones that Do work. the method above yields no change :( what am I doing wrong? everything else is fine, the badges load the avatars are there the ship design etc etc. below are what was in the already existing factions.xml for DLC Tarka.



The f in the default values is just to signify that they're floats.

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by GammaPaladin » Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:00 pm

You should check the save file to make sure.

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by rimbimbambo » Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:02 pm

You'll need to start a new game - the default strat modifiers are all loaded into the save game when you create it, so if you start a game with old values, they will still have the old values.

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by GammaPaladin » Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:41 pm

Try posting the faction.xml you're using and the resulting save file. I'll try and take a look at both.

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by GammaPaladin » Sun Dec 04, 2011 1:35 am

Kamonrius wrote:Alright, be advised its using the Tarka dlc not the normal one. one moment.

lol looks like I can't upload the save. its over 2mb :o, by .97

Zip it first ;)

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by GammaPaladin » Mon Dec 05, 2011 12:28 am

Did a little testing, turns out your problem is that you did it in the DLC tarka file. Apparently the factional strat modifiers are taken from the base faction's file, and can't be set differently for the DLC version. So it was reading the strat_modifiers block out of the base file, assigning the default values, and ignoring the block in your DLC faction.xml file.

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by Erebus Alpha » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:31 am

I noticed there is a <PsiResearchModifier> option. But suppose I wanted to modify the cost of the torpedo tech tree. Or ballistics. Or engineering. Do strat modifiers exist for each individual tech tree?

I thought it might be linked to the three-letter <Family> designation in the tech tree, but this did not do anything:

Code: Select all

These values are indeed modifiable on a per-tree basis: Building research station modules changes them. I just cannot seem to find the syntax necessary to do it.

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Re: Strat Modifiers

Post by Zloth » Sat Mar 23, 2019 6:40 pm

One field I really like changing is TechFeasibilityDeviation. When you do a feasibility study, you're returned a number that's supposed to tell you your chances of actually getting the technology - say, X. That number is then changed by plus or minus the TechFeasibilityDeviation and then displayed to the player. However, the default for that number is 50%! So, if the game tells you there's a 60% chance you can get a tech, the number behind it could be anywhere between 10% and 100%! Basically, if the return value isn't a very high or very low number, the feasibility study told you nothing at all. So I change that number from 0.5 to 0.07 or some such, making the feasibility study pretty accurate.

Now I'm basing all this on QUITE a bit of guessing. For all I know, that 50% could actually be a bell curve so the chances of having a 60% show up as 10% are very small. Or maybe 50% is the total range so it's actually plus or minus 25%. And what the Hades is the "true" number anyway? Is it your race's chance of completion?

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