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Re: Modding Picture of the day...

Post by Rossinna-Sama » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:02 pm

Slashman wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:08 am
Rossinna-Sama wrote:
Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:00 am
Now, as an aside, SoS itself, I don't know what to do with it. I never really intended to take over that project and only did so it'd continue. PH has and always will be my main focus.
Well that really should be on the originator of the mod to continue it. I can understand wanting a break but he has stepped away from it entirely.

That's his prerogative of course, but it does present some issues for those who are left holding the bag.

Eh it's more than we thought we would get (well I at least) from SOTS 2, so I'm not going to hold a grudge.
I'll see about investigating the other two versions of SoS that's out there and merging them all alongside joining the Github version, if its still there. Those diplomacy changes that were being discussed were very interesting and I didn't see the point in editing things which'd get replaced by that version.

EDIT - PH is now uploaded and up. Thread is here.
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Re: Modding Picture of the day...

Post by Rossinna-Sama » Thu Jan 30, 2020 2:57 am

So a small update to PH - not yet uploaded as it isn't tested nor finished yet.

Zuul now have construction ships which are comparable to most of the other factions.

Today's work has been focused on the Zuul. I figure that as one of the super factions, they need more work. As they do.

This is the changelog so far. As stated before, this isn't uploaded yet; hence why this post is in this thread.
Zuul Construction ship - Converted to PH standards by changing its model to the Repair and Salvage section and allowed it to use Command and Engine sections which allow it to scale into the late game.
Decreased construction points from 600 to 400
Is now armed the same as the Repair and Salvage vessel but replaces all Medium Turret mounts with Light Turret mounts.

Repair and Salvage section:
Increased repair capacity from 1400 to 2500

Zuul Terroriser (Propaganda ship) disabled due to AI thinking its a combat ship.

Disabled Zuul Deconstructor (CR sized Devourer) as it didn't work.

Zuul Cloaking Mission section - Can now use Intangibility cloak.

Zuul CR Rending Bore - FTL speed changed to 11 from 10 (Matches Fusion engine speed.)

Zuul CR Fusion engine - Production cost (Time to build) changed to 500 from 750.

All Zuul CRs - no longer have penalties to turn speed based on various ship sections.
All Zuul CRs - updated armor and extra option availability.

Starting Zuul Designs updated; Work in Progress
Zuul AI invasion fleets should all include at least some Scavengers (slave disk carriers); Work in Progress

Future (Soonish) Plans:
Update Zuul defensive platforms.
Investigate AI priority for building defensive platforms

This was the other image I was thinking of using for PH, but liked the debris one more.

There's still a lot of work that needs to be done for PH, there's a reason I was so hesitant to release it. But, well, at least I no longer feel like I'll never release it anymore due to fear.
Sword of the Stars 2 : Project Hiver Modder
Creator of the Work-In-Progress Seimei Visual Novel series.
My dream game: Combination of Sword of the Stars 2, Angels Fall First, Conquest: Frontier Wars and Warzone 2100.

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Re: Modding Picture of the day...

Post by Slashman » Thu Jan 30, 2020 8:35 pm

Awesome work Rossinna-Sama!

I honestly don't know when I'll get to testing out PH as I haven't even dug into SOS yet. I have a lot of stuff going on and a lot of games that I put on hold for one reason or another.

Still it is awesome to see this finally happen. Congrats!
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Re: Modding Picture of the day...

Post by Rossinna-Sama » Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:22 am

So over on the steam boards, a user posted the following (I did snip to the relevant section.).

"But one has to ask--why bother? Modders went where they would be better appreciated, like Stellaris, and it has paid off."

I don't know about others, but in my case, I mod because I enjoy doing it. It doesn't matter if the game isn't some mega-smash hit for me to invest some of my time towards it. For reference, right now I currently mod Total Annihilation, OpenRA, OpenTTD, OpenXcom, Supreme Commander, UT2004, UT99, Warzone 2100, Freespace 2. In the past, I was modding games like C&C: Tiberium Sun (and that mod actually got me into TAFE at the age of 14, stuff school :googly: ), Freespace 1, Star Trek Armada and STA2 and I even dipped into making an MMO which didn't take shape due to massive conflicting visions between myself and the lead designer.

TL;DR - I mod because I find whatever it is I'm modding fun to do.

SOTS2 fits that bill exactly. While it isn't easy to mod, its flexible enough to do things which help make it more interesting for me. That's what PH is, a version of SOTS2 within my capabilities which better fits with what I feel SOTS2 should be if it was catered for me. Which it isn't and never should be, as that's just silly.

Stellaris couldn't be a more different game from SOTS2. If there's any game that's similar, I'm yet to see it, as while there's plenty of games that it shares multiple themes with, none of them strike the balance that SOTS 2 does. Take Imperium Galactica 2 for example which I consider to be the closest rival SOTS2 has, and even it plays differently in multiple areas. (such as colony management, ground combat, and a more simplified combat system.)

PS. I know someone on my skype will read that paragraph above and laugh as I seem to argue the exact opposite over something important to both to us. :roll:

Anyway, in actual news, my internet has become more stable. No idea how long it'll last, but hoping to take advantage of it while I can. If my mood holds, I will attempt to do a mod run on PH, examine the 'no research' pop-up to see if its something that can be disabled if all research has been done (probably beyond my skill though) and if all works as planned, get it uploaded.


Shield Techs shield increase bonuses halved from the previous version.
AM era ballistics damage lowered slightly.

I've also apparently got over 5,000 screenshots of this game. It might be time to clean some of the older ones up.

For those new here, all of my screenshots are done via steam, so they can also be found there.

So, I decided to boot up a save in which it was a Cruiser vs Cruiser war (no Reflex era and no DNs or larger) as I was in the middle of testing mono-fleet designs. This fleet was built to be an AM era ballistics fleet.

Anti-matter era ballistics in PH use these effects, the ones from the mass driver and gauss lines from vanilla. I know they should be purple but short of finding (or getting) a way of modifying particle effects, these have to do.

As a part of my upcoming missile revamp (again), I've been considering removing dual-mount missile launchers to save on performance and overall lag during large battles with missiles; it is hard to tell but this is actually two missiles, not one.

Those particular missiles are the Anti-matter era Kinetic Missiles; currently the most dangerous type of missile in the game but extremely expensive to put on a ship. (once I actually add costs to weapons...)

This was a 1 v 2 fleet battle, and, well, as this is Project Hiver, there wasn't much, if any slowdown. This would have been much worse in vanilla or even SoS.

This game may be old and certain things have been removed from how they were during launch and beta (look at the pre-release screenshots, the ships look far better), but it still holds up fairly well at times. I really hope SOTSHD can showcase what this genre can do graphically.

At the same though, I'm not sure why a bridge was modeled.

All of the AI fleets ran into that bug I thought I'd solved; them orbiting the star when its the only thing around and not really engaging my fleet unless it was on top of them.

You can see that here. With my fleet idle and set to not move (full stop command), I could see the AI but as they just circled in place, they didn't find my fleet. If I could figure out how to make scout ships actually scout as the scout BRs do, that might solve that.

Once I get to it, yes, I'll upload the Cruiser wars tech tree. I just want to get the main tech tree more sorted before I do that, as things are still not done; see the Cybernetics tree for example.

I was also testing Emitters. Still not sure what to do with them, they are superweapons in PH but, they don't serve a real niche. Considering adding an EMP effect to them.

Clearly my team-mate more than supports my constant raids into enemy territory while I'm testing stuff.

I still think the biggest AI change would be altering how they behave in tactical combat, I'm just not sure what little coding skill I have is up to that kind of challenge. PH has a few improvements on that front, but it could be better. Colony fleets should not stick around when there's no colonies for them to defend for example.

Anyway, results of tonight's testing session that's already in place:

New (renamed and altered) Difficulty Settings:

Easy - Beginner
Research Speed: -50%
Income: Same as player
Production Bonus: -50%
Population Growth Bonus: -50%

Normal - Standard
Research Speed: Same as player
Income: +50%
Production Bonus: Same as player
Population Growth Bonus: Same as player

Hard - Difficult
Research Speed: +50%
Income: +200%
Production Bonus: +50%
Population Growth Bonus: +50%

Very Hard - Masterful
Research Speed: +100%
Income: +400%
Production Bonus: +200%
Population Growth Bonus: +200%

Each Difficulty setting should be easier to predict how they'll perform. Beginner makes the AI not that much of a threat, while standard makes them the same as a normal player.
Difficult simulates (more or less) a more experienced player, while Masterful is basically the AI cheating so heavily that it'll be a challenge regardless of its opponent.
Defeating a Masterful AI 1 v 1 is possible right now, but with additional AI tweaks, it may not be by most players.

New Bioweapon Lethality rates:

Plague: 400%
Retro: 800%
Beast: 1500%
Xombie: 3000%

Assim plague is disabled in PH due to crashing.
Zuul plague is experimental as it doesn't follow then rules the others do, as it wasn't finished as it is supposed to follow how it works in SOTS1. It is also disabled... as it was never actually put into the game.

Plagues are still in a weird place. There's no real situation where they are better than just wiping out a planet. Either way with these new changes, they should perform far better. They might have performed better while trade was still around, but I still doubt that. This is where I wish I knew how to edit deeper mechanics; I'd like it if plagues heavily impact the planet's production rate or can leave long-term effects on a world.
Cure techs will always be available, but the Universal cure will probably be disabled.
Sword of the Stars 2 : Project Hiver Modder
Creator of the Work-In-Progress Seimei Visual Novel series.
My dream game: Combination of Sword of the Stars 2, Angels Fall First, Conquest: Frontier Wars and Warzone 2100.

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